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2018 BE80 (T) Coaching Forum

British Eventing Training and Education Team is organising  a Joint Regional Educational Coaching Day that is planned for September 3rd 2018. It is also a CPD day for BE Accredited Coaches, Pony Club and the BHS and will be held at Speetley Equestrian Centre Derbyshire.

2018 BE80 (T) Coaching Forum 

The course is open to Coaches of all experience, whether they are BE Accredited or not. This funded project is essentially  for BE Coaches as part of a series of Coach Development days  aimed at developing a BE Regional Coaching structure over the next three years to support the BE80(T) Training and identifying suitable Coaches to join an 80(T) Team. The overarching aim of the project is “to support and retain new members into the sport and through positive intervention reduce the numbers who exit”, using suitably skilled Coaches.

On the day it will be a good opportunity for Non Accredited Coaches to find out more about becoming a BE Accredited Coach and potentially getting involved with BE and the project.

This day has been made possible using funding from Sport England, granted by the British Equestrian Federation to the British Eventing Charitable Foundation. 

The inaugural 2018 BE80 (T) Coaching Forum will be an educational training day and provide coaches with the provision to support, help and coach competitors through their journey at an event and to improve each individual horse and riders experience.

The day will be run as a Mini One Day Event with BE80(T) riders taking part. The focus of the morning will be observing the practical warm up sessions of the dressage and show jumping phases of a BE80(T).   During the afternoon, emphasis will switch to the Cross Country phase, and will include  how to lead a course walk.  The whole day will  involve discussion, reflection and theory in both a practical and classroom-based environment.

This excellent opportunity is open to Coaches of all levels of experience, including BE Accredited Coaches, Pony Club Coaches and BHS Coaches.

It should be a great day and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards, Ruth Ruth Mousdale


Area 5 National Tetrathlon Championship Qualifier 2018

Ed: If anyone would like to send me photos to put with this report, please send to

July 14- 15th, 2018

The Area 5, 7 and 9 National Tetrathlon Championship Qualifier 2018 took place at both Whitfield Farm, Ettingham, Warwick, courtesy of the Wakeham family (cross country ride, shoot and run phases) and at the Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre, Leamington Spa (swim phase).

It was a fantastic event! All those that took part commented on the lovely atmosphere! We were all made to feel exceptionally welcome by the Wakeham family. Many of our competitors enjoyed camping and stabling with the Hutsby family who are local to the event.

The Chief Stewards for the weekend were Andy Frame and Judy Hardcastle.  They were both exceptionally impressed with the cross country course and going considering the lack of rain. The whole course had been watered and where necessary the rutted ground had been rolled and crushed to remove the lumps and bumps. The Wakeham family were still checking and preparing the ground on the evening prior to the event to ensure it was as good a surface as possible for the competitors and their horses.

Area 5 had competitors in the Open Boys, Junior Girls, Junior Boys, Mini Girls, Mini Boys and Tadpole Girls classes.

  • Russell Wingfield (Open Boy) from Aberconwy came in 2nd place with some stiff competition achieving the highest ride score of the boys qualifying for the National Championships.
  • Orlagh Toner (Junior Girl) from Flint and Denbigh had a fantastic clear ride on a technical course qualifying for the National Championships.
  • Archie Peffers (Junior Boy) from Waen-y-Llyn was placed 5th qualifying for the National Championships with a clear cross country ride. Archie said that he enjoyed the cross country course so much he would like to go round again!
  • Leah Lamb (Mini Girl) from Flint and Denbigh came in 6th place. Leah had the smallest pony, at 11.2hh, of the day to go around the cross country course! She was absolutely delighted to achieve an almost clear cross country ride with only one very unlucky stop.
  • Isabella Stone (Mini Girl) from Flint and Denbigh put in a very credible performance. Well done Isabella.
  • Thomas Johnson (Mini Boy) from Cheshire Hunt South achieved 2nd place.
  • Daisy Stone (Tadpole Girl) from Flint and Denbigh came in 2nd place with Best Swim.
  • Constance Wright (Tadpole Girl) from Flint and Denbigh came in 4th place with Best Shoot.
  • Polly Johnson (Tadpole Girl) from Cheshire Hunt South achieved 5th place! A great performance by all our Tadpole Girls in a tough class of 12 competitors.
  • Toby Johnson (Open Boy) – East Cheshire also gained a place to compete at the National Championships as Toby is currently part of the GB International Tetrathlon team competing in the USA.

