Monday July 13, 2020
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HUNTING 2019/20

PC Hunting representative – Nicky Bush – 07957 519305

Parents & Children please read carefully

Beaufort Hunt Pony Club members are very welcome out hunting, but children whose parents are not Beaufort Hunt subscribers or farmers but who would like to hunt MUST follow these strict instructions:

Before hunting for the first time please contact Nicky Bush who will be able to help with any queries or questions.

You must then telephone or email Mr Maidment, the Hunt Secretary, (his contact details are 01666 823292, 07970 187044 and email to ask permission to come out (other than the Children’s Meet in December but including the Childrens’ priority days in October and February).

Hunting Certificate

If your child is going to be hunting they should take their Hunting Certificate at the earliest opportunity. To find out more about what is involved in taking your hunting certificate please click HERE

Once they have passed they should always wear their Hunting Certificate badge and try to be as helpful as possible.

All Pony Club members who have not passed their Pony Club Hunting Certificate MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times, a slightly older sibling who has passed their Hunting test is not enough.

Even if they have passed their Hunting Certificate they must not hunt unaccompanied until they are over the age of 15. Any child looking after a younger sibling should be at least 18. This also applies on Children Priority meets.

Whether you have passed your hunting test or not, if you have a pony that you have not hunted before, you must go with an adult the first time to make sure the pony is safe.   Any child not in control will be asked to go home.


Please can you make sure that all children have a card in their pocket or medical armband with their name, address, emergency contact number and name of their responsible adult. If your child is hunting unaccompanied please follow on foot/in a car.

Hunting Etiquette

Upon arrival say good morning to the Master and the Hunt Staff and find the Hunt Secretary to hand in your ticket, do not make him find you.

Please listen to the instructions of Hunt Staff at all times and follow the Field Master wherever possible, do not go off on your own as you may interfere with hunting.

Parents (or responsible adult) are to ensure that they are with/in sight of their children at all times, simply being on the hunting field IS NOT ENOUGH. 

Accompanied children are expected to keep to the back of the field especially on a Saturday. Up front is not a good place to be on a small pony!

The hunting field is not the place to test your ability to jump larger fences than normal, should you have a stop move out of the way quickly and find another way round. DO NOT keep attempting the same jump

Hunting Dress

The correct dress for children under the age of 18 is a tweed jacket and coloured hunting tie or pony club tie, with brown boots and chaps (black is ok too) and a plain blue or black hat silk. Long hair MUST be in a hairnet.

Red and Green ribbons.

If you know your pony kicks please put a red ribbon on its tail and keep it out of the way. You are still responsible for making sure it does not kick any one! A red ribbon does not give you permission to go wherever you want hoping that everyone else gets out of your way. Neither does a green ribbon, which should indicate a young horse or pony or one that is new to hunting. This pony should also be kept quietly at the back, until you are confident that it is going to behave and not kick.

Subscriptions and Rules for Beaufort Hunt Pony Club Members

Subscriptions are due by September 1st, subscriptions paid after this date will increase by £50 per horse/pony per month.

Rule 4 (d) Young people ages 18 to under 22 years on 1st October and residing permanently within the Beaufort Hunt Boundaries will be called on to subscribe £100 for one horse.  In addition they will be asked to pay £25 per horse each day that they come out hunting. See Ticket note.

Rule 8 (a) The only children who may hunt with the Beaufort Hunt are those whose parents reside within the boundaries of the Beaufort or are members of the Beaufort Hunt.

  • Children who do not qualify under rule 8(a) but are members of the Beaufort Hunt Pony Club, and aged under 18 on 1stOctober, may also be allowed to hunt with the Beaufort Hunt under rule 8(c) or 8(d) as appropriate.
  • Children aged between 13 and less than 18 by the 1stOctober will be required to make a donation of £20 each day that they hunt. See ticket note.
  • Parents of children under the age of 13 by 1stOctober will be called upon to give a donation towards their children’s hunting and £10 each day that they come out hunting. See ticket note.

Rule 9        The above rules do not apply to bona-fide Farmers and their immediate dependant families whose principle occupation is farming land over which the Duke of Beaufort’s hounds hunt within the boundaries of the Beaufort Hunt

TICKETS   Collection of Tickets and young Peoples’ Caps will commence on 1st October.   Re rules 4(d), 8(c) & (d) a Ticket system is now in operation.  Tickets must be obtained from the Hunt Secretary at the appropriate rate In Advance.   Payment by cash on the day is not acceptable.


  1. All horse boxes and trailers must be parked off the road; try to put them into a yard if possible, but ask the owner first. Do not park across gateways.
  2. Every member of the hunting field is responsible for shutting gates, so DO SO. Any damage at all must be reported immediately to the Hunt Secretary.
  3. It is common courtesy not to be late for the Meet.
  4. Courtesy is always important; PLEASE remember to thank ALL FARMERS / LANDOWNERS for allowing us to cross their fields, cars for slowing down for you, and people who open or hold gates for you, and always be polite.
  5. Parents who are following the day’s hunting in cars are asked to follow the instructions of the Car Stewards. Do not park in gateways.  Do not drive on private tracks or land.

Please remember that it is a privilege to be hunting with The Beaufort Hunt and that you are representing the Pony Club