News | 16 February 2024


WOW…what a night! Thank you to everyone who came to our 2023 Presentation & Parents evening. It was lovley to see so many of you there and I hope everyone had a fab time.
Congratulations to all our members on their achievements over the last 12 months, we would love to give you all an award as you are all AMAZING 🤩
Here is the list of our 2023 Winners
Mounted Games Senior
Layla Brookes
Mounted Games Junior
J Novice team – Frankie, Issy, Libby, Georgia & Florence
Mounted Games Most Improved
Georgia Cantrill
Tetrathlon Senior
Georgina Crawford
Tetrathlon Junior
Libby Sanderson
Tetrathlon Most Improved
Beatrix Rymer
Triathlon Senior
Emily Sanderson
Triathlon Junior
William Sanderson
Triathlon Most Improved
Erin Abbiss
Dressage Senior
Isabella Rowley
Dressage Grassroots
Millie-Jane Gardner
Dressage Most Improved
Erin Abbiss
Eventing Senior
Isabella Rowley
Eventing Grassroots
Zara Sands
Eventing Most Improved
Katie Sands
Eventing Team
PC 80 Team – Millie-Jane, Katie & Zara
Show Jumping Senior
Zara Sands
Show Jumping Grassroots
Agatha Liddle
Show Jumping Team
Grassroots Team – Izzy, Agatha, Millie-Jane & Katie
Show Jumping Most Improved
Izzy Williams
Best Badges Member
Pippa Craig
Jane Watkins Cup – Senior member most benefitting from PC
Emily Sanderson
Junior member most benefitting from PC
Emily Craig
Mrs Allen Shield – Best senior all round member
Katie Sands
Best junior all round member
Georgia Cantrill
Maiklem Cup – Most helpful senior member
Isabella Rowley
Senior Tack & Turnout
Beatrix Rymer
Junior Tack & Turnout
Frankie Ralph
Suzie Cup – The best all round pony
Magic Cup – The best all round horse
Best New Member of the year
Issy Hopkins
Hunting Award -Junior
Emily Craig
Hunting Award – Senior
Rupert Maxwell
Most overall Improved Junior
Issy Hopkins
Most overall Improved Senior
Erin Abbiss
DC’s Award – Junior
Belle Davies
DC’s Award – Senior
Holly Thomas
Here’s to a fabulous 2024