The National Tetrathlon Championships which are to be held on August 9th – 12th at Offchurch Bury near Leamington Spa. The Grassroots Tetrathlon competition is to be held at the same venue on August 10 – 11th.


B Test and Training

  • Training with Nicola Fitter BHSI 10-12 noon Riding ,  1-3 pm Care Wednesday 8th August and
  • Thursday 23rd August at Cheshire Riding School

£25 per half day session or £40 per day.

Nicola is an excellent coach and these are well worth attending whether planning to take B test this year or next.

Book in with Debbie Miller 07739 551444.

Cheque to Area5 of the Pony Club.

  • B Test Tuesday 28th August, same venue from 10am .

Download nomination form from website and post with payment of £40 per section to D. Miller, Clwydfro, Rhewl, Ruthin, Denbighshire LL15 1TP.

Closing date Monday 20th August.

Thanks …. Debbie M


Another amazing offer

Below is a letter from PCUK …..

Dear all,

I have received the following hugely generous offer for Pony Club Competitors at Euston Park Endurance Championships.  Sadly the same will not be offered at Cholmondeley – lucky Endurance.

The details are on the Euston Park website but please could you make sure that all of your Endurance competitors are aware of it.  Robert Blane is the man to thank!

Thanks … Charlie

The following package is on offer to Pony Club competitors:

  • Free ride vouchers for entry into EGB 2019 rides of up to £150, providing you pass the first veterinary inspection.
  • Parents will be paid a travel allowance of £50 per pony entered, providing the first veterinary inspection is passed
  • Free entry
  • Free stabling (from 4:00 p.m. on Saturday to Monday 20th)
  • Free shavings and hay
  • Free ice and water
  • Free catering for one rider and two grooms from Saturday evening to Sunday lunch time inclusive

Prizes will also be awarded for 1st – 3rd place in each class

Rosettes for 1st – 6th place

Completion rosettes to all finishers


Associates Camp 2018 arrangements


  • Abigael Royle
  • Holly Robinson
  • Carys Price
  • Charlotte Sellers
  • Lucy Dennis


  • Sian Lind
  • Sophie Cocking
  • Rachel Wooley
  • Mary Goodridge
  • Cerys Jones


  • Elizabeth Parton
  • Jessica Smith
  • Billie Jo Davies
  • Louie Atkinson
  • Sam Sant
  • Abbey Rimmer


  • Nicola Mann
  • James Owen
  • Hannah Burgoyne
  • Lily Johnson
  • Russell Wingfield


  • Beth Clegg
  • Myfi Powell
  • Sophie Toogood
  • Claudia Booth
  • Naomi Young


  • Ben Read
  • Tia Barlow
  • Emily MacLean
  • Tessa Hemming
  • Ciara McLellan
  • Imi Sherry


Tuesday 17th July 2018


8:45 am     Briefing in the Pavilion A

9:30 am Flatwork

  Katy John
9:30 am Damsons Apples
10:30 am Elderberries Bananas
11:30 am Figs Cherries

Lunch from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm


Theory (John) , XC (Sarah),  SJ (Katy)

1-2  pm Figs + Cherries 1:00 pm Damsons Apples
2:30 pm Damsons + Apples 2:00 pm Elderberries Bananas
3:30 pm Elderberries + Bananas 3:00 pm Figs Cherries


Cakes out  4-5 ish

Supper  about 7:00 pm

Bingo!  From 8:00 pm

Wednesday 18th July 2018

Morning: Flatwork

  Amy Paul Sally
9:00 Elderberries Cherries Apples
10:30 Figs Damsons Bananas

Lunch  12 – 1 ish


Theory (Sally), XC (Tyler), SJ (Amy)

