Thursday October 19, 2017

Camps 2017

Payments for all camps and camp tee shirts need to be made by PayPal via the online payment page of the website.
Camp forms must be sent to the relevant person (Elise Harvey for Mini and Junior, Fi Norbury for Residential). PLEASE SEND PAPER COPIES BY POST NOT SCANNED COPIES BY EMAIL!!
If you have a very nervous or novice year 4 please contact Lucinda Rose or Elise Harvey to discuss which camp they should go to.

Junior camp

26th – 30th July at West Littleton, for children in school years 4 to 7. Forms HERE.

Mini camp

1st – 3rd Aug at Tresham, for children in school years reception to year 3. Forms HERE

Residential camp

1st – 4th Aug at Alderley, for children in year 8 upwards. Forms HERE.

Camps 2016

Many thanks to all the organisers of our three very successful camps which were attended by around 190 children. It takes a huge amount of work to run these camps so we are very grateful to those who put so much effort in so that the members could all have such a good time. Many thanks also to the landowners who kindly allowed us to invade again this year!
Photographs of all three camps can be seen and purchased on Jasmine Punters website HERE