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Sun 27 March 2022 Winter Triathlon Championships, Grantham Meres Leisure Centre, Trent Road, Grantham NG31 7XQ
9-10 July 2022
  Area Tetrathlon at Auchlishie


Introduction to Scottish Tetrathlon

Scottish Tetrathlon would like to invite any Pony Club members to experience Pistol Shooting (and swimming at some branches).

Scottish Tetrathlon has had a super year coming second in the Junior Regional Competition at Moreton Morrell in June. In August Area 19 came 1st in the Mixed Area Team Competition at the Tetrathlon Championships – Bishop Burton with Area 1 coming 5th.  The small Lauderdale Branch also won the Grassroots competition at the Tetrathlon Championships which was a fabulous result.  This month we had a fantastic (even with the weather) Scottish Tetrathlon Championships and Party at Kilgraston and Forresterseat.

This week many of the Tetrathlon children competed at the Scottish School Shooting Championships with Tetrathlon children being placed in at least the top five places at Intermediate,  1st-2nd in the Senior and 3rd-5th in the Junior.  Many have now qualified for the National Championships.

So why not come along to one of the venues in the poster – all introductory training will be free for the Month of November so you have nothing to lose.  We have lots of competitions and XC training organised over the winter months suitable for all abilities.

If none of the venues are suitable please contact Sloan the Chairman of Scottish Tetrathlon and he will try and arrange a suitable venue.   More info:- or the Scottish Tetrathlon Facebook page (just ask to join).



What is Tetrathlon ?

For anyone unsure of what is involved in Tetrathlon, it is a pony club discipline which combines horsemanship and general athletic ability.  The tetrathlon competition originated as a competition for boys, but there are now separate competitions for girls.  The tetrathlon competition comprise of pistol shooting, swimming, running and riding cross-country.  Over the winter months when riding cross-country is not available, the children have the opportunity to meet / compete and practice in the other 3 disciplines, which make up the standard triathlon competition.   The children compete in age groups and the distances in swimming and running are in relation to the child’s age category.

Tetrathlon is great fun and a good way to socialize with other like-minded pony club members.  In tetrathlon competitions the winner is the member who has gained the most points over the four disciplines but you can also win rosettes in each phase.

Pistol Shooting
The maximum score for shooting is 1000, 10 bulls eyes. You shoot a practise target of 5 shots first and then your competition target of 10 shots under command.  The older children shoot turning targets one handed and the younger members shoot static targets using 2 hands.  No one under the age of 8 is allowed to shoot.  As a club we do have a couple of guns that are available for practice and regular practise sessions are held.  No one under 18 may carry the gun and long trousers must be worn and no footwear that supports the ankle i.e. jodhpur boots

The running distances vary from 3000m to 1000m again depending on age. The courses vary depending on venue and can include natural obstacles. The competitors may run in heats or individually. The faster your time the more points you accumulate.

The swimming is done by time and the further you swim the more points you gain.  The oldest boys swim for 4 minutes but others swim for either 3 or 2 minutes.  You get a lane to yourself and if are a weak swimmer can request an outside lane.  You can swim any stroke you like and change it during the swim.

Riding Cross Country
The x-country phase carries a maximum points total of 1400 for a clear round. The course usually incorporates a gate and a slip rail. The gate has to be opened and closed mounted within a certain time. The slip rail is done dismounted, the rail dropped to the ground, stepped over by you and the pony and the rail put back up before remounting again all timed.

All the rules and details of the points systems etc are available in the Pony Club Tetrathlon Rule book, which is available from Pony Club Headquarters.

Many of the local branches hold competitions and an Area competition is held each year.  PCTIS (Pony Club Tetrathlon in Scotland) also run events throughout the year including the Winter Triathlon Series.  This is a series of 4 triathlons run as a league from October until February.  PCTIS website is a great site detailing forthcoming events / schedules / results etc

Class Shoot Swim Run XC Height ( max)
Open Boys -15yrs and over 10m, turning targets 4 minutes 3000m* 3’6
Open Girls -15yrs and over 10m, turning targets 3 minutes 1500m 3’6
Intermediate  Boys** 10m, turning targets 3 minutes 1500m 3’3
Intermediate Girls** 10m , turning targets 3 minutes 1500m 3’3
Junior Boys -12 -14 yrs 7m, turning targets 3 minutes 1500m 3’0
Junior Girls – 12 -14 yrs 7m, turning targets 3 minutes 1500m 3’0
Minimus Boys -10 & 11yrs 7m, static targets 2 minutes 1000m 2’6
Minimus Girls -10 & 11 yrs 7m, static targets 2 minutes 1000m 2’6
Mini-mini Boys – 8 & 9 yrs 7m static targets , 1 or 2 hands 2 minutes 1000m 2’0
Mini-mini Girls – 8 & 9 yrs 7m static targets, 1 or 2 hands 2 minutes 1000m 2’0

* Scottish Tetrathlon, throughout the winter series, and most Pony clubs , run 2000m in this class at triathlons only

** – Scottish Tetrathlon, throughout the winter series, and most Pony Clubs, do not offer this class at triathlons only

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