Thursday October 19, 2017
Area 9 Camp and Alice does it!

Area 9 Camp and Alice does it!


Well what a week for area 8 six members (Ottilie and Lydia from the Waveney, Pip and Alice from Easton Harrier, Frankie from the Essex Hunt North and Jo from Essex Farmers) trekked to Gloucestershire for a two day clinic invited by area 9. Well what a fantastic couple of days dressage with Carol Broad, Rob Lumb and Daniele Bizarro, show jumping with Caroline Moore and Xc with Darrell Scaife not to mention a VET talk, lunging practice, fitness sessions, and XC problem solving. A great time was had by all.

The last day was topped off by the great news that Alice Hallows and Sam Wisbey have won the Rider Development Pathway bursary , well done Alice & Sam.


Hugh Dow, Tallula Dettori & George Hull have been chosen to represent ‘The Eastern Region’ in The Junior Tetrathlon Event at Royal Windsor Horse Show this week end (13th & 14th May).
This is an incredible achievement as they have been selected out of all the Pony Clubs in Area 8 and only 24 children in total will compete, who are from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
They jump from 1.25 on Sunday May 14th in The Frogmore Arena before parading in the Main Castle Arena – how exciting!  
If you are at Windsor on Sunday PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT THEM.
Likit Open Eventing League: four events planned in Area 8 this season!

The Likit Open Eventing League is for Pony Club Members competing at PC Open Eventing competitions.  The aim of the league is to encourage Members to compete at Open Level.

The 2017 qualification system for Open LikitEventing is opening up to enable more members to qualify for the Open Eventing Championships. Therefore, members can qualify via three routes:-

  1. Qualifying as usual through Area Qualifying competitions (see rule 33 i & ii), if there is sufficient demand
  2. Qualifying through BE qualifying results (see rule 33iv) – 4 BE Novice Events
  3. Qualifying through 2 Likit Events
  4. Qualifying through a mixture of the two above: e.g. 2 BE Events plus 1 Likit

Either route enables members to compete at the Pony Club Championship and also Frickley Park for their BE Under 18 and under 21 Areas.
The Eventing Committee hopes that Areas will continue to run their Area Qualifying competitions at all levels.

This summer, in Area 8, Likit Open competitions are being kindly hosted by the following Branches:

  • North Norfolk: 9 April 2017, Gt Witchingham
  • Easton Harriers: 23 April 2017, Poplar Park
  • Suffolk Hunt: 30 April 2017, Ickworth Park
  • West Norfolk (tbc): 16 July 2017, Gt Witchingham

Please look at the relevant Branch website for further information about entries etc.

New prizes for The Pony Club Test holders with British Eventing

New prizes for The Pony Club Test holders

New for 2017, British Eventing and The Pony Club have introduced a special prize recognising the dedication and aptitude of riders in the British Eventing under 18 classes who have undergone The Pony Club C+ and B Tests.


British Eventing and The Pony Club will award the highest placed C+ holder in BE100u18 and B Test holder for Novice under 18 classes in a trial number of events across the country this season. For 2017 the following events will welcome under 18 riders to present their C+ and B test certificates on arrival at the secretary tent with the highest placed holder in the relevant class receiving a special rosette kindly donated by The Pony Club:

  • 1 – 2 April: Howick (BE100u18 only)
  • 8 – 9 April: South of England (1)
  • 14 – 15 April: Eland Lodge (1)
  • 22 – 23 April: Dalkeith (1)
  • 29 – 30 April: Withington Manor (Nu18 only)
  • 5 – 7 May: Richmond (1)
  • 17 – 18 June: Stratford Hills
  • 8 – 9 July: Buckminster Park
  • 19 – 22 October: Aldon International (2)

Liz Lyall, Chairman of Pony Club Eventing said; “The Pony Club is delighted to be continuing its work with British Eventing, and this new initiative will recognise just some of the successful Pony Club Members competing in British Eventing under 18 competitions. Our Members are given a competitive edge through the world class training we provide, and we’re looking forward to celebrating their achievements with them this season, and in the future when the scheme is expanded.”

