Thursday December 2, 2021
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Calling all quiz-enthusiasts!

Quiz is a great fun way of learning about your ponies in a team environment, as well as being really useful for the efficiency tests.

The rounds for 2021 are as follows:

  • Pony Club Rules – Eventing and Endurance
  • The Systems – Nervous
  • Children’s Equestrian Literature
  • Riding Away from Home (Countryside Access, Beach Riding, Map Reading, Road Rider)
  • Pairs Round – Alphabet Soup (a clue is given for each letter of the alphabet)
  • Juniors – Points of the Horse
  • Seniors – Ailments
  • Picture Round – Equestrian EquipmentJunior Quiz Topics1 The Pony Club
    2 Riding and Road Safety
    3 Pony Club Sports
    4 Picture Round – The foot and Shoeing

Quiz Training




Quiz Team

Juniors are to be aged under 12 on the 1st January. Seniors 12 and over on the 1st January.

Learn about looking after your pony in a fun and competitive environment. The NFU Mutual Quiz is a great opportunity for members to train for their tests, but having fun with your friends at the same time. We aim to have monthly meet ups to practice questions for the quiz, and pick teams at a later date.
If there’s enough interest, there will be a senior team and a junior team, made up of 4 members. There will be questions about horse care from how to look after a grass kept pony; veterinary care and farriery; to questions about famous riders. There will also be speed round, when members need to have their fingers on the buzzers!

Quiz – Junior quiz Teams should be made up of  2x 11yo and under and 2 times 9yo and under – Junior topics are 
1 The Pony Club
2 Riding and Road Safety 
3 Pony Club Sports
4 Picture Round – The Foot and Shoeing


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