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It is a huge privilege to be chosen to represent our branch at Area, Regional and National level.


This page is to celebrate everyone who has been placed at Area level and above over the past few years.




Area 9 Show jumping

70cm – Team 3rd – Ellie G, Lily M, Lola W and Rhea S

80cm – Team 1st – Scarlett T (ind 6th), Woody B, Rose W (ind 5th) and Isla R (ind 9th)
Team 16th – Rose W, Tilly G, Lara RR

90cm – Team 4th – Holly H, Winnie R, Kitty C and Natasha C

100cm – Team 5th – Annabel C, Mya H, Thomas S and Jessica S
Individual 1st – Jessica S

110cm – Individual – Iona S (2nd), Hannah L (5th)

Area 9 Dressage

Open – Team 1st  – Beatrice M (Ind 1st), Iona S (Ind 2nd), Tash B (Ind 3rd0 and Zara B-T

Intermediate – Team 2nd – Georgina B (Ind 4th), Cesca B (Ind 1st Qualified), Belle E (Ind 6th) and Florence W (Ind 2nd)

Novice – Team 1st – Anastasia T (Ind 1st), Lily L (Ind 1st), Emily A-J (Ind 5th) and Cesca B
Team 3rd – Yasmin K (Ind 1st), Winnie R (Ind 3rd), Izzy C (Ind 8th) and Ella C
Individual 3rd  – Anastasia T

Grassroots – Team 3rd Qualified – Isobel P (Ind 2nd), Dottie R (Ind 3rd), Skye W (Ind 5th) and Lucy C
Individual 9th – Taya H

PC70 – Grace D individual 1st and 4th, Rosie S individual 8th

Area Tet


Open Girls Tet Winner: Jess Telford
Open Boys Tet Winner: Will Connors
Senior Boys Tri Winner: Jack Richards
Junior Girls Tet Winner: Georgia Grierson
Junior Boys Tri Winner: Joe Collings
Mini Boys Tri Winner: Edward Coombs
Tadpole Boys Tet Winner: Arthur Clark
Open Mixed Team Winners: Jess Telford, Poppy Clark, Harry Barker, Will Connors
Junior Boys Team Winners: Laurie Abbots-Lyons, Theo Eugster, Miles Hall
Junior Girls Team Winners: Georgia Grierson, Skye Winter, Holly Richards, Izzy Coombs
Area Eventing


70cm Team 6th – Ellie G, Lucy C, Lara Rose R and Lily M

80cm Team Qualified – Anastasia T, Lola W and Jessica S

90cm Individuals Qualified – Lily L and Kitty C

100cm Individual Qualified – Hannah L


Regional Championships


Dressage PC70 – Grace D 5th

SJ PC70 – Team 2nd – Rhea S, Ellie G, Lily M and Lola W

Eventing PC70 – Team 5th – Lily M (Ind 8th), Ellie G (Ind 7th), Lara Rose R (Ind 6th) and Lucy C (Ind 5th)

Eventing PC80 – Team 6th – Anastasia T (Ind 8th), Lola W and Rose W (Ind 3rd)

National Dressage Championships


Novice Team 3rd – Cesca B, Emily A-J, Lily L and Yaz K


Intermediate Individual 3rd – Cesca B

National Eventing Championships


1m Individual 2nd – Hannah L

National Polo Championships


Jorrocks 1st – Devon T-C, Annalisa T, Bertie W and Evelyn B

JOPPS Blue 1st – Harry W, Bertie W, Annalisa T and Rufus T

Surtees Blue 1st Div 1 – Ocean W, Charlie H, Jonty H and Tensie L

Surtees Buff 1st Div 2 – Sholto C, Ivo P and Harry W

Loriner 4th – Bel M, Baz P, Ocean W and Holly

National Tetrathlon Championships


1st Open Mixed Team: Poppy Clark, Jess Telford & Harry Barker


1st Junior Boys Team: Theo Eugster, Laurie Abbots-Lyons & Miles Hall
Reserve Champions Junior Girls Team Georgia Grierson, Skye Winter, Holly Richards, Izzy Coombs
2nd Open Girls – Poppy Clark
3rd Open Girls – Jess Telford
4th Junior Boys – Theo Eugster
8th Junior Boys – Miles Hall
9th Junior Boys – Laurie Abbots-Lyons
8th Junior Girls – Georgia Grierson
Gatcombe SJ


