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Saturday 5th July - Romney Marsh Tetrathlon – Delmonden
19th/20th July Area Tetrathlon –
Bonfleur & Maidstone Leisure Centre
August –
Romney Marsh Tetrathlon – Delmonden
Saturday 6th September –
Old Surrey & Burstow Tetrathlon – Carewell Farm
Friday of October half-term –
East Kent Tetrathlon – Ashford Friars school & Bluebarn

Results 2014

Ashford Valley Pony Club Tetrathlon – 8th May
Good results from the few that competed at Ashford Valley tetrathlon last weekend well done to Sebastian and Fergus Gillece, Abi and Harry Scott and Zoe Sollis, some great scores all round.
Harry 3rd Mini mini boy.
Sebastian 14th mini mini boy
Abi 2nd mini mini girl
Zoe 5th mini mini girl
Fergus 14th u8s

Friday 21st February – East Kent Triathlon – Ashford Friars School
Competing for the first time as a Mini at triathlon, Oli Hill continued his winning ways taking first place. A successful day for all our competitors saw Zoe Sollis win her shoot and run a PB to finish second in the mini-mini girls. Max Sollis was third in a strong field of 16 Junior boys.

Review of 2013 by Mrs Sollis:

This year has once again been a very successful year for the West Kent Sevenoaks Tetrathletes. 22 children took part over the course of the year. A few of these were competing for the first time and a few were old timers. At the early East Kent triathlon results were in the Easter Newsletter. We then headed to Ardingly for the Old Surrey & Burstow event in March. Once again a fabulous set of results with the Mini boys team winning, with Ed winning individually Oli Hill again coming 2nd, Kate Moss 3rd Individually. and Zoe and Abi shooting for the first time with fabulous scores of 800 and 780.
Our next outing was to Delmonden on 1st June a fabulous sunny day, Max won his class (I’ve promised not to mention he was the only entry) but he did shoot run and swim well, and jumped a lovely clear round. Kate Burgess was 2nd in the Mini girls (winning the run as usual) and a great clear XC for the first time. Oli Hill was 2nd again so close to his arch rival (and good friend) from East Kent. Zoe and Abi were 3rd and 4threspectively in the Mini Mini girls. The U8 classes were the best entries of the day and our boys did very well Harry 2nd, Edward 3rd and Sebastian 4th. Our girls were great too Katie C 2nd, Darcy Rook 3rd and C Bailey 6th.
We then moved on the Eridge, which sadly due to lack of entries was changed to Show jumping rather that Cross country and meant it could no longer be counted for the Mini and Junior league scores. This was disappointing as the course at Mayfield is lovely. Max again won his class (there were some other entries this time!!) Oli Hill was 2nd again!! the Mini Mini girls team of Abi, Zoe and Katie took 2nd place with individual places 5th, 7th and 10th. Our U8 girls team of Poppy Humfrey, Charlie Bailey and Lara Bailey were 4th with Edward and Harry competing individually in 2ndand 6th.
Then the big one AREA 11&13 at Bonfleur. Only four entries from WKS. Max was 4th in the junior boys. Oli Hill raised his game and giving him his first win of the year. Katie B won her run again but unfortunately due to logistics couldn’t ride putting her out of the placings, and Zoe competing for the first time at area was a creditable 13th (5th in the shoot).
Only the Scotts ventured back to Delmonden for a 2nd time and were rewarded by a win each, with Harry winning the run and Abi winning the shoot with an amazing 960!!
We then headed to Carewell Farm where the mini boys team of Ed, Ben and Michael were once again victorous with Ed winning individually too and Ben 4th winning the run. Kate M also won the mini girls (makes for a nice journey home). In the U8 Katie C was 6th and Darcy 4th, and in the mini mini girls Zoe was 7th.
Our final event of the year was back at East Kent where it had all started. Once again the Mini boys team of Ed, Michael and Ben won. With Ed keeping his unbeaten record by winning individually again. Ben was 3rdand Michael 5th. The mini girls team of Megan, Juliette and Kate were 3rdwith Kate 6th individually. Oli once again won his class with his best shoot ever of 920. New boy Jack Pullen was a very creditable 4th at his first event. Zoe and Katie C were 10th and 11th in the Mini Mini girls, a great shoot from Zoe of 880. The U8 entrants were Edward Lindsay 7th and Iona not placed but a great run against some much bigger children. Max was 3rdwith another great shoot of 880.


Friday 1st November – East Kent – Ashford

Well with horrible weather, well done to the 13 of you who braved it at Ashford.  Sadly following damage in the storm the swim was cancelled leaving just the shoot, run and ride.

