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New to Eventing or want to know more about it and the various levels, please get in touch.


Dawn          07799846585


We have a variety of XC, Show Jumping and Dressage rallies throughout the year to suit every member. (more information on each discipline dedicated section) For dates and booking into forthcoming Rallies, please follow the link below to our calendar of events.


Eventing Overview:

In Eventing the Dressage Test must be ridden from memory (except at Level 1 when the test can be commanded). This is followed by a Show Jumping round with the XC phase last.

Members who are jumping consistently well up to Novice can aim to be included in the teams at the Area; this competition is a qualifier for the finals of the Nationals. Likewise, members jumping well at Level 4 (Intermediate) and Level 5 (Open) will hopefully be included in the Area teams which are qualifiers for the Pony Club Championships in late August (the highlight of the Pony Club year which features the finals of the Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Polocrosse, Mounted Games and Dressage to Music, Horse and Pony Care and Tetrathlon).

Event training rallies takes place throughout the year and focuses on all three phases; dressage, show jumping and cross country.  If you are interested in competing in teams for your Branch and/or the Area competition, it is essential that you attend some of the training rallies so that we can help you train to compete at a level suitable for you. Please contact Dawn to find out more.

Please Note:

For XC training and competitions back protectors must be worn (please refer to updated rule book extract below) , and no jewellery is allowed for safety reasons.

Body Protector Rule 2023

The Pony Club follows the British Equestrian Federation on its Standards for Body Protectors.
The use of body protectors is Compulsory for all Cross Country riding and Pony Racing in both training
or competing. If a Body protector is worn for any Pony Club activity it must meet BETA 2009 Level 3
standard (purple label) or BETA 2018 Level 3 standard (blue and black label).

For general use, the responsibility for choosing body protectors and the decision as to their use must
rest with Members and their parents. It is recommended that a rider’s body protector should not be
more than 2% of their body weight. When worn, body protectors must fit correctly, be comfortable
and must not restrict movement. BETA recommends body protectors are replaced at least every
three to five years, after which the impact absorption properties of the foam may have
started to decline.

BETA 2009 Level 3 (purple label) body protectors will continue to be accepted at Pony Club
competitions until 31st December 2023. From 1st January 2024 only body protectors that meet BETA
2018 Level 3 Standard (Black and Blue Label) are to be used.

Riders who choose to use the Woof Wear Body Cage EXO must lodge a key with the Event Organiser
when they collect their number.

Air Jackets

The Pony Club follows the British Equestrian Federation on its Standards for Air Jackets.
If a rider chooses to wear an air jacket in Cross Country or Pony Racing, it must only be used in
addition to a normal body protector which meets the current Body Protector Standards. Parents and
Members must be aware that riders may be permitted to continue after a fall in both competition and
training rides for Cross Country and/or Pony Racing, provided the rider has been passed as fit to
continue by First Aid Providers. In the event of a fall, it must be fully deflated or removed before
continuing, after which, the conventional body protector will continue to give protection. Air jackets
must not be worn under a jacket and number bibs should be fitted loosely or with elasticated
fastenings over the air jacket