1m Team 1st – Hannah L, Iona S, Tash B and Florence W


90cm Team 3rd – Skye W, Emily A-J, Esme H and Scarlett T


80cm Team 2nd – Emily A-J, Jessica S, Lily M and Skye W

80cm Team 5th – Esme H, Ellie G, Grace G and Scarlett T




Polo Championships

Jorrocks – Team 2nd – Evelyn B, Arabella M, Devon TC and Bertie W

Handley Cross – Team 2nd – Nancy M, Jonty H, Aggie R

Surtees 1 – Team 2nd – Charlie H, Jonty H, Archie R
Surtees 2 – Team 4th – Tensie L, Ocean W, Bazi P

Loriner – Team 3rd – Izzy P, Charlie H, George L

Langford – Team 1st – Johnny Pitman, Alice P, Robbie S



Area 9 Dressage Qualifier

Open – Team 1st – Zara (ind 1st), Tash B (ind 2nd), Poppy C (ind 2nd) and Iona S (ind 8th)
Individual 6th – Beatrice M

Intermediate – Team 1st – Poppy C (ind 1st), Georgina B (ind 2nd), Belle Edwards (2nd) and George S (ind 11th)

Open Novice – Individual 4th – Jemima K

Novice – Team 1st – Cesca B (ind 1st), Florence W (ind 1st), Amelie L (ind 4th) and Lily L (ind 8th)
Individual 5th – Florence W
Individual 8th Ella C

Grassroots – Team 2nd – Anastasia T (ind 1st), Olivia W (ind 3rd), Felicity H (ind 6th) and Isobel C
Individual 3rd – Isabel P

Regional Dressage Championships

Grassroots Team 10th – Felicity H (ind 3rd), Anastasia T (ind 10th), Olivia W and Isabel P

70cm Dressage – Jessica S – Individual 1st and overall 8th after ride off



National Dressage Championships

Open Dressage to Music – Individual 8th – Zara B-T
Open Dressage – Individual 8th – Tash B

Intermediate – Individual 8th – Poppy C

Novice – Team 8th – Lily L (ind 4th), Amelie (ind 9th), Florence W (ind 10th) and Ella C

National Tetrathlon Championships

Stepping Stones Championships – 4th Dottie Read & member of the winning Central England Team

Junior Boys – 7th Oscar E, 9th Theo E
Junior Boys National Team Champions: Harry B, Miles H, Theo E & Laurie A
Junior Girls 3rd Team: Georgia Grierson, Skye Winter, Holly Richards, Izzy Coombs

Open Boys – 6th Charles H
Open Girls – 1st Poppy C
Open Mixed Team 2nd – Poppy C, Charles H & George S



Area 9 Tetrathlon

Individuals – Open Boys – 1st Will C, 2nd Josh B, 3rd G, 4th Charles H, 5th Sam B
Open Girls – 1st Jess T

Intermediate Boys – 1st George L, 2nd Orlo C, 3rd Xavier A
Intermediate Girls – 5th Rosie B, 6th Belle E

Junior Boys – 1st Oscar E, 2nd Harry B, 3rd Theo E, 5th Laurie A, 7th Miles H
Junior Girls – 1st Georgia G, 2nd Holly R, 4th Skye W, 6th Izzy C

Teams – Open Boys – 1st Beaufort – Sam B, Josh B, Will C
Mixed Open – 1st Beaufort – Jess T, George S & Charles H

Intermediate Mixed – 1st Beaufort – Orlo C, Rosie B, Belle Ed & Xavier A

Junior Boys – 1st Beaufort – Laurie A, Theo E, Harry B, Miles H
Junior Girls – 1st Beaufort – Georgia G, Holly R, Skye W, Izzy C



Area 9 Eventing

90cm – Team 2nd – Lily L (ind 3rd), Amelie L (Ind 3rd), Harry B and Emily AJ

Team 8th – Jemima P (ind 10th), Holly R, Summer CT and Jack W
Individual 8th – Georgia G


