Friday August 17, 2018
Tests and Achievement Badges

Achievement Badges

These are awarded to Members who attend stable management rallies and/or have studied a topic in detail on an element of pony care or the environment. There are equine and non-equine badges available. The circular fabric badges are designed for sewing onto your Branch sweatshirt. On gaining 21 achievement badges, a gold badge and certificate can be awarded.

Mini Achievement Badges

These are aimed at the younger Members. They are designed to give a basic grounding in the main topics of equestrianism and the countryside. On gaining 14 mini achievement badges, a mini gold badge and certificate can be awarded.

Efficiency Tests

These are intended to assess riding and horse and pony care. There are a number of tests ranging in difficulty from E test (which is the easiest) to A test (the most difficult) The E and B+ test are optional but all other tests must be taken in sequence.


For further information please contact Rachel Bailey on or call 07930483318

Recent activities

Test passes in 2017

Congratulations to all our members who passed a test in 2017!

D TEST Lucy Kenworthy, Ella Miskin-Brookes, Lexie Arnold

D+ TEST Emma Pitcher, Amelia Richman, Freddie Meredith-Jones, Poppy Humfrey, Sophie Phillips, Elsa Boomgaardt, Flo Burnop

C TEST Anna Massey, Eloise McKean, Lauren Hall

We are now looking for candidates aged 13+ for C+ so please contact Rachel Bailey if you’d like to start working towards it.  More information about the test requirements can be found here.

Riding & Road Safety  

This autumn eight of our members have been attending training for their Riding and Road Safety badge which is required at C test level, and on 5th November they were assessed by an external examiner through a written and practical test. We’re delighted to say they all passed, so congratulations go to Anna Massey, Archie Humfrey, Ellie McCutcheon, Nicola Damms, Eliza Crane, Leonie Miskin-Brooks, Lauren Hall and Millie Ashley. Well done everyone!
Riding & Road Safety 2 Riding & Road Safety

Riding & Road Safety  

During the 2016 Easter holidays we had 10 candidates take the riding and road safety badge required at C test level.  I’m delighted to say they all passed.  The successful children were Millie Massey, Sophie Massey, Georgia Bowers, Elsa Boomgaardt, Zoe Sollis, Abi Scott, Honor Redhouse, Alexandra Phillips, Bex Broad, and Lily May Parker. Well done everyone!


Riding & Road Safety 1