Thursday January 20, 2022
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Procedure for Payment of Rallies/Events (updated 21/2/19)

All rallies/events which require to be booked will be listed on the ‘BOOKING – Strathearn Rallies and Events’ tab on our website.  Should a cost be involved you should pay at the time of booking – a space is not confirmed until payment received.

However…there can be a blip on the system which will occasionally take a booking without payment (Pony Club HQ aware of, and hopefully fixing, this).  In the event of this happening here’s the procedure:

Parent Realises No Payment Taken/Unsure if payment taken:

  • parent should contact the Event Organiser at the email address listed on the event (on the ‘Booking’ tab)
  • Event Organiser will check if payment received and will advise 
    – if payment received, no further action and booking confirmed
      – if no payment received, Event Organiser will arrange for a PayPal invoice  to be sent.
  • parent/carer pays invoice via PayPal
  • booking confirmed

Event Organiser Checks Event Bookings Against Payment Received:  

         If no payment received:

  • Event Organiser will make arrangements to issue an invoice for the amount outstanding (by email)
  • parent/carer pays invoice via PayPal.
  • booking confirmed

Please ensure that this procedure is followed, and the Event Organiser is contacted only by email.  This ensures we have an electronic ‘paper trail’ of the transaction and can keep tabs on who is booked in.  Comments posted on our Facebook page can easily be missed, causing confusion and frustration for all those involved.

(I have copied most of this text from a similar page on the Eglington website as they are also experiencing some problems. Many thanks to Eglington for writing this information. Gary Lyon).