a very special boy: Malibu


I’m sorry to be a stranger and messaging you out of the blue but I’m really hoping you may help me. I am trying to find a very special boy: Malibu: 12.2hh, liver chestnut, gelding, 22 years old. I have set up this website with lots of photos, our story, and all of his details. I am hoping you will have come across him, and have some information for me. If not I would really appreciate if you could share it on your social media/ newsletters/ website to help me find him, and encourage your friends/colleagues to share too.

I realise this is of no benefit to you, but I really would appreciate if you could take the time to do this, it would make my dreams come true to find out about him but I need your help! Your contacts could make a really BIG difference to me. Please help!

Many thanks,






Please note that all entries (whether Individual or Team) must be received by FRIDAY the 22nd  SEPTEMBER 2017 to be sure of acceptance. However, Team nominations/allocations need not be notified until TUESDAY the 26th SEPTEMBER.

Please encourage your members to submit their entries as soon as possible.

Area 5 Winter League Rules (as amended) also attached for ease of reference.


  1. For clarification, Rule 6.2 of the Area 5 Winter League rules  (A horse or pony may only be ridden in one class at any one competition and by a single rider) does NOT apply to Class 3 (Dengie Debut), Class 5 (Dengie Winter League) or Class 7 (Advanced) since they do not form part of the Area 5 WL competition – see Rule 7.4;
  2. In the first round the whole team will jump in succession. In the second round the team members will jump one at a time, one from each team, in the order they jumped in the first round sequentially – rule 7.7 & 7.9.2.
  3. Classes 5 & 7 will be Two-phase – first phase 7 to 9 obstacles not against the clock with a time allowed; clear rounds continue straight  onto the second phase without a bell being rung. Second phase 4 to 6 obstacles and timed. Competitors placed on faults and 2nd round time;
  4.         The organisers may opt to run Class 3 (Dengie Debut) as a two-phase competition (as above) dependent on entry numbers.
  5. The competition will take place on a prepared surface.

Anglesey Winter League Show Jumping

Ynys Môn and Aberconwy Branches of the Pony Club

Show Jumping incorporating the Winter League

Saturday 16th September 2017


Rhandir Farm, Gwalchmai, LL65 3DJ, Ynys Môn.
(also known as Celt n Gael, Gwalchmai, Ynys Môn)

By Kind permission of Mr. E. V. Pritchard

NO dogs are to be brought to this event. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated.

Please remember to pick up your litter and leave the show ground tidy!!



Mobile on the day 07855663817

DIRECTIONS:(Please follow the signs for Pony Club)

THE EVENT WILL BE SIGN POSTED from both sides of  Gwalchmai, leave A55 at junction 6 and travel on A5 toward Gwalchmai. When you enter the village of Gwalchmai turn right by the clock and travel up the road to Rhandir Farm which will be sign posted as you approach the farm.

ENTRY FEES per Competitor entry: Classes 1, 2 and 4 £5, Winter LeagueShow Jumping £12.00 – Dengie Class £15.00

Closing date noon on the 13th September 2017.  Running order will be posted by 10pm Thursday 14th September 2017.

Start of first class is 8:30am, Second Class 9:30 NO other class times will be given.

**A very big thank you to all our sponsors’ and helpers who will make the day possible. We hope you have a very enjoyable day and have a good time.**


Winter League Show Jumping

Course Walk for Class 1 8:30am

  • Class 1 :       45cm – if clear after the first 6 jumps, the last 4 will against the clock. MAY BE ASSISTED – Open to all
  • Class 2:        50CM/60cm Individual Show Jumping – starting at 9:30 – indoors – 1st to 6th place and prizes 1st to 3rd place.  – Open to All
  • Class 3:       2’3’’ First Round – 2’6’’ Max. JUMPING – Winter League class this will be indoors THERE WILL BE A COURSE CHANGE BETWEEN CLASSES 2 AND 3                   10 years and under
  • Class 4:       70cm Pairs Show Jumping – indoors – 1st to 6th place and prizes 1st to 3rd place. Open to All
  • Class 5:       2’6’’ First Round – 2’9’’ Max. JUMPING 13 years and under
  • Class 6:       Intermediate – any age – 2’9” First Round Max. JUMPING
    2’6’’ (0.75M) – 3’ (0.90M)Eligibility – Open to individual Pony Club members, but excluding any   combination of horse/pony and rider that have represented their Branch at OPEN Area Qualifiers for the PC Show Jumping Championships or the PC Show Jumping Final at Hickstead.  (This does not include any other classes held in Conjunction with Area qualifiers).  Please note non-members of the Pony Club are allowed to compete in any preliminary round but must become fully paid up members to compete at their Area Competition. JA ponies and Grade A and B horses registered with BSJA in current or previous year of the competition are not eligible. Should pony or horse upgrade during any part of the 2017/2018 series they will not be able to compete further in the Series. No rider may ride more than 3 horses/ponies in the same competition. For further clarification of rules of this Competition please refer to The Pony Club Winter League & Open Show Jumping Rules 2017/2018. A copy of which is available with the Organiser of this event
  • Class 8:       Open – any age – 3’3” First Round Max. JUMPING

Members and their ponies may only enter one league class plus the Dengie Qualifier if appropriate, it does not apply to unaffiliated classes.