In spite of the Scott family getting delayed in Turkey leaving our teams slightly depleted, we had some great successes.  In the Under 8s Edward Lindsay was 7th and Iona Day 27th, both ran and rode really well, the slightly random nature of the bean bag throwing once again proving a deciding factor.

Without Abi, the Mini Mini girls team of Zoe and Katie C were joined by two girls from Mid Surrey, they finished 3rd, with a great 880 shoot from Zoe (2nd best). Individually Zoe was 10th and Katie 11th.

Oli Hill was joined by first timer Jack Pullen in the Mini Mini boys class. Oli swept the board with an amazing 920 shoot, 3.52 run (fastest time of the whole day) and a clear round. Jack had a great debut with a 600 shoot, a great run and ride, finishing 4th.

Our fantastic Mini boys team of Michael, Ed and Ben once again won the team event, with Ed winning individually.  Ben had one of only a few clear rounds a few getting caught out with time faults and was 3rd, with Michael 7th.

Our Mini girls team of Kate, Megan and Juliette were 3rd, with Kate 6th individually and Juliette having a very good shoot with 880.

Max too had a good day 860 shoot 3rd in the run and 3rd Individually.

And finally…. the adults! Yes. For the first time an adult class was included for fun and we managed to pursuade three of our parents to enter. The competition was a team event, the total scores of one adult plus two children were added and the highest scoring team won. Adults adhered to mini rules, running 1,000m and shooting two-handed, no ride. There were 13 adults taking part, so 13 teams, Carolyn, Ed and Kate finished Fourth overall, Mike Clyne, Katie and Zoe were 11th and Simon Oakey, Megan and Juliette Lyndsey were 12th.

Edward & Iona

Edward & Iona

Mini Boys Team Winners - Ed, Michael & Ben

Mini Boys Team Winners - Ed, Michael & Ben

Oli Hill winner of mini mini boys

Oli Hill winner of mini mini boys

Third placed mini girls team - Juliette, Megan & Kate

Third placed mini girls team - Juliette, Megan & Kate

Oh dear! Mrs Moss completing the run in the rain.

Oh dear! Mrs Moss completing the run in the rain.







Darcey, Katie & Zoe at OSBHPC Tetrathlon

Darcey, Katie & Zoe at OSBHPC Tetrathlon

Kate, Ben & Ed at OSBHPC Tetrathlon

Kate, Ben & Ed at OSBHPC Tetrathlon






Saturday 7th September – Old Surrey & Burstow – Carewell Farm, Lingfield

Only a few of our members took the opportunity to compete at this event. The cross-country course for the minis was very inviting and rode well. The whole day ran smoothly and on time. One to remember for next year.

The mini boys team of Ed Moss, Michael Roberts and Ben WON with Ed taking the top spot individually scoring 4188 and winning the shoot and his swim; Ben won the run and finished 5th individually and Micahel was second in the run, jumped clear and finished 4th.

Kate Moss was the only mini girl and she WON individually on a score of 3990, winning both the run and the swim.

Zoe was the only mini-mini and she finished 7th overall and Katie Clyne finished 6th and Darcey Rook was 4th.

27th/28th July – AREA Tetrathlon at Bonfleur, Maidstone

Oli, Katie, Zoe and Max at Area Tetrathlon 2013

Oli, Katie, Zoe and Max at Area Tetrathlon 2013

A good day for all that went with some excellent results. Oli Hill 800 shoot 110m swim 3.56 run and clear xc overall 1st place. Katie B 620 shoot 102m swim 3.48 run (1st) and no ride overall 14th. Max Sollis 840 shoot 164m swim 6.18 run and 190 pens xc overall 4th. Zoe Sollis 800 shoot 95m swim 5.30 run and 300 pens xc 13th overall.

1st June – Romney Marsh – Delmonden











Tetrathletes relax!

Tetrathletes relax at Delmonden









 Well what a fantastic day. First the swim in the U8 girls our 2 new girls Darcy and Charlie with Katie Clyne put in a great performance giving them all a great start to the competition. The U8 boys Harry won the swim with Seb not far behind and Edward improving on last time.  Mini Mini Girls Abi did her usual solid swim and Zoe improved her personal best by 10m.  Oli and Katie B both did good swims putting them well in contention for individual placing.  Max sadly with no competition did a good swim just 1m off his personal best.

