Saturday January 20, 2018



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Letter from our new DC, Sue Binns

Dear All

As you already know, it has taken some time for our bank to make the minor changes required to allow me to take over as The District Commissioner of The Grafton Hunt Pony Club.

I am very honoured to be able to do this and cannot thank Joanna enough for all her hard work and for the great position she has left our Branch in, the goodwill and camaraderie and friendship is so evident and I will appreciate all your support in the future.

It is great that I have such a wonderful committee and of course, none of this would be at all possible without Clare Smith taking over the Treasurers role from me – not an entirely easy job!

As I adjust to this role if you  have any questions, suggestions, or indeed criticisms, please speak to me or email me.

I will be out and about at all rallies and events over the Christmas period so please feel free to introduce yourself, as I am aware that I do not know ALL of you, especially those with younger children!

Moving forward, there will be announcements regarding camp dates, team training, grassroots/development squad training and I would like to get The Grafton Hunt Pony Club out representing our Branch at local competitions.

Best wishes



If anyone wants a Permission to wear spurs card for 2017 please can you send me a SAE with your name, your horse/pony for whom you need the spurs and the reason you need them or the name of the instructor who has suggested their use.

Sue Binns, District Commissioner
73 Hesketh Road, Yardley Gobion, Northants NN12 7TS
Tel. no. 07870 572513
Withdrawal of European Hat Standard (BS)EN1384

As you may already be aware European Riding Hat standards are now being changed in 2015 and after the 31 December 2015 The Pony Club will not be allowing Members to take part in their activities using riding hats which are only marked with the standard (BS)EN1384. We would suggest that if you are going to buy a new hat you ensure it is also marked with one of the other standards allowed under The Pony Club rules so that they can continue to use it in 2016.

Hats which only meet the standard (BS)EN1384 can be used in 2015 but will not be retagged with one of the new white hat tags during 2015, they will continue to be tagged with a purple hat tag to allow them to be used during 2015. If you require advice and guidance regarding hat tagging you should speak to your nominated Branch hat taggers.