Friday July 1, 2022
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Regional SJ Championships

Team 6th – Natasha C, Winnie R, Tilly L and Kitty C

Open Eventing Championships 

National Champions – 1st Beatrice M, Maddy A and Rachel H

Intermediate Eventing Championships

National Champions – Team 1st Beatrice M (1st Ind), Will C (7th Ind), Poppy C and Tash B
Grace T – Individual 9th

Polo Championships

Loriner – 2nd Alice P, Izzy P, Charlie H and Marcus P
Surtees Div 2 – 3rd Molly G, Will G, Baz P and Arabella H 
Handley Cross Div 1 – 2nd Jonty H
JOPPS – 2nd Harry W, Mila H, Millie D-L and George D-L
Jorrock Div 1 – 1st Tensie L and Harry W
Jorrocks Div 2 – 1st Devon T-C, Evelyn B, Bertie W and Arabella M

Dressage Championships

Dressage to music – 7th Zara B-T
Open Individual – 3rd Tash B, 8th Amelia H

Eventing Championships

Intermediate Team 1st – Beatrice M, Tash B, Will C and Poppy C

Show Jumping Championships

Novice Individual 7th – Hannah L

Tetrathlon Championships

Open Girls – 1st Poppy C
Open Mixed Team – 1st Poppy C, Will C, Josh B and Yasmin K
Open Boys – 3rd Will C, 9th Josh B
Int Boys – 4th George S
Int Girls Team – 4th Lucy P, Alice E, Millie S and Ellie W
Junior Boys – 9th Xavier A, 10th Harry B
Junior Boys Team – 1st Xavier A , Rory W, Orlo C and Harry B
Junior Boys Team – 2nd George S, Ollie L and Sam B
Junior Girls Team – 3rd Rosie B, Sienna K and Zara B
Grassroots Team – 4th Georgia G, Holly R, Zara B and Tensie L

Polo Langford final 

Winners – Lucy M, Robbie S, Johnny P and George C

Area 9 Show Jumping

70cm – Individual 3rd – Tensie L
             Individual 6th – Edward B 
80cm – Team 6th – Kitty C, Winnie R, Natasha C and Tilly L
             Team 7th – Joe C (ind 1st), Holly R, Archie L and Thomas S
90cm – Team 1st – Harry B, Mya H, Mimi G and Sienna K
             Team 4th – Harry G, Tilly C, Florence W and Amelie L
             Individual 1st – Hannah L
100cm – Team 9th – Tom C, Yasmin K, Annabel C and Rory W

Area 9 Eventing

Novice team 7th – Hannah L, Sienna K(ind 5th), Zara B(ind 6th) and Orlo C (8th)
Novice team 9th – Georgina B(ind 5th), Millie S, Amelie L and Harry B(ind 5th)

Intermediate teams qualified – Will C(ind 3rd), Tash B(ind 4th), Poppy C(4th) and Beatrice 
                                                         Sam B, Grace T, George S and Josh B

Area 9 Dressage

Open team qualified – Amelia H(ind 6th), Iona S, Tash B(ind th) and Zara BT
Intermediate team 2nd – Beatrice M(ind 6th), Rachel H(ind 4th), Poppy C(ind 6th) and Grace(ind 8th)
Novice team 6th – Lucy C, Evie B(ind 4th), Georgina B(ind 6th) and Amelie L
Grassroots team 9th – Mirabelle S(ind 4th), Tilly L(ind 5th), Jack W and Tinks W
Grassroots team 6th – Felicity H, Emily AJ(ind 2nd), Tash D and Tensie (ind 1st)


Tetrathlon Championships

Open Girls – Team 1st – Jess T, Maddy A, Meg S and Rachel H
Mixed Open – Team 2nd – Poppy C, Amy P, Henry S, Harry B
Inter Boys – Team 3rd – Sam B, Ollie L, Charles H
Inter Girls – Team 2nd – Bea A, Lucy P, Ella HJ, Alice E
Junior Boys – Team 1st – Will C, George S, Orlo C, Josh B
Junior Mixed – Team 3rd – Harry B, Xavier A, Rosie B, Belle E
Grassroots – Team 3rd – Oscar E, Theo E, Miles H, Rufus B

Poppy C – 2nd Open Girls
Jess T – 3rd Open Girls
Maddy A – 10th Open Girls
Bea A – 5th Inter Girls
Sam B – 8th Inter Boys
Will C – 2nd Junior Boys
Oscar E – 4th Grassroots