Regional Eventing Qualifier

80cm – Individual 3rd – Chloe B, Individual 10th – Cesca B

70cm – Individual 1st – Jessica S, Individual 4th – Rose W



National Eventing Championships


90cm – Individual 8th – Harry B, Individual 9th – Lily L

Area 9 Showjumping

80cm – Individual 12th – Leah S, Individual 16th – Tabs D

90cm team 1st – Harry B, Jack W, Georgina B and Natasha C
Individual 7th – Harry B

100cm team 3rd – Zara L, Rosie B, Hannah L and Florence W
Individual 2nd – Zara L

110cm team 2nd – Tash B, Annabel C, Meg L and Poppy C
Individual 4th – Meg L
Horsemanship Award – Poppy C


Regional SJ Championships

70cm – Individual 11th – Woody B

National Show jumping Championships

1m Team 4th – Hannah L, Tash B, Florence W and Zara L
Individual 4th – Hannah L



Gatcombe SJ

90cm – Team 3rd – Natasha C, Emily AJ, Kitty C and Summer CT

1m – Team 6th – Amelie L, Tash B, Florence W and Hannah L




Area 9 Show Jumping

70cm – Individual 3rd – Tensie L
Individual 6th – Edward B

80cm – Team 6th – Kitty C, Winnie R, Natasha C and Tilly L
Team 7th – Joe C (ind 1st), Holly R, Archie L and Thomas S

90cm – Team 1st – Harry B, Mya H, Mimi G and Sienna K
Team 4th – Harry G, Tilly C, Florence W and Amelie L
Individual 1st – Hannah L


100cm – Team 9th – Tom C, Yasmin K, Annabel C and Rory W



Regional SJ Championships

Team 6th – Natasha C, Winnie R, Tilly L and Kitty C



National Show Jumping Championships

Novice Individual 7th – Hannah L

Polo Championships

Loriner – 2nd Alice P, Izzy P, Charlie H and Marcus P

Surtees Div 2 – 3rd Molly G, Will G, Baz P and Arabella H

Handley Cross Div 1 – 2nd Jonty H

JOPPS – 2nd Harry W, Mila H, Millie D-L and George D-L

Jorrock Div 1 – 1st Tensie L and Harry W
Jorrocks Div 2 – 1st Devon T-C, Evelyn B, Bertie W and Arabella M



Langford final

Winners – Lucy M, Robbie S, Johnny P and George C

Area 9 Eventing

Novice team 7th – Hannah L, Sienna K(ind 5th), Zara B(ind 6th) and Orlo C (8th)
Novice team 9th – Georgina B(ind 5th), Millie S, Amelie L and Harry B(ind 5th)

Intermediate teams qualified – Will C(ind 3rd), Tash B(ind 4th), Poppy C(4th) and Beatrice
Sam B, Grace T, George S and Josh B



Intermediate Eventing Championships

National Champions – Team 1st Beatrice M (1st Ind), Will C (7th Ind), Poppy C and Tash B
Individual 9th – Grace T



Open Eventing Championships 


National Champions – 1st Beatrice M, Maddy A and Rachel H

Area 9 Dressage

Open team qualified – Amelia H(ind 6th), Iona S, Tash B(ind th) and Zara BT

Intermediate team 2nd – Beatrice M(ind 6th), Rachel H(ind 4th), Poppy C(ind 6th) and Grace(ind 8th)

Novice team 6th – Lucy C, Evie B(ind 4th), Georgina B(ind 6th) and Amelie L

Grassroots team 9th – Mirabelle S(ind 4th), Tilly L(ind 5th), Jack W and Tinks W
Grassroots team 6th – Felicity H, Emily AJ(ind 2nd), Tash D and Tensie (ind 1st)



National Dressage Championships

Dressage to music – 7th Zara B-T

Open Individual – 3rd Tash B, 8th Amelia H

Tetrathlon Championships

Open Girls – 1st Poppy C
Open Mixed Team – 1st Poppy C, Will C, Josh B and Yasmin K
Open Boys – 3rd Will C, 9th Josh B

Int Boys – 4th George S
Int Girls Team – 4th Lucy P, Alice E, Millie S and Ellie W

