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 Pony Club Polocrosse  Area Coordinators

Polocrosse is the ‘King of the one horse sports’. It is basically Locrosse on horses with teams of 3. It is fast and furious and ideal for Mounted Games players and ponies wishing to play a fast team game after being ineligible for Mounted Games due to age restrictions.

Strathearn currently has 2 players playing Polocrosse: Kirsty and Mhairi Ogilvie. Both have competed for joint Strathearn/other branch teams at the Pony Club Championships. Mhairi has finished with Runner up Medals in both the junior competition in 2011 and the senior competition in 2014.

We train regularly in Perthshire but play mostly down south in about 7 competitions each year. In the Polocrosse National Championships Kirsty’s team finished runners up in the C grade competition in 2013 and 4th in 2014.

It would be great to have a complete Strathearn team and we have the makings of a Strathearn team. For further information please contact Dougie Ogilvie on 07768 708 250.


Any future dates will be on the

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Introduction to Polocrosse:
As the name implies, Polocrosse is a combination of polo and lacrosse.  It is a team game on horseback.  A team consists of 3 players numbered 1, 2, 3.  No 1 is attack, and is the only player that can score a goal for the team.  No 2 is the pivot of the team, and stays in the centre, blocking the opposition whilst catching the ball from No 3 and passing it up to No 1.  No 3 is defence and tries to stop the opposition scoring goals.  A player is allowed only one pony, and the match is divided into “chukkas” of about 6 mins each, with breaks in between.  You can be left or right handed to play the game, and you use a “bomber” which is a stick with netted hoop at the end for throwing, catching, scooping up the ball from the ground, and bouncing it.  You can also “ride off” the opposition, so your pony has to like being near other ponies.  Games ponies are good, but most ponies will give it a go!  It is tremendous fun and very easy to learn. Your team will be scoring goals the very first time you play!!  You can also play lots of team games on the ground whilst learning the techniques of polocrosse.


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