South West Eventing Championships 


Individual 6th – Tash B and 15th – Char B


South West SJ Championships 

Intermediate team 2nd – Lucy P, Amy P and Tash B

Open team 2nd – Bea M, Willa G and Char B

Individual 5th – Bea M

Regional SJ Championships

Team 6th – Annabel C, Lucy C, Tom C and Ella B

Regional Horse Trials Championships

Individual 9th – Lucy C

Regional Horse Trials

Team 6th – Izzy P, Lucy C, Florence W and Jemima P

Individual 1st – Izzy P and 6th – Lucy C

Polo Championships

Jorrocks Div 2 – Team 1st – Nancy M, Jonty H, Archie R and Agatha R

Handley Cross Div 2 – Team 1st – Charlie H, Bel M, Holly B and Rosie R

Langford Div 2 – Team 2nd – Robbie S and Lucy M

Area 9 Dressage

Novice team 1st – Meg S, Zara B, Josh B and Poppy C

Individual 1st Meg S & Zara B

Individual 4th – Josh B

Open Novice – Individual 2nd Tash & Char Bailey

Intermediate – Individual 1st – Amelia H

Grassroots team 4th – Amelie L, Lily L, Harry B & Izzy P

Individual 3rd Amelie, 5th Lily & 6th Izzy


Area 9 Showjumping

Grassroots Team 1st – Annabel C, Sienna K, Ella B & Lucy C

Individual 3rd – Annabel C & 8th – Ella B

Intermediate team 2nd – Rachel H, Meg S, Amy P & Maddy A

Intermediate team 4th – Bea M, Lucy P, Tom B & Tash B

Open team 3rd – Emma H,  Char B, Bea M & Cecilia M

Individual 2nd – Emma H

Area 9 Eventing

Novice Individual 1st – Tom B, 3rd – George S, 8th – Georgina B & Charles H 

Intermediate team 1st – Poppy C, Rachel H, Bea M & Meg S

Individual 2nd – Bea M, 4th – Poppy C and 8th – Rachel H

Gatcombe SJ

Grassroots team 3rd – Hannah L, Lucy C, Sienna K and Rory W

Intermediate team 9th – Will G, Char B, Tom B and Tash B



Regional Eventing Championships

Team 9th – Megan L, Lucy C, Hannah L and Florence W

Individual 8th – Megan L and Florence W


Regional Dressage Championships

Individual 3rd – Izzy P


Intermediate Eventing Championships

Individual 4th – Meg S


Novice Dressage Championships

Team 4th – Amelia H, Holly S, Poppy C and Zara B-T


Open Dressage Championships

Individual 6th – Alex H


Novice Eventing Championships

Team 3rd – Bea M, Tegan W, Tash B and Poppy C

Individuals 3rd – Bea M and Poppy C, 4th – Milly H and 8th – Tash B


Novice Show jumping Championships

Team 3rd – Bea M, Grace T, Lucy P and Bea A


Polo Championships

Handley Cross – Team 2nd -Bel M, Robbie S, Jack P and Charlie H

Surtees – Team 4th – Lucy M, Robbie S, Jemima W and Siena B

Gannon – Runners up – Ed W (plus 3 pool players)

Langford – Runners up – Tom J and Jazz S-W (plus 2 pool players)