Junior Boys – 9th Xavier A, 10th Harry B
Junior Boys Team – 1st Xavier A , Rory W, Orlo C and Harry B
Junior Boys Team – 2nd George S, Ollie L and Sam B
Junior Girls Team – 3rd Rosie B, Sienna K and Zara B

Grassroots Team – 4th Georgia G, Holly R, Zara B and Tensie L




Tetrathlon Championships

Open Girls – Team 1st – Jess T, Maddy A, Meg S and Rachel H
Open Mixed – Team 2nd – Poppy C, Amy P, Henry S, Harry B

Inter Boys – Team 3rd – Sam B, Ollie L, Charles H
Inter Girls – Team 2nd – Bea A, Lucy P, Ella HJ, Alice E

Junior Boys – Team 1st – Will C, George S, Orlo C, Josh B
Junior Mixed – Team 3rd – Harry B, Xavier A, Rosie B, Belle E

Grassroots – Team 3rd – Oscar E, Theo E, Miles H, Rufus B

Poppy C – 2nd Open Girls
Jess T – 3rd Open Girls
Maddy A – 10th Open Girls
Bea A – 5th Inter Girls
Sam B – 8th Inter Boys
Will C – 2nd Junior Boys
Oscar E – 4th Grassroots



Polo Championships

Jorrocks Div 2 – Team 1st – Nancy M, Jonty H, Archie R and Agatha R

Handley Cross Div 2 – Team 1st – Charlie H, Bel M, Holly B and Rosie R

Langford Div 2 – Team 2nd – Robbie S and Lucy M

Area 9 Dressage

Novice team 1st – Meg S, Zara B, Josh B and Poppy C

Individual 1st Meg S & Zara B

Individual 4th – Josh B


Open Novice – Individual 2nd Tash & Char Bailey


Intermediate – Individual 1st – Amelia H


Grassroots team 4th – Amelie L, Lily L, Harry B & Izzy P

Individual 3rd Amelie, 5th Lily & 6th Izzy

Area 9 Showjumping

Grassroots Team 1st – Annabel C, Sienna K, Ella B & Lucy C

Individual 3rd – Annabel C & 8th – Ella B


Intermediate team 2nd – Rachel H, Meg S, Amy P & Maddy A

Intermediate team 4th – Bea M, Lucy P, Tom B & Tash B


Open team 3rd – Emma H,  Char B, Bea M & Cecilia M

Individual 2nd – Emma H



Regional SJ Championships

Team 6th – Annabel C, Lucy C, Tom C and Ella B



South West SJ Championships 


Intermediate team 2nd – Lucy P, Amy P and Tash B

Open team 2nd – Bea M, Willa G and Char B

Individual 5th – Bea M



Regional Eventing Qualifier

Team 6th – Izzy P, Lucy C, Florence W and Jemima P

Individual 1st – Izzy P and 6th – Lucy C



Regional Eventing Championships

Individual 9th – Lucy C



Gatcombe SJ

Grassroots team 3rd – Hannah L, Lucy C, Sienna K and Rory W


Intermediate team 9th – Will G, Char B, Tom B and Tash B



Area 9 Eventing

Novice Individual 1st – Tom B, 3rd – George S, 8th – Georgina B & Charles H


Intermediate team 1st – Poppy C, Rachel H, Bea M & Meg S

Individual 2nd – Bea M, 4th – Poppy C and 8th – Rachel H


South West Eventing Championships 

Individual 6th – Tash B and 15th – Char B




Regional Eventing Championships

Team 9th – Megan L, Lucy C, Hannah L and Florence W

Individual 8th – Megan L and Florence W


Area 9 Dressage 

Open Team 6th – Tash B, Char B, Alex H and Amy C

Novice Team 2nd – Bea M, Holly S, Poppy C and Zara BT


Regional Dressage Championships

Individual 3rd – Izzy P


Novice Dressage Championships

Team 4th – Amelia H, Holly S, Poppy C and Zara B-T


Open Dressage Championships

Individual 6th – Alex H

Tetrathlon Championships

Open Girls – Team 1st – Maddy A, Emma H, Amy P and Jess T

Inter Boys – Team 1st – Tom C, Tom E, Henry S
Individual 5th – Henry S, 10th –  Tom C