British Eventing Chief Executive David Holmes added; “We are pleased to work together with The Pony Club on this new initiative and it is hoped that the pilot can be extended to more BE100u18 and Nu18 classes in future, supporting the achievements of riders through the The Pony Club and British Eventing.”




Suffolk Hunt
Freya De’Ath
Class 1 Minimus Girls
Essex Hunt North
Morgane Geary-Warne
Class 1 Minimus Girls
Cambridgeshire Hunt
Louis Monmont
Class 2 Minimus Boys
Cambridgeshire Hunt
Marc de La Sayette
Class 2 Minimus Boys
Puckeridge Hunt Western
Ella Zatouroff
Class 3 Junior Girls
West Norfolk Hunt
Kate willis
Class 3 Junior Girls
Cambridgeshire Hunt
Millie Handford
Class 3 Junior Girls
Newmarket & Thurlow Hunt
Hugh Dow
Class 4 Junior Boys
Suffolk Hunt
Will De’Ath
Class 4 Junior Boys
Puckeridge Hunt Western
Abigaila Ballard
Class 5 Open Girls
East Essex Hunt
Jack Speakman
Class 6 Open Boy

The Area 8 Teams are as follows –

Area 8 Red Team
Hugh Dow, Kate Willis, Louis Monmont, Ella Zatouroff.

Area 8 White Team
Millie Handford, Mac de la Sayette, Will De’Ath, Freya De’Ath

Area 8 Blue Team
Abigaila Ballard, Morgane Geary-Warne, Jack Speakman

Robbie Dow (07921 646288) is our appointed Area 8 representative responsible for all Area 8 competitors if there are any queries etc. please refer to Robbie as he is the ONLY person who can put forward any queries you may have.


Tessa & Sue

Six PC members (and their horse/pony) from Area 8 have been invited to visit Area 9 for a two day course.


Area 8 Invite to 16+ Clinic 2017 from Area 9

As of 2017, Lungeing Test is now open to B Test holders age 15 ( a change from 16)

See test pages

The Pony Club Hat Rule 2017

Hat rules are constantly being updated. Please check The Pony Club Hat Rule 2017, and make sure your hat qualifies. If you are going to buy a new hat, it’s a good idea to read the Rule carefully, print it out and take it with you to the shop to ensure you don’t buy a hat which will not be usable in 2017.

Hat tagging information regarding Gatehouse HS1 Hats and the SNELL E2001 Label

We are aware of some ongoing hat tagging issues, specifically regarding Gatehouse’s HS1 hats, which are manufactured to the standard SNELL E2001. We would appreciate it if this information could be passed to all hat taggers within your Branch or Centre.

On HS1 hats the SNELL E2001 logo can be found either printed on OR under the crown padded liner. The SNELL E2001 logo on newer versions of these hats will be found printed under the crown padded liner. If there doesn’t appear to be a SNELL E2001 logo printed on the liner then please check underneath the liner as well.

In the event of there not being a logo either on or under the liner then it is possible the logo has been rubbed off. This has happened on some older HS1 hats. In these cases, the Member should contact Ann-Marie Joyce at Gatehouse on with the following details:

  • Images of the outside of the helmet showing which model is owned;
  • An image of the batch number label;
  • An image of the worn out Snell decal, and;
  • The Member’s name and address.

SNELL E2001 is recognised by The Pony Club as an appropriate hat standard. It is planned to be accepted beyond January 2016 and so can be tagged with one of the new white hat tags.