Ages as of the 1st January 2017. – Each Class to be run under Pony Club Team Show Jumping Rules with two rounds and no jump-off and under Area 5 Winter League Rules 2017/18.

Team and Individual Rosettes to 6th place.  Prizes in Classes 1, 2, 3, & 5, 6 AND 8 to 3rd Place. Individual placings and Rosettes only in class 4 AND 7


C Test Assessor Training Workshop

This workshop will last three and a half hours, and will include the following topics:

The Pony Club Test Structure

  • Discussion on and demonstration of C standard Riding and Care
  • Timetabling
  • Questioning technique
  • Practical observation and questioning
  • Delivering appropriate feedback

Attendees will receive a written feedback to take from the workshop, with clear guidance on how to progress. Attendees will then be encouraged to shadow more experienced assessors in Centre or Branch C Tests before assessing independently.

Prior to booking attendees must have completed a D/D+ Assessor training or have experience of regular assessing up to D+.

This workshop cost £25per person to attend. They will count as a CPD refresher for attendees who also coach for The Pony Club.

2-5.30pm 24th September 2017 Cheshire Riding Stables.

Places are limited so please book early.

Please contact Katy Powell Jones to book your place. 07977062265

Editor: More details on the test can be found here on PCUK …


Guinea Pig riders


On Wednesday 30th August at 1.30pm (ready to ride for 2pm) we need 8 demo riders (Guinea pigs)who have their D+ test or competent D Test. You will be riding in a rally whilst our Instructors are teaching you. Venue – Mostyn Farm Ride.
Please forward your names to Rosemary Clarke


On Sunday 17th September at 1.30pm (ready to ride ar 2pm) we need 8 demo riders who have their C test or thereabouts. You will be riding in a rally whilst our instructors are teaching you and receiving guidance from their Coaches. You will be jumping. Venue Mostyn

Please forward your names to Rosemary Clarke


National Tetrathlon Championships (including Grassroots Tetrathlon)

The National Tetrathlon Championships were held at Bishop Burton College from the 11th – 13th August 2017.

Area 5 had 7 competitors who qualified at the Area 5 Tetrathlon competition held at Whitfield farm, Warwick for this prestigious event. Unfortunately, Keeva Stott was unable to attend.

Open Boys

Both Area 5 Open Boys, Russell Wingfield (Aberconwy) and Toby Johnson (East Cheshire) came in the top 10 placings! Toby was 4th with a joint Best Shoot (940) and Russell 9th. Both competitors achieved a total score in excess of 4000 points which is fantastic achievement.

The previous weekend, Toby and Russell had both represented Wales and Borders in the Regional 100 Event held at Southfield House, Nunney, Frome, Somerset.

Junior Girls

Area 5 had a Mixed Area team of four Junior Girls taking part in the event. Annabel James (East Cheshire), Ella Booth (Cheshire Hunt North), Kiera Booth (Cheshire Hunt North) and Orla Stott (Cheshire Hunt South). This was an exceptionally large class consisting of 86 girls! The competition got underway with some very impressive shoot scores from Area 5. Orla – 900, Kiera – 800, Annabel – 960 and Ella – 980. We hoped Ella’s score would gain her the award for the Best Shoot in the Junior Girls competition but two girls, Connie Gould (Old Berkeley Hunt) and Charlotte Hicks (East Cornwall Hunt) both scored the maximum points achievable of 1000. All the Area 5 Junior Girls had a clear cross-country round on a course that was designed by Joe Weller.

Grassroots Competition

This year was the fourth year of the Grassroots Tetrathlon competition. The competition is open to both branch and centre members but competitors must not have competed at Junior level tetrathlon or above at Regional or Area level competitions.

Competition outline:

  • Swim: 3 minutes
  • Shoot: 7 metres
  • Ride: Show Jumping course with a slip rail and a halt box
  • Heights: 2ft to 2ft 6in (60-75cm)
  • Run:1000 metres

Area 5 had two competitors gain the highly sought-after places in this competition both from Flint and Denbigh PC, Archie Lynch and Leah Lamb. Both put in fantastic performances and held their own against much older competitors in a class of 48! Archie achieved 2nd place with a shoot score of 840. He was 4th in the swim and 6th in the run. Leah came 18th with a very impressive shoot of 920 narrowly missing the award for Best Shoot which was 940. Both Archie and Leah rode clear.

Well done all Area 5 competitors!