Then on to the ride all U8 boys jumped clear and so did the U8 girls with just a little blip for Katie C as she was unsure if Pepsi jumped going downhill, she now knows he does!!  Oli and Abi fab clears including trying some of the bigger jumps.  Zoe so nearly a clear if only Patch hadn’t needed a poo!! (thanks so much for lending him)  Katie B a great clear over the bigger XC jumps at her first attempt.  And Max clear just 4 secs inside the time.

Shoot can’t remember individual scores but know generally everybody shot well including some personal bests (Katie B) the bean bag throwing a bit random but I think the children enjoyed it??

Then the final leg the run, well once again WKS dominated with wins from Darcy, Edward, Katie B (Oli 2nd) and Max, I know he had no competition but did beat the junior girls.

Overall all U8 girls placed 3rd 5th and 6th, U8 boys 2nd, 3rd and 4th, Mini Mini Oli 2nd (just) Abi 3rd Zoe 4th, Katie B 2nd and Max 1st.














Ed, Ben & Michael Win the Mini Boys Competition at Ardingly

Ed, Ben & Michael Win the Mini Boys Competition at Ardingly

Zoe Sollis running in the snow at Ardingly

Zoe Sollis running in the snow at Ardingly












23rd March – Old Surrey & Burstow Tetrathlon – Ardingly -

Fourteen members went to the first tetrathlon competition of the season, with the boys winning the Mini team competition, mini and mini-mini individual competitions.
Sleet, snow and sub zero temperatures did not deter the tetrathletes and triathletes when they ran, rode, shot and swam their way to success at the event organized by the Old Surrey & Burstow Pony Club at Ardingly.
Winning mini boys team of Edward Moss, Ben Pearson and Michael Roberts won the shield with Edward picking up first individual with over 4,000 points, he also won the swim and the run, with Michael just behind him, second in the run. Oli Hill won the mini-mini boys class and was first in his run.
Triathletes (under eights, no shooting) Edward Lindsay, Sebastian Gillece, Katie Clyne and Harry Scott won their class with Harry coming second individually. Edward and Harry were 2nd and 3rd in the run.  Katie was 2nd in the swim.  All of them jumped clear rounds in the snow!
Abi Scott  and Zoe Sollis were shooting for the first time as mini-mini girls and shot 780 and 800 out of a possible 1000, both jumped clear rounds and ran and swam well finishing 5th and 7th respectively.

Mini girls Kate Moss, Katie Burgess and Megan Oakey came 4th in the team with Kate finishing third individually.  Katie won the run.
Max Sollis came second in the Junior boys competition.

Well done everyone! A great show of team work – sharing of ponies, transportation and fun!

Winter Triathlon Championships at Milton Keynes – 17th March 2013Edward and Kate competed successfully at this event finishing 15th and 17th respectively, despite the freezing sleet and snow!



Under 8's Team - Winners

Under 8's Team - Winners

Triathlon Prizewinners at Ashford

Triathlon Prizewinners at Ashford


TriathlonEast Kent Pony Club, Blue Barn, Ashford

Nine members represented West Kent Sevenoaks and produced some very good  results, with winning teams and runs. Under 8’s team WON with Abi 2nd individual. Oli Hill was 2nd in the mini mini boys. Mini girls team were second with Katie Burgess 7th individual and WON the run. Charlie Lindsay was 3rd individual in the Junior competition and also WON the run. Full report to follow.

Area 11 Tetrathlon Training Day – Sutton Valence

Members enjoyed the tetrathlon training day at Sutton Valence, all taking home training and competition tips and tricks to improve their performance. Top coaches were on hand to teach and encourage everyone with 50 minute sessions in shooting, running and swimming. An event well worth remembering to attend again.

Winter Triathlon Area Qualifier – Rye















Ed and Kate Qualify for National Triathlon Championships

Ed and Kate Qualify for National Triathlon Championships














Edward and Kate Moss were the only two branch representatives at this event hosted by Romney Marsh PC. Fastest swims and runs of the day with average shoot scores, secured them the top spots in the mini boys and mini girls classes, both qualifying for the Winter Triathlon National Championships in Milton Keynes on 17th March.

East Kent Pony Club, Blue Barn, Ashford

Fantastic results from the East Kent Tet, 11 children took part altogether including 4 competing for the first time.  A summary of results:

U8 - Iona Day 30th, Zoe Sollis 11th, Edward Lindsay 9th and Betsy Smetham 8th, team finished a fantastic 3rd

Mini Mini boys – Oli Hill 6th

Mini Mini girls – Katie Burgess 3rd (won the run again)

Mini girls – Zara Staples 4th, Juliette Lindsay 10th, Megan Oakey 14th and the team were 2nd

Mini boys – Ben Pearson 5th

Junior boys – Max Sollis 3rd

Old Surrey & Burstow Pony Club, Lingfield
Just two mini-mini competitors represented West Kent Sevenoaks at the OSBPC tetrathlon on Sunday 9th September. Oli won the boys class and Katie was fourth girl. Well done both of you.