Tetrathlon Championships

Open Girls – Team 1st – Maddy A, Emma H, Amy P and Jess T

Inter Boys – Team 1st – Tom C, Tom E, Henry S

Individual 5th – Henry S, 10th –  Tom C

Junior Boys – Team 1st – Josh B, Sam B, Will C and Charles H

Individual 3rd – Will C

Inter Girls – Team 2nd – Poppy C, Ella HJ, Rachel H and Meg S

Individual 1st – Poppy C,  7th – Rachel H

Junior Girls –  Team 4th – Bea A, Belle E, Lucy P and Finnola S

Junior Mixed – Team 4th – Anna D, Alice E, George S and Jamie T

Grassroots Team 2nd – Rosie B, Orlo C, Harry B and Amelie L

Team 4th – Jemima P, Sienna K, Yasmin K and Tom C



Gatcombe Team Show jumping

Intermediate Team 6th – Meg S, Emma H, Amy P and Jess T


Grassroots Team 3rd – Rosie B, Belle E, Amelie L and Florence W


Area 9 Show jumping

Grassroots Team 10th – Lucy C, George H, Megan L and Hannah L

Individual 5th – George H


Novice Team 1st – Bea M, Grace T, Bea A and Lucy P

Individual 1st – Lucy P, 2nd – Bea M, 9th – Bea A


Intermediate Team 6th – Emma H, Rachel H, Poppy C and Meg S


Area 9 Dressage 

Open Team 6th – Tash B, Char B, Alex H and Amy C


Novice Team 2nd – Bea M, Holly S, Poppy C and Zara BT


Area 9 Eventing

Novice Team 1st – Poppy C, Tegan W, Will C and Bea M

Team 2nd – Milly H, Grace T,  Natasha B and George S


Intermediate Team 2nd – Meg S, Rachel H, Emma H and Henry S



Novice Show jumping Championships

Team 6th – Bea A, Tom C, Jack T and Lucy P


Novice Eventing Championships

Team 4th – Milly H, Rachel H, Tom B and Poppy C

Individual 3rd – Milly H


Open Eventing Championships

Team 6th – Amelia J, Sasha G, Clemmie M and Zara N

Individual 2nd – Sasha G and 10th – Amelia J



Area 9 Dressage

Novice Team 1st – Tegan W, Grace T, Lauren D and Rachel H


Intermediate Team 1st – Georgie G, Isla G, Milly H and Poppy R


Open Team 1st – Tash B, Liv S, Sasha G and Alex H



Dressage Regional Championships

Reserve Champions – Amelia H, Daisy D, Iona S and Jemima K



Tetrathlon Championships at Bishop Burton

Junior Boys Team 1st – Tom C, Josh B, Will and Jack

Junior Girls Team 1st – Poppy C, Meg S, Bea A and Rachel H

Open Girls Team 1st – Jess T, Emma, Isla and Sasha G

Inter Boys Team 1st – Henry, Harry and Tom



Polo Championships at Cowdray

Surtees – Division 2 Winners – Sienna B, Lucy M, Robbie S and Jemima W


Gannon – 1st – Jasmine S-W, William P, Harry H and Lolly S-W


Gatcombe Team Show Jumping

Grassroots Team 1st – Anna D, Belle E, Millie S and George B


Open Team 2nd – Zara N, Clemmie M, Emma H and Jess T


Royal Windsor Horse Show Tetrathlon

Individual 1st – Tom C


Dengie Winter Championships

Novice individual 3rd – Jemima H



Novice Eventing Championships

Team 4th – Milly H, Georgie G, Amy C and Isla G

Team 8th – Poppy R, Molly S, Rachel H and Lexi H


Intermediate Eventing Championships

Team 2nd – Sasha G, Amelia J, Ella P and Jess T


Dressage Championships

Novice individual 1st- Georgie G, 6th – Lexi H and 10th – Milly H

Open individual 4th – Laura W

Elite individual 7th – Laura W


Pony Club Polo Championships at Cowdray

Handley Cross – Division winners – Lucy M, Robbie S, Jemima W and Jack P



Dressage Regional Championships

Team 7th – Holly S, Lucy C, Iona S and Jemima K

Individual 4th – Jemima H




Tetrathlon Championships at Bishop Burton

Junior Girls Team 1st – Sasha G, Jess T, Zoe D and Olivia S

Mixed Team 2nd – Emma H, Isla G, Henry S and Thomas K


Intermediate Eventing Championships

Individual winner – Laura W


Open Show Jumping Championships

Individual Reserve Champion – Rachel S


Hickstead Show Jumping Qualifier

Team 1st – Rachel S Leonne G, Zara N and Jasmine P




PC Novice Championships

Individual Champion – Tash B riding Alfie



Hickstead Show Jumping Final

Team 1st –  Jasmine P, Rachel S, Mary S and Leonne G

Individual Reserve Champion – Rachel S



Gatcombe Team Show Jumping

Team 1st – Jasmine P, Rachel S, Poppy R and Leonne G


Novice Area Eventing

Team 1st – Laura W, Georgie H, Jack B and Sasha G

Individual Qualified – Tash B


Novice Area Show Jumping

Team 1st – Amelia G, Taylor E, George P and Olivia S


Junior Area Show Jumping

Team 1st – Tom B, Katie P, Amy P and Zoe O

Individual 1st – Tom B


Intermediate Area Eventing

Individual Qualified – Clemmie M (2nd)