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8.30am Course Walk – 9.00am Start (prompt)

  • Class 1(a) Mini novice – riders 10yrs and under who have never completed a  Pony Club Winter League competition first round 60cm and are not yet ready to enter class 1 winter league
  • Class 1 Juniors – 10 years and under – 1st round max – 70cm
  • Class 2 Novice – 13 years and under – 1st round max – 75cm
  • Class 3 Intermediate – any age – 1st round max – 85cm
  • Class 4 Open – any age – 1st round max. – 1.00m
  1. Horse/pony may only enter one class. Rider may compete on a second horse/pony (but may only be in one winter league team).
  2. Age as at January 1st 2017.
  3. Each class to be run under Pony Club Team SJ rules with 2 rounds and no 3rd round jump-off and under the current Area 5 Winter League Rules
  4. Course builder will be Mr Nigel Hibbert- Level 3 BS Course Designer,
  5. Number of entries for each class may be restricted at organiser’s discretion

Team and individual rosettes to 6th place in classes 1-4, prizes to 3rd place.

Entry fee: £15 per competitor, per class


If entering more than one team per Branch, please clearly identify your Winter League Team. Points will be awarded in accordance with the Winter League Rules.

Refreshments available & Photographer will be in  attendance

Phone number on the day – 07778 930946 (Liz Boothroyd)

Entries must be received by Saturday 17th February 2018.

No entries on the day

Parking is limited – Please share transport wherever possible


National Tetrathlon Championships (including Grassroots Tetrathlon)

The National Tetrathlon Championships were held at Bishop Burton College from the 11th – 13th August 2017.

Area 5 had 7 competitors who qualified at the Area 5 Tetrathlon competition held at Whitfield farm, Warwick for this prestigious event. Unfortunately, Keeva Stott was unable to attend.

Open Boys

Both Area 5 Open Boys, Russell Wingfield (Aberconwy) and Toby Johnson (East Cheshire) came in the top 10 placings! Toby was 4th with a joint Best Shoot (940) and Russell 9th. Both competitors achieved a total score in excess of 4000 points which is fantastic achievement.

The previous weekend, Toby and Russell had both represented Wales and Borders in the Regional 100 Event held at Southfield House, Nunney, Frome, Somerset.

Junior Girls

Area 5 had a Mixed Area team of four Junior Girls taking part in the event. Annabel James (East Cheshire), Ella Booth (Cheshire Hunt North), Kiera Booth (Cheshire Hunt North) and Orla Stott (Cheshire Hunt South). This was an exceptionally large class consisting of 86 girls! The competition got underway with some very impressive shoot scores from Area 5. Orla – 900, Kiera – 800, Annabel – 960 and Ella – 980. We hoped Ella’s score would gain her the award for the Best Shoot in the Junior Girls competition but two girls, Connie Gould (Old Berkeley Hunt) and Charlotte Hicks (East Cornwall Hunt) both scored the maximum points achievable of 1000. All the Area 5 Junior Girls had a clear cross-country round on a course that was designed by Joe Weller.

Grassroots Competition

This year was the fourth year of the Grassroots Tetrathlon competition. The competition is open to both branch and centre members but competitors must not have competed at Junior level tetrathlon or above at Regional or Area level competitions.

Competition outline:

  • Swim: 3 minutes
  • Shoot: 7 metres
  • Ride: Show Jumping course with a slip rail and a halt box
  • Heights: 2ft to 2ft 6in (60-75cm)
  • Run:1000 metres

Area 5 had two competitors gain the highly sought-after places in this competition both from Flint and Denbigh PC, Archie Lynch and Leah Lamb. Both put in fantastic performances and held their own against much older competitors in a class of 48! Archie achieved 2nd place with a shoot score of 840. He was 4th in the swim and 6th in the run. Leah came 18th with a very impressive shoot of 920 narrowly missing the award for Best Shoot which was 940. Both Archie and Leah rode clear.

Well done all Area 5 competitors!



Hadley Moss Farm, Mill Lane, Little Budworth, Cheshire, CW6 9DD

Bykind permission of Nick and Sarah Brookes.

Do Not Follow Sat Nav to the Venue – Use the directions attached to the bottom of this post

Please ensure you contact your own Branch Show Jumping Organiser to discuss entries DO NOT SEND ENTRIES DIRECTLY TO LIZ BOOTHROYD

  • Saturday June 24th
  • Entries close Saturday June 17th
  • Contact number on day of event: Mobile 07711 626865
  • Entries secretary: Liz Boothroyd, The Gables, Ffordd y Blaenau, Treuddyn, Mold CH7 4NS Tel: 01352 771215
  • Email –  Tel 07778 930946
  • AWARDS AREA COMPETITION Rosettes are awarded to the Members of the first six teams and the first six individuals. Prizes only awarded if the rider is present at the prize giving. The organisers reserve the right to amend awards presented.Members MUST be correctly dressed for prize giving.PLEASE NOTE THERE WILL BE ONE RING; CLASSES WILL FOLLOW ON FROM EACH OTHER.

Please find the attached schedule and entry form along with direction to this years Area 5 Show Jumping competition.
Please note that we are requesting each branch or centre provides FOUR adult helpers to pole pick for their own team  during each or their rounds!

Thank you … Liz Boothroyd



Please find attached the schedule and entry form for the above event. I have also attached some information regarding 3rd party/public liability insurance which I trust you will find helpful together with a Frequently Asked Questions sheet

This year the event includes not only the 2017 Area 4 and Area 5 Championship qualifiers but also, for the first time, the Area 4 and Area 5 Regional Championships qualifier (formerly known as Grassroots) for both teams and individuals in our Newcomers Class. For this reason we expect entries from Pony Club member’s to be significantly higher. Inevitably this means that capacity for non-Pony Club members may be reduced. However, we are still accepting entries from non-Pony Club riders and we will do our very best to accommodate as many as possible. It is therefore expected that the demand for places will be even higher this year and entries will need  to be submitted as early as possible.

