Thursday February 22, 2018


Ledbury Hunt – Polocrosse Day
Fri 16th Feb – please click on link for details
Hartpury px day 2018
 Very many congratulations to BHSPC member April Joynson who, together with her pony Robin, has been picked for the Dressage u-21s UK FEI squad for 2018. Well done April!
Lots of new Tri/Tet competitions added on to Tri/Tet Page!!

Great Fun was had at our Tent Pegging trial!






24/4 Lots of new Rallies and Badge evenings added to The Programme for “mini, minor and major” members!


Many Congratulations to Claudia Breet and Aimee O’Doherty who both passed their Bh&pc test on 12th April. Well done girls from us all, all your hard work has paid off.

12/4 Please see the new ‘Area Competitions” page.

On Saturday 8th April, 9 club members made their way up to Herefordshire to compete in the Area horse and pony care competition. This is a great competition that involves members doing 10 rounds of about 10 mins per round. Members have to answer questions on all sorts of different subjects but all involve looking after your pony. This is a great comp to help you with your tests. The juniors of Libby Hemmings, Phoebe Gillingham and Alexandra Edmonds had a very early start. The trip was very worthwhile, after only one training session they came 3rd. The two senior teams then arrived and we all enjoyed a picnic lunch together in the glorious sunshine. These members need no training and did really well. The daffodil team of Eleanor Snow (a last minute stand in), Beth Hiseman and Marney Charles were just outside of the placings, the tulip team of Sophie Hilleard, Olivia Stocks and Amy Gillingham came 4th. Both the juniors and seniors were placed behind the Old Berks and Cotswold Hunt branches who train all winter. We did incredible well and well done to you all for going. If anyone would like to organise the training for this comp over the winter please let me know, we would really love to bet the Old Berks and Cotswold Hunt, we have a good laugh with them everytime. Well done girls you did brilliantly.



Congratulations to all our members who did so well at the Area quiz today. The Red Ribbons team of Aimee, Marney, Claudia and Phoebe scored 98.5 points to bring home a well deserved 2nd place, closely followed by the Babblers team of Amy G, Amy W, Dan and AJ who came 3rd.
The Berkeley Hunt South Scarlets team of Eleanor, Beth, Sophie and
Ollie scored 87 points and came 7th. Well done to you all!

Huge thank you to Penny Stocks and Caroline Breet for all their hard work and support.










On Sunday 5th February we held a Dengie dressage qualifying show at Burrows Court. We had the most fantastic day. Thank you to all those members that competed we saw some lovely tests and a huge thank you to all who helped run it, especially Penny Stocks for organising it. I can not say well done to all of you that competed because there was so many of you and you all did brilliantly so well done to you. We must congratulate our members that have now qualified for the next round of the dengie which is in March. Congratulations to India Griffiths who won the novice with a score of 80.4%, well done Indie a great test, also qualified for the novice is Alice Shute who came 4th. Qualified for the intermediate is Clara Wood who came 3rd and in the open April Joynson came 2nd and is qualified. Well done girls some great tests. We all wish you the best of luck in the next round. Thank you once again to the members that came and rode some great tests it was great seeing you all.
Prelim 7 – 1st India, 4th Alice, 6th April, 7th Ellie Stimpson
BD Nov 28 – 1st Clara, 4th Caroline Wood, 5th April
BD Elem 42 – 1st and 2nd April
PC Nov Dengie Qualifier – 1st India, 4th Alice, 8th Megan Snow
PC Int Dengie Qualifier – 3rd Clara, 7th April, 8th Sophie Hilleard
PC Open Dengie Qualifier – 2nd April
14/6 - Congratulations to Olivia Stocks who has just received her YELA (Young Equestrian Leaders Award) bronze award. If you would like to take part in the scheme, or have any questions, please ask Penny Stocks who will be happy to answer any queries.
We hosted the Area 9 quiz qualifier this year on Sunday.
 In total we had 23 teams competing for one branch qualifiying place and one centre qualifying place.  Croome Hunt won the branch place and Tumpy Green won the centre place.  We had 7 teams competing our best place team was The Babblers, coming 2nd huge congratulations to Eleanor Snow, Claudia Breet, Amy Williams and Evie Turner a great effort. In 5th place was The Red Ribbons – Iona Griffiths, Saffia Bennett, Phoebe Gillingham and Dan Williams and in 7th place was The Scarlett’s – Harriet Gill, Amy Gillingham, India Griffiths, Leah Jenkins, great congratulations to all of you.  Many congratulations to everyone else that competed  The Coverts – Olivia Stocks, Megan Snow and Abbie Rice, The Whipper Inns – Megan Hiseman, Grace Hutchinson, Alexandra Edmonds and Honey Johnson,  The Pinks – Caroline Wood, Marney Charles, Lucy Evans and Livvy Simpson and The Cubs – Sarah Hicks, Beth Hiseman, Jack Greenhaigh and Sophie Howell.  All have worked really hard on a Sunday evening for the past couple of months.  It has been great seeing everyone having such fun together.  Also many thanks to everyone involved in the day, there are far to many people to thank personally but it was a truly great team effort and a huge success, many thanks to all.  The two people that need thanking is Penny Stocks and Julia Powell for all their hard work in training everyone, thank you so much from all members involved.
2nd place


Congratulations to all those who represented the club at Stockland Lovell on Sunday 25th Oct. The 70cm team of Libby Hemmings, Alice Shute, Amy Williams and Ellie Coleman won the team competition; with Amy 1st individually and Alexandra Edmonds 6th individually. In the 80cm class the team of Dan Williams, Honey Johnson, Alexandra Edmonds and Ellie Howell won the team competition; with Dan  2nd individually and Ellie 5th individually. In the Top Score competition Dan Williams was 3rd, Caroline Wood 4th and Alice Shute was placed 6th. In the 90cm class Caroline Wood’s mixed team won the competition and she was individually placed 3rd.  In the 1 metre class Caroline was 3rd individually.

A fantastic day for the club, with some brilliant results, very well done to everyone who took part!




Congratulations to Clara who was 11th in her section at the National Intermediate Eventing Championships 2015
Many Congratulations to Clara Wood who won her section at Area Intermediate Eventing and has qualified for The National Championships 2015.

What a brilliant day our girls had on Sunday 26th April at Andoversford, Caroline Wood coming 6th in her arena, Ellie Stimpson 7th in hers and a team 8th which included Charleigh Mallard and Aimee O’Doherty. Well done girls a fantastic effort at the beginning of the season.

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