1:00 pm Elderberries + Bananas 2:00 pm Damsons Cherries
2-3  pm Figs + Apples 3:00 pm Elderberries Bananas
3:30 pm Damsons + Cherries 4:00 pm Figs Apples

Cakes out  4-5 ish

Supper  about 7:00 pm

8:00 pm Team Quiz


Thursday 19h July 2018

Morning: Flatwork

  Nicola Paul Sally
9:00 Figs Damsons Bananas
10:30 Elderberries Cherries Apples

 Theory (Amy)

9 – 10 Elderberries, Cherries, Apples
11-12 Figs, Damsons, Bananas

Lunch  12 – 1 ish


Theory (Sally), SJ (Amy), XC (Nicola)

1:00 pm Elderberries + Bananas 1:30 pm Damsons Apples
2:00 pm Figs + Cherries 2:30 pm Elderberries Bananas
3:00 pm Damsons + Apples 3:30 pm Figs Cherries

 6:00 pm Supper

7:00 pm Talk by Amy Taylor (ESMT, IAAMT) – on effects of tack and rider on horse Biomechanics

Followed by… The Legendary Meg’s Mucky Olympics!

Friday 20th July 2018


  SJ (Amy) XC (Sally)
9:00 am Damsons Apples
10:00 am Elderberries Bananas
11:00 am Figs Cherries

…followed by Farm Ride

Lunch from 12:00 noon

Remember –  we must be out of our stables and cleaned up by 4:00 pm.

Please empty all bedding onto the muck heap, or you may bag it up and take it home.



Area 5 Senior Camp (16+)

A couple of places have come up at Camp next week. If you are interested please contact Debbie Miller. 07739 551445.
Could all the members who have not sent me their CONFIDENTIAL FORM please do so. You will not be able to ride without it.
Also please read the camp information on the website so you know what to bring.

Thank you, Debbie Miller.


Hot Weather Alert

In view of the hot weather expected again tomorrow, we have taken advice from Pony Club HQ regarding the wearing of jackets, and have been given the following directive:

“In exceptionally hot weather Members do not have to wear jackets to compete in show jumping.

However, they MUST wear long sleeves, and either a PC tie or stock.

No short sleeved shirts/stock tops will be allowed.

Parents are requested to please make sure that all children and ponies are kept well hydrated throughout the day.”

Advice on caring for your horse in the heat!

Cheshire Shield Horse Trials 2018

For your information – Please see below an email which will be sent to all Cheshire Shield Horse Trials / Area Event entrants today:

Dear All

Now that entries have closed, I write to confirm to all those who have submitted an entry form that your form has been received and will be considered over the next few days. It also gives me a chance to test the email lists to ensure that we iron out any address problems as early as possible. Most of you have taken care when supplying email addresses but there are a few that would defy the most expert graphologist.


This year the entries are even greater than usual and it is inevitable that some of you will be disappointed. We will notify by email those entrants whose entries have been balloted out within the next few days. It may be possible for us to transfer some or all of those entries to the following day, Sunday 8th July.

This year entries for both Class 1 (PC80) and Class 2 (PC90) have been overwhelming and together account for over 75% of total entries. Since we had expected entries to be concentrated on these two classes, we hope to be able to accommodate more than previously.

We do accept late entries but they must be accompanied by a cheque for the late entry fee of £85. We will operate a waiting list and cheques will not be processed until a place has been allocated. Late entries for Class 4 (PC110) are welcome.

The competition will run in numerical class order (1/2/3/4 – 80/90/100/110) and I expect the dressage arenas will commence at 8.00 a.m. In my next email I hope to give an indication of expected start and finish times for all classes.

Pony Club Teams: If you have not already done so, please advise which of your members are to be included in teams and, where you have more than one team in a class, notify a name for each team. Riders in classes 3 & 4 whose branch do not already have a team in that class, will be notified to the respective Area Representative for consideration of forming mixed teams. If D.C’s or team organisers wish to confirm the entries for their branch, please email me. Teams must be notified no later than FRIDAY 29th June – the earlier the better.

If you do for any reason need to email about an entry – PLEASE QUOTE THE RELEVANT CLASS NUMBER (1- 2 – 3 or 4).



Geoff Bell
District Commissioner