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Older Members Rallies and Stable Management

These are open to all members  16 years and over from any Branch


Younger members with their C+ Riding from any Branch

I have arranged a few dates with Debbie Miller and Katy P Jones to see if we have enough interest .

Stable management C+/B level at Clwydfo, Rhewl. (Debbie’s) Thursday 19th and Thursday 26th October 6.30pm – 8.00pm.

Charge is £5.

Please let me know if you are interested or not.

Ridden Rallies

  • Tuesday 31st October 10.00am at Clwydfro. Debbie
  • Thursday 16th November 8.00pm at Equiti with Katy
  • Thursday 14th December 8.30pm Katy

Charge will depend on numbers.

Please let me know either way.

Thanks Iona 


Area 5 16+ Camp group and rides …

Please download the above file for all details….

Area 5 – 16 plus Camp 2017

• Lily Johnson
• Hannah Fallon
• Amber Wilkinson
• Kate Williams
• Carys Price

• Ben Read
• Russell Wingfield
• Henry Church Huxley
• Lily-Ann Pardoe
• Sali Wyn-Wheway
• Ffion Thomas

• Imi Sherry
• Brier Leahy
• Sophie Toogood
• Sarah-Jane Barton
• Maria Hodgson

• Amie Beacock
• Claudia Booth
• Mary Goodridge
• Cerys Jones
• Franky Church Huxley

• Beth Clegg
• Abigail Royle
• Ciara McLellan
• Meg Davies
• Myfi Powell

Monday 10th July 2017
9:00 am Briefing in the Pavilion B
Introductory/Assessment rides
Sarah Dobell John Gilbert
10:00 am Cheltenham Epsom
11:00 am Ascot Aintree
12:00 noon Newmarket Cheltenham (Stable Management

Lunch from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm
Cross Country with Tyler Cassells

1:00 pm Epsom
2:00 pm Ascot
3:00 pm Cheltenham
4:00 pm Newmarket
5:00 pm Aintree

4:00 pm Cakes
7:00 pm Supper
7:45 pm Quiz and Bingo

Tuesday 11th July 2017
Morning Flatwork
John Gilbert: Warm-up Nicola Fitter:
SJ Arena Paul Davies: Dressage Arena
8:30 Beth, Abigail, Ciara, Meg
9:00 Myfi, Lily J, Hannah, Amber Beth, Abigail Ciara, Meg
9:30 Kate, Carys, Aimee, Claudia Myfi, Lily J Hannah, Amber
10:00 Mary, Cerys, Franky, Ben Kate, Carys Aimee, Claudia
10:30 Break for John Mary, Cerys Franky, Ben
11:00 Russell, Henry, Lily-Ann, Sali Break for Nicola and Paul
11:30 Ffion, Imi, Brier, Sophie Russell, Henry Lily-Ann, Sali
12:00 Sarah-Jane, Maia Ffion, Imi Brier, Sophie
12:30 Sarah-Jane Maia

12:30 Onwards – Lunch
Show Jumping with Jane Gough-Roberts

11:00 am Epsom
12:00 noon Ascot
1:00 pm Break
1:30 pm Aintree
2:30 pm Cheltenham
3:30 pm Newmarket

Stable Management with Nicola Fitter
2:00 pm Chetlenham & Newmarket
3:00 pm Ascot & Epsom
4:00 pm Aintree
4:00 pm-ish Tea available
6:30 pm Supper
7:30 pm Bitting talk with Elaine Sutcliffe Wednesday

12th July 2017
Morning Flatwork
Self warm-up: Park Nicola Fitter:
Dressage Arena Paul Davies: SJ Arena
8:30 Sarah-Jane, Maia
9:00 Ffion, Imi, Brier, Sophie Sarah-Jane Maia
9:30 Russell, Henry, Lily-Ann, Sali Ffion, Imi Brier, Sophie
10:00 Mary, Cerys, Franky, Ben Russell, Henry Lily-Ann, Sali
10:30 Turnips Mary, Cerys Franky, Ben
11:00 Kate, Carys, Aimee, Claudia (Break)
11:30 Myfi, Lily J, Hannah, Amber Kate, Carys Aimee, Claudia
12:00 Beth, Abigail, Ciara, Meg Myfi, Lily J Hannah, Amber
12:30 Beth, Abigail Ciara, Meg
1:00 pm Newmarket
2:00 pm Cheltenham
3:00 pm Aintree
4:00 pm Ascot
5:00 pm Epsom
12:00 Onwards – Lunch Stable Management with
Afternoon Cross Country with Tyler Cassells
Nicola Fitter
2:00 pm Ascot & Epsom
3:30 pm Newmarket & Cheltenham
4:30 pm Aintree
4:00 pm-ish Tea
7:00 pm Supper… followed by…
The Legendary Meg’s Mucky Olympics!

Thursday 13th July 2017
Show Jumping with Jane Gough-Roberts
8:30 am Epsom
9:30 am Ascot
10:30 am Aintree
11:30 am (Break)
11:45 am Cheltenham
12:45 pm Newmarket
Lunch from 12:00 noon
Farm ride – either before or after your show jumping lesson, but please remember we must be out of our stables and cleaned up by 4:00 pm.
Please empty all bedding onto the muck heap, or you may bag it up and take it home.


Area 5 of the Pony Club 16 + Camp 2017

  • Monday 10th – Thursday 13th July 2017
  • At Somerford Park, Congleton
  • Specialised training in Flatwork, Show Jumping, Cross
    Country and theory with top trainers.
  • Evening entertainment and guest speakers.
  • £275 for the camp includes stabling, haylage and 2
    bales of shavings, as well as food, shower facilities etc
    for riders.
  • Cheques to be made payable to “Area 5 of the
    Pony Club”
  • Applications by Wednesday 21st June 2017
  • Organiser:
    Debbie Miller 07739 551 444

Area 5 Somerford Camp … two happy campers

After years of attending our own branch camps, this year was to be different.

On the way home from three days at the Area Tetrathlon, we diverted off the M6 to Somerford Park for our first Area 5 Associates camp. We were both a little apprehensive as we didn’t know quite what to expect, but as soon as we arrived and unloaded the horses we soon realised we actually knew many of the others on the camp and it certainly didn’t take long to become friends with everyone else!

As all 34 of us were over 16 we were left to organise ourselves and get on with everything, which made the atmosphere very relaxed and easy.

The riding venue and instructors were world class, including 4* event rider Michael Owen teaching us over the amazing XC training field.

When we weren’t riding we were watching others or just chilling in the stables. We had a system where we helped each other with feeding, mucking out etc. so everyone got to their rides on time, even with the early starts!

The food was great and the evening entertainment was always hilarious – especially Meg’s Mucky games.

We would definitely recommend it and can’t wait to go again next year. Thank you Debbie Miller & Team for organising such a great experience for the older riders.

Russell Wingfield (Aberconwy) and Ben Read (Flint & Denbigh)