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There are certain rules and guidelines within The Pony Club regarding what to wear.  The most important rules are in place for safety reasons, others are there to show respect, commitment and a sense of pride in you and your pony’s appearance.

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It is compulsory for all Members to wear an approved protective helmet, with the chinstrap done up when mounted, at all Pony Club activities.

All hats must comply with the Pony Club current safety standards, updated in 2023 – you can find this by login in to the Resources hub with your membership number.

All hats must be tagged by the branch, using the current Pink Pony Club tag.  Replacement hats must be tagged before being worn at a rally, to confirm that it meets the current safety standards. It is the responsibility of the Member’s parent or guardian to ensure the fit and condition of the Member’s hat.  Branch officials will be at major events or competitions to tag hats, however it is your responsibility to contact either
Carolyn Harvey or Claire Turney if you are a new member, or have a new hat, to have it tagged before attending any rallies or events.

Hats should be worn properly secured, when mounted and at prize-giving. Hat covers for Dressage, Show Jumping and Mounted Games are only permitted in black or navy blue.

For Cross Country (XC) silks may be any colour. Branches may have specific XC silk colours for their team activities. Hats with vertical plastic/metallic strips are permitted, however hats with peaks are not permitted for XC.  No head or body mounted cameras are permitted.

Long hair must be secured off the shoulder, in a hairnet.

Body Protectors

Body protectors are compulsory for all Cross Country and Pony Racing activities, and as a Branch we prefer to see them used at all times when mounted. From 1st January 2024 only body protectors that meet BETA 2018 Level 3 Standard (Black and Blue Label) are to be used.  you can find more information by login in to the Resources hub with your membership number.

We do not recommend buying second hand hats or body protectors, as the safety standards may have been compromised, and they should both be fitted by an experienced professional.


Whips can be used as an additional aid where necessary. In line with the Pony Club rules, only batons can be used in jumping competitions and therefore it is advised that these are used when training, at rallies and preparing for competitions. Any overuse of the whip will not be permitted and an instructor or organiser has the discretion to confiscate any whip in these circumstances. A whip, if carried, must be held in the hand by the handle with the handle at the top.

Ties & Stocks

Members should wear the approved Pony Club tie whenever attending a Pony Club activity. Alternatively, for older members a plain white or cream stock may be worn with a black or navy riding jacket; a coloured stock should be worn with a tweed hacking jacket.  Ties are available from Claire Turney, or via Wainwright,  the official Pony Club clothing supplier.