Junior Boys – Team 1st – Josh B, Sam B, Will C and Charles H
Individual 3rd – Will C

Inter Girls – Team 2nd – Poppy C, Ella HJ, Rachel H and Meg S
Individual 1st – Poppy C,  7th – Rachel H

Junior Girls –  Team 4th – Bea A, Belle E, Lucy P and Finnola S

Junior Mixed – Team 4th – Anna D, Alice E, George S and Jamie T

Grassroots Team 2nd – Rosie B, Orlo C, Harry B and Amelie L
Team 4th – Jemima P, Sienna K, Yasmin K and Tom C


Area 9 Show jumping

Grassroots Team 10th – Lucy C, George H, Megan L and Hannah L

Individual 5th – George H


Novice Team 1st – Bea M, Grace T, Bea A and Lucy P

Individual 1st – Lucy P, 2nd – Bea M, 9th – Bea A


Intermediate Team 6th – Emma H, Rachel H, Poppy C and Meg S



Novice Show jumping Championships

Team 3rd – Bea M, Grace T, Lucy P and Bea A

Area 9 Eventing

Novice Team 1st – Poppy C, Tegan W, Will C and Bea M

Team 2nd – Milly H, Grace T,  Natasha B and George S



Intermediate Team 2nd – Meg S, Rachel H, Emma H and Henry S


Novice Eventing Championships

Team 3rd – Bea M, Tegan W, Tash B and Poppy C

Individual 3rd – Bea M and Poppy C, 4th – Milly H and 8th – Tash B


Intermediate Eventing Championships

Individual 4th – Meg S



Gatcombe Team Show jumping

Intermediate Team 6th – Meg S, Emma H, Amy P and Jess T


Grassroots Team 3rd – Rosie B, Belle E, Amelie L and Florence W




Area 9 Dressage

Novice Team 1st – Tegan W, Grace T, Lauren D and Rachel H


Intermediate Team 1st – Georgie G, Isla G, Milly H and Poppy R


Open Team 1st – Tash B, Liv S, Sasha G and Alex H


Dressage Regional Championships

Reserve Champions – Amelia H, Daisy D, Iona S and Jemima K



Polo Championships 

Surtees – Division 2 Winners – Sienna B, Lucy M, Robbie S and Jemima W



Gannon – 1st – Jasmine S-W, William P, Harry H and Lolly S-W




Gatcombe Team Show Jumping

Grassroots Team 1st – Anna D, Belle E, Millie S and George B


Open Team 2nd – Zara N, Clemmie M, Emma H and Jess T

Dressage Regional Championships

Team 7th – Holly S, Lucy C, Iona S and Jemima K

Individual 4th – Jemima H


Dressage Championships

Novice individual 1st- Georgie G, 6th – Lexi H and 10th – Milly H

Open individual 4th – Laura W

Elite individual 7th – Laura W

Novice Eventing Championships

Team 4th – Milly H, Georgie G, Amy C and Isla G

Team 8th – Poppy R, Molly S, Rachel H and Lexi H




Intermediate Eventing Championships

Team 2nd – Sasha G, Amelia J, Ella P and Jess T



Polo Championships 

Handley Cross – Division winners – Lucy M, Robbie S, Jemima W and Jack P




National Show Jumping Championships

Open Individual Reserve Champion – Rachel S




Hickstead Show Jumping Qualifier

Team 1st – Rachel S Leonne G, Zara N and Jasmine P





Gatcombe Team Show Jumping

Team 1st – Jasmine P, Rachel S, Poppy R and Leonne G


Novice Area Show Jumping

Team 1st – Amelia G, Taylor E, George P and Olivia S



Junior Area Show Jumping

Team 1st – Tom B, Katie P, Amy P and Zoe O

Individual 1st – Tom B


Hickstead Show Jumping Final

Team 1st –  Jasmine P, Rachel S, Mary S and Leonne G

Individual Reserve Champion – Rachel S



Area Eventing

Novice Team 1st – Laura W, Georgie H, Jack B and Sasha G

Individual Qualified – Tash B


Intermediate Individual Qualified – Clemmie M (2nd)



National Novice Championships

Individual Champion – Tash B