Monday July 6, 2015
Rabson  Manor Rally times now available.
Congratulations on all who took part in the RA Tetrathlon. The results can be accessed here.
Don’t forget to send your Rally applications to Joy Peatman asap…….we shall be closing the July Rallies very shortly.
With the summer campaign of rallies coming up, we thought it would be good to remember the following!
Riders are expected to attend all rallies looking smartly turned out, wearing beige jodhpurs, Pony Club tie and dark hat cover, with a hacking jacket, Pony club polo shirt or white shirt and Pony Club sweatshirt or plain dark sweatshirt.
Please do not wear any jewellery – this can cause injury in the case of an accident.
Boots should be black or brown, with heels. Half-chaps (without fringes) of the same colour may be worn with short boots.
Gloves are recommended.
Long hair should be firmly secured above the collar (preferably in a net).
Stocks and XC colours may be worn for XC rallies.
Waterproof coats to be worn as appropriate.
HARD HATS conforming to the current Hat Rule must be worn at all times when mounted and must be tagged – if you are a new member, or have a new hat, please get this done at a rally by the DC
BODY PROTECTORS must be worn for all cross-country activities, and are recommended at all times when jumping. They should state the Beta Symbol followed by C.E.
SPURS are only allowed with the DC’s permission (unless you have passed B Test) and your membership card must be signed to this effect. Please check with your Instructor if you feel that spurs are an absolute necessity.
Any volunteers for Starter Camp? They could do with four older helpers to help members with their ponies and instructors with the younger ones. Please contact Joy Peatman if you would like to help.
Do you need an occasional groom, rider or nanny this summer? Alice is looking for work.
Early Summer RA PC Programme now available.

Road Rider Test

In view of our very busy roads we feel this is an essential part of our members’ training and strongly advise that all children should attain the Road Rider Test.

We are running Road Rider Training and an assessment session at the beginning of August.

This is for children aged 12 and over, working at C Test level and above. It involves 3 sections: theory, tack and turn out and a simulated route test.
Do have a look at the link for more information:
Please apply to Ali Lacey to book in.

Dates for your diaries, holiday programme will follow soon.

23rd June All Age SJ Rally at Harroway. 17:00

Thursday 9th July – All age XC schooling – Rabson Manor, 4pm for those who have broken up, later for those not broken up.

14th July Senior Rally at Harroway. 17:00

16th July Junior & Starter Camp Rally at Harroway. 17:00

26th August All Age All Day Rally at Harroway

30th August Long Ride and BBQ on Salisbury Plain

6th September Junior Hunter Trials at Harroway