Once again, those Pony Club Branches wishing to enter teams are able to leave team selection almost until the last minute. All riders/branches should submit entries for individuals by the closing date of FRIDAY 16th JUNE and team selection from those individual entries does not need to be notified (by email would be preferred) until FRIDAY the 23rd JUNE.


We have decided this year to incorporate the £10 start fee into the entry fee and, following our experience of last year, we have also had to make provision for abandonment. Further, in view of the fact that the Newcomers class is now a qualifier, we have decided to equalise the entry fee for all classes.

Please use a separate entry form for each rider/horse combination entry .

I do hope to be able to communicate with all competitors by email and keep them up-dated with event information from time to time, so please try to include a LEGIBLE (to me!) email address. If you don’t have a personal email address, try to arrange to use that of a friend who will pass on news.

Geoff Bell
District Commissioner


Area 5 Tetrathletes heading to Milton Keynes

Area 5 Tetrathletes who are heading off to Milton Keynes for the Triathlon Championships on 19 March.

Well done for qualifying and good luck at the competition to …

… Seniors

  • Milly McCarrick
  • Hamish Peffers
  • Russell Wingfield and
  • Toby Johnson;

… Juniors

  • Ella Booth
  • Kiera Booth
  • Annabelle James and
  • Jake Billington

… Minis

  • Lana Booth
  • Florence Butler
  • Beatrice Taylor
  • Archie Lynch
  • Archie Peffers
  • Rufus Taylor
  • William Stone and
  • Freddie James.

They will all be swimming, running and shooting with the best competitors from all of the other areas.


Area 5 Qualifier For The National Triathlon Championships

Area 5 Tetrathlon Committee
Mold Leisure Centre, Riverside Court, Mold Ch7 1ht

Sunday 26 February 2017

The Area 5 Qualifier For The National Triathlon Championships Will Be Incorporated Into This Competition


  1. Boys Pre Mini (Under 8)             Beanbags On Targets, 500m Run, 2 Min Swim
  2. Girls Pre Mini (Under 8)              Beanbags On Targets, 500m Run, 2 Min Swim
  3. Boys Mini (8 – 11 Years)            7m, 2 Hand Shoot, 1000m Run, 2 Min Swim
  4. Girls Mini (8 – 11 Years)            7m, 2 Hand Shoot, 1000m Run, 2 Min Swim
  5. Boys Junior (12 – 14 Years)       7m, 1 Hand Shoot, 1500m Run, 3 Min Swim
  6. Girls Junior (12 – 14 Years)        7m, 1 Hand Shoot, 1500m Run, 3 Min Swim
  7. Boys Open/Inter (Under 26)        10m, 1 Hand Shoot, 2000m Run, 4 Min Swim
  8. Girls Open/Inter (Under 26)        10m, 1 Hand Shoot, 1500m Run, 3 Min Swim
  9. Wrinklies/Slightly Creased          7m, 2 Hand Shoot, 1000m Run, 2 Min Swim
  • Pre mini class: those who have not yet reached their 8th birthday. Competitors aged 8 on the day enter the mini class
  • All other ages as on the 1st jan 2017
  • Classes 3 – 8 are the qualifying classes for the winter triathlon championships
  • The two highest placed competitors in each of these classes will go forward to the championships.  If they are not from area 5 then the two highest placed area 5 competitors will also go forward.

Please state if you have already qualified ….


  • Branch teams of three or four from classes 1 – 8, best three scores to count.


  • Individual and team rosettes to 6th place
  • Medals for best run, shoot and swim in each class

Classes 3 and 4 may be split by age for rosettes on the day, but not for qualification.

  • ENTRY FEE:     £13 per competitor (£1 reduction for 2nd and subsequent family members)
  • Cheques payable to Area 5 Tetrathlon Committee.
  • Closing date 15 FEBRUARY 2017.

Please send correct fee with entry to:-


A Huge Thank You …

to all members, parents, DCs, coaches, friends, aunts, uncles and grandparents who supported the Celebration at Northop on November 6th 2016.

Going by the number of complimentary emails I have had received,  it was enjoyed by all and there was a great atmosphere. The riding members put on a wonderful show and wowed us all and it was thrilling to see them all in the Parade – and beautifully turned out too.

Your efforts were very much appreciated by all present. Mary Tuckett was kind enough to congratulate each rider individually and presented each with a commemorative badge.



Celebration Sunday Nov 6th 2pm

The order of the afternoon is :

  • Tanatside winning Pairs Dressage to Music.
  • Snow White Musical Ride.
  • A few words from Mary Tuckett our Chairperson.
  • East Cheshire 3rd placed Pairs Dressage to Music
  • Winning Magic Musical Ride

Parade of all Champs participants/Teams at about 2.40 note.

  • Le Trec Hunt Relay 8 teams.

There will be 2 teams in the arena at a time. The fastest 4 overall from the first 4 races will go through to the second round which will be a knockout round.

There will be a map of the course by the arena.

Obstacles will be bending poles, walk from A to B without breaking, a parallel fence which you can jump or walk through, zigzag poles to walk through, four-second halt, slip rail with an optional mounting block and finish with the parallel again.  It should be really good fun. Do hope you enjoy it and I hope we have lots of support to cheer you on. Please wear what you would wear for your discipline.

As you will all be in the parade – please would you write something about yourself on a card- even if it’s only your name/ horse/discipline so that it can be read out by the compere.