Mounted Games

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Our Games Training is starting at Mid Powside on Sunday 24th March 2024



Stacy Munro            07766 881 221

Heather Halley         0744 333 2840

Ali Haggart              0777 912 0964


Location: Mid Powside by kind permission of the Wilson Family (what 3 words  ///paler.rollover.donates)

When:  Sunday afternoons 14:00 to 16:00 & Thursday evenings 18:00 to 20:00.

Cost: £3 per rider to cover the hire of field.


Juniors riders must not have attained their 11th birthday by the beginning of the current calendar year (i.e. born in the year of 2012 or after).

Seniors members must not have attained their 15th birthday by the beginning of the current calendar year (i.e. they must have been born in the year 2008 or later).

We have a useful whataspp group for each team – please message Stacy to be added to this.

What to wear – riding hat (long hair should be tied back), no hoods or jewellery, jodhpur boots are preferred to long boots as its easier for vaulting / mounting / running.

What to expect – we train in groups depending on age with an emphasis on fun, friendship, teamwork,  improving confidence and riding skills! We also take part in  many competitions throughout the year the year – see dates below.

What we expect – fun, friendship, teamwork and sportsmanship!

Why not come along and give it a go.

A message from Stacy

“Going forward for training, and primarily as we move outdoors I’m keen to do the traditional running of the games at the practises but I’m also going to look at getting some external riding support for some of the core skills our riders need e.g effectively stopping ponies at faster speeds, helping ponies turn faster, tighter and in balance and accelerating quickly. These skills come from the rider so there will be sessions where we split the time into traditional games practise and an hour of riding skills which are beneficial  for games. This will not be flatwork lessons but the focus will be on making our kids more effective in the saddle, built confidence and enjoyment which will be transferable across all PC activities”.