Pony Club Body Protector rule 2017

Please check the Body Protector Rule 2017. Key points are:BETA 2009 Body Protector standard

  • Body protectors are compulsory for all cross-country riding and Pony Racing, whether it be training or competing
  • Body Protectors used for Cross Country and Pony Racing must meet BETA 2009 Level 3 standard (purple label)
  • If a rider chooses to wear an air jacket in cross country or Pony Racing, it must only be used in addition to a normal body protector
  • Parents and Members must be aware that riders may be permitted to continue after a fall in both competition and training rides. In the event of a fall, it must be fully deflated or removed before continuing, the conventional body protector continuing to give protection
  • Air jackets must not be worn under a jacket and number bibs should be fitted loosely or with elasticated fastenings over the air jacket
  • If a Member chooses to wear a combined air jacket and body protector they do not have to wear a separate body protector as well. A combined air jacket and body protector satisfies the requirements of the rule

When an air jacket inflates, the sudden noise startles horses in the immediate vicinity, thereby causing difficulties for the other members of a ride during a group ride in a confined area, e.g. an indoor school or outdoor ménage. Air jackets are therefore discouraged for group rides.

Devoucoux Eventer Challenge winner

devoucouxThe winner of the Devoucoux Training Bursary is Alice Able of the Waveney Harriers Branch of The Pony Club. Alice has received a Devoucoux tack voucher, as well as a training bursary which will help her extend her knowledge and boost her performance in the coming year. Well done Alice!

Congratulations again to all four finalists of the Devoucoux Eventer Challenge, who all had the fantastic opportunity of a day’s training with Piggy French at her training yard in November 2016:

  • Alice Able
  • Ella Catton
  • Tilly Davies
  • Sophie Pettitt

We look forward to running a new Devoucoux Eventer Challenge in 2017: Devoucoux have already generously offered to sponsor the Challenge in 2017, and Piggy French has renewed her offer to host the finalists for another super training day at her yard. We are very grateful to both of them! We would also like to thank Fiona Woodford, whose tireless efforts have produced all this!

Good luck to all entrants in the coming year. Details will be posted in due course.

Keeping your yard safe!

Please do have a look at these sensible suggestions for keeping your horse, your yard, your tack and yourself safe.

  • Consider marking tack and other items with the Immobilise Property Register (free, supported by the Police and the Home Office)
  • If you buy or sell a horse, don’t forget to update your details with the microchipping service
  • Change combinations on padlocks and burglar alarm codes regularly!

Norfolk PACT’s leaflet, below, is also full of good ideas. Click on the image below to see it in full size.

Equine Security Info from PACT

B Test name bibs

IMG_3220B test …. Recently all candidates have been asked to print their names as large a possible and put them in their number bibs for tests.  …. Now you can see why, especially when candidates have to change horses ….

Please register as a volunteer! We want to thank you: with a badge!
Please click on the badge above to register - and your own badge will be in the post!

Please click on the badge above to register – and your badge will be in the post!

The Pony Club could not exist without its volunteers. So many of you give so generously of your time and skills, and we are all so grateful. But, even more importantly than that: it will help the Pony Club if we can prove how many volunteers we have! This is why we are now asking all volunteers to register online – and receive the smart new Volunteer Badge in return (we thought it was time you all had your own Badge!).

Whether you jump judge once a year, or find yourself patiently stacking showjumping poles at the end of every rally, please register for Volunteer Recognition, show your support and get your badge!

Don’t forget to wear your badge in order to receive warm thanks from your Branch – and guilt-trip all your friends into registering too!

DANGER – RED ALERT! Atypical Myophy
sycamore seedThe number of the little-known equine illness atypical myophy have apparently reached record levels. The common symptoms are lethargy, a reluctance to move, dark brown/red urine and trembling. It is believed it is caused by horses and ponies eating the leaves and “helicopter” seeds of sycamore trees (pictured right). The problem has been caused by an extraordinarily large crop of seeds in autumn, spread far and wide by the stormy winter weather. Please do be aware.
Best advice is:
  • prevent access to sycamore trees
  • pick up sycamore seeds and dead leaves
  • fence off where sycamore seeds and leaves have fallen
  • ensure seeds have not blown into your field from nearby sycamore trees
  • give extra hay or haylage where pasture is poor
  • reduce stocking density
  • reduce turn-out at risk times of year (autumn and spring).
If you suspect your horse is unwell, call your vet. Click here for more details on atypical myopathy from Dengie.