Thursday December 2, 2021
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Please keep checking on our Facebook page and website for new dates, rallies, competitions and info.

All rallies must be booked in advance. We can take BACS payments (please add a reference) or some rallies will accept payment on the day with cash/cheque. 
For any cancellations or for anyone not turning up to a booked space the amount will still be payable unless a vets certificate or doctors line is produced unless the space can be filled. If this rule is not adhered to, further rallies will only be payable in advance. 
Please be ready to mount at the start time. If you are running late please inform the organiser BEFORE the lesson is due to start. If you are late you may have to wait until a convenient time to join in to avoid disturbing the ride.
All hats must be tagged. Riders are asked to tie hair back and wear a hair net. No short sleeves, no jewelry and no hoodies. 
Horses and ponies should be well groomed with safe and clean tack.
The organisers take great care in doing groups and arranging instructors. Please be aware that your child may not always be in the right group- it is very difficult to make up groups that suit everyone. 
The organisers would also ask they are only contacted before 11pm and preferably after 7am!!

CR- Curstaidh Robertson 07825077534
JM- Jane Maher
JL- Joanna Lockhart
TD- Tracy Davidson
AB- Anna Black


A Working Rally is one at which instruction is given and which is open to all Members of the Branch within the age range for which it is intended.  It may be either a Mounted Rally, Unmounted Rally or a combination of the two.  An unmounted Rally is usually for horse and pony care instruction.

 For Area Competitions, Horse/Pony and Rider must have attended a minimum of 3 Working Rallies since the previous 1st July, to be eligible to represent their Branch at least one of which must be since 1st January of the current year .  (Camp counts as 1 rally) 

What is expected of you at a rally

  • Your pony must be clean.  Groomed and comfortable in the tack they are being ridden in.
  • By turning your pony out in a poor state it only shows a lack of respect for the pony, your club, the instructors and importantly for yourself.
  • The tack needs to fit, be supple, clean and all stitching be secure.


  • Riders must be smart, clean and no jewellery worn (this is a safety issue).
  •  Light colour jodhpurs (beige, cream, white, yellow).
  •  Gloves should always be worn for riding and leading ponies.
  •  Riding hats must be worn when handling or riding ponies.
  •  Boots must be clean and polished with smooth sole and small heel.
  •  If the rider’s hair is below the collar a hair net should be used.
  •  At rallies it is appropriate to wear shirts with collars and long sleeves (long sleeves protect the skin in cases of a fall).


  • Under PC Rules if you arrive at a rally late then it does not count towards your attendance (for the three rally rule).
  •  It is expected that you arrive at the venue at least 30 mins prior to the start of any rally.  This is to ensure the safety of both pony and rider, to allow enough time to dress both in a calm environment and prevent panic.

Instructors may stop late comers from joining the ride if by not doing so it may cause upset to the other ponies and riders.

Good manners.

  • It is expected that all riders thank their instructors at the end of the lesson. It is also good manners that members thank the rally organisers before they leave the venue.


  • If you cancel less than 7 days beforehand you will have to pay the full amount. Due to rising costs this is becoming more of an issue, as we must still pay for some venues and all the trainers. We are trying our utmost to maintain reasonable charges for rallies etc.
  • Please could we ask everyone to try and give us as much notice as possible of intended participation at events.

Timing for All Day Rallies

Members need to be mounted and ready for tack inspection at 10.30 am.  At this point you will be told which group you are in, and who your instructor will be. The first lesson will begin as soon as possible after that, and will go on until about 12.30pm.  Then there is an hour for lunch, and the second lesson will be from 1.30 pm until 3.00 pm.  Once the equipment has been put away, and you have tidied up around your trailer/lorry, everyone is free to leave.


Tack and Turnout Rallies

There is a cup presented at Cup Day every year for Tack and Turnout 11 years and under, and another one for 12 years and over.  There are 10 points awarded for the rider, 10 for your pony, 10 for the saddle and 10 for the bridle, giving a total of 40 points possible at each rally.  Usually there are 4 Tack and Turnout rallies, if the weather permits!!  At the end of the year, at Cup Day, the member with the highest number of points for under 11 category and over 12 category will win the cups.  There are lots of tips in your Pony Club Manual on how to get you and your pony looking your best.  Plaiting is not necessary, unless you enjoy it!!

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