Thursday February 22, 2018

Dates for CAMPS 2018


Spring Camp

27th to 29th May – Open to all – Leyland Court

Summer Camp

29th to 31st July – Open to all – Leyland Court

Residential Camp

19th to 22nd August – min age 11 – Stockland Lovell



Spring Camp

28 May – 30 May 2017   Open to everyone . Leyland Court

Summer Camp

28 July – 30 July 2017  11 years and under, Leyland Court

Residential Camp

20 August  – 24 August 2017 . Stockland Lovell


Camps 2016










Residential Camp 2016

Olympic Themed

‘We are Rio’ with Charlotte as the Statue

and Eileen as Chef d’Equipe !!!!



HORSES/PONIES: Must be fit enough to cope with 3-4 hours riding under instruction every day. They must be in good health, well shod, (or hooves trimmed if unshod), not under 4 years old or excessively aged. Remember to bring hay for lunchtime and a water bucket. You may also want to bring rugs for protection from flies/weather and cooling off.

TACK: Tack should fit and be in good repair, please check all tack prior to camp, areas such as stitching on stirrup leathers in particular.

INSTRUCTION: Every endeavour will be made to ensure that each child receives substantial instruction and will be placed in groups according to tests and ages. The groups may be reviewed by instructors and organisers, if necessary. Polite requests to the DC or Chief Instructor will be considered but may not be acted upon, please look at the bigger picture before asking.

Please could each member bring some cakes or biscuits on the first day. A cake and a drink will then be available at the end of each day for the members to enjoy after riding.

PARKING: Parking will be on the field please park tidily where you are asked. Please remove all rubbish from site.

PROGRAM: Instruction will begin at 10:30am each day, please be ready on time, it is discourteous to your instructor and the rest of your ride to keep them waiting. Please consult the timetable on the bus to ensure you know where your ride will be. Lunch will be from 12.30 to 1.30pm, and tuition will finish at 3.30pm.

PARENTS AND OTHER VISITORS: are welcome to watch members ride. Please do not “instruct”, cajole or reprimand members while they are under instruction as this is impolite to their instructor, but do please be willing to assist if the instructor needs you. Any non-riding/visiting children must, at all times, be under the direct supervision of the adult(s) bringing them to site.

LUNCHTIME SUPERVISION: We are unable to supervise the members over the lunchtime period. If no parent or guardian is on site please speak to Eileen regarding the arrangements. Please remember that the horses/ponies must also be supervised during this period.

MEDICAL ISSUES: If there is any medical issues that Eileen should be aware of please can you contact her before camp.


1. All members must accept and abide by directions and instructions given by those responsible for the running of camp.

2. If members are to be left at camp without a parent/guardian this must be agreed in advance with the DC, or her representative, and suitable contact numbers left in case of emergency.

3. Members may not leave the site before the daily finishing time unless the DC or his representative are made aware of this.

4. No responsibility can be accepted for pony, tack and personal belongings of any child at camp.

5. The normal insurance provisions negotiated on behalf of The Pony Club apply at camp.

6.Anyone vandalising property will be excluded for the remainder of camp.

7. Any member who is disobedient or bad mannered to helpers or instructors may be asked to leave and may only return with the DC’s (or his representatives) permission.

8. All litter must be picked up and taken home or placed in bin.

9.   Dress should be as per the information sheet: white, beige or canary jodhpurs and long sleeve shirt with Pony Club tie or stock. Pony Club Sweatshirts/Rugby shirts and/or a tidy waterproof coat may also be worn depending upon the weather. If new members do not yet have a Pony Club sweatshirt a plain blue sweatshirt is acceptable. Anyone with hair longer than collar length must wear a hairnet when riding. No jewellery other than a properly fitting wrist watch to be worn.

10. Dogs must be on leads at all times.

The committee cannot be held responsible for any accident of any sort at this camp but all reasonable precautions will be taken.



IMG_0891Stockland Lovell Residential Camp 2013

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