Oli and Katie collect their ribbons

Oli and Katie collect their ribbons

Area Tetrathlon – Bonfleur, Maidstone
Max came 2nd in Junior Boys.  He was 2nd in the shoot, swim and run and had a clear round.  Freya was 10th in the junior girls, with a far improved shoot of 740.  Zara was 5th out of 16 with a clear round in the Mini Girls and Katie Burgess was 7th out of 14 in the mini mini girls and won the run for the 3rd time running.

Katie B, Clare, and Zara - Area Tetrathlon 2012

Katie B, Clare, and Zara - Area Tetrathlon 2012

Romney Marsh Pony Club hosted a tetrathlon at Delmonden Farm, Hawkurst on June 2. West Kent Sevenoaks fielded seven competitors. Oli Hill won his run in the Triathlon finishing 6th overall, Seb finished 5th and Zoe Sollis 9th. Benedict Pearson went clear across country and finished 6th overall and Zara was 7th in the Minis. Bronty had a clear cross-country over the junior course on her new pony, with her and Max both scoring well in their junior classes. Well done everyone!

Zara, Zoe & Bronty

Zara, Zoe & Bronty

Benedict and Zara

Benedict and Zara

ONLY three members represented WKSPC at the Ashford Valley PC competition on Saturday 5th May. Mini boys, Edward Moss and Benedict Pearson performed outstandingly finishing 2nd and 3rd respectively, and being the only two boys to jump clear. Their mixed boys team won. Mini girl, Kate Moss shot well early in the morning, but took a fall in the cross-country and retired gracefully in order to save herself for Area mounted games the following day. Her mixed team finished 2nd.

Ben, Ed & Kate walk the course at Wittersham

Ben, Ed & Kate walk the course at Wittersham

MINI BOYS TETRATHLON TEAM TRIUMPH at Ardingly! Edward Moss, George Staples, Benedict Pearson and Kieran Hazledon won the first competition of the season at the Old Surrey and Burstow PC event.





























Zoe, Abi & Harry - Tri Team at Ardingly finished 2nd

Zoe, Abi & Harry - Tri Team at Ardingly finished 2nd





























West Kent Sevenoaks Mini-Mini Triathletes Triumph

West Kent Sevenoaks Mini-Mini Triathletes Triumph

Prize Winners at the Ashford Triathlon, February half-term

Prize Winners at the Ashford Triathlon, February half-term



 Area Tet July 23/24 at Bon Fleur, Maidstone

Nine members entered Area Tetrathlon last weekend, held at Bon Fleur near Maidstone.  Bronty Staples was our Junior representative, and Max Sollis and Zara Staples were our Minis.  Max WON his swim, and came 10th individually.   He was  2nd in the League, which is an accumulation of points over several competitions during the year, and was presented with a huge Silver rosette and Silver Medal.  Zara Staples came 11th in her class, just missing out on a rosette, with one of the few clear rounds of the day.

Ed Moss and Ben Pearson represented the Mini Mini Boy section.  Ed WON the swim and was second in the run.  He came 2nd individually in his class.  Ben Pearson came 7th individually against stiff competition.  The MMG of Kate Moss, Katie Burgess, Juliette Lindsay and Natalia Crosby came SECOND.  They were in the lead all the way, until the final phase, which made a very exciting day.  Kate Moss WON both the swim AND run, putting in a personal best on her run time.  With a clear round on her new pony, she pulled out all the stops and WON the very large class individually.  A superb weekend for the MOSS TWINS.  The MMG TEAM came a brilliant SECOND.  Well done to you all.

tet 4 july 11


tet 1 july 11


Tetrathlon Triumph

The team of Kate Moss, Rosie Peachey, Juliette Lindsay and Natalia Crosby triumphed at the Eridge Tetrathlon
held at Mayfield School on July 9th and 10th 2011

eridge july 2011

Romney Marsh Tetrathlon Results 2011

Junior Girls – Bronty Staples – Team 6th

Mini Boys – Max Sollis – 3rd Ind – Won his shoot (960/1000)

Mini Girls – Phoebe Shead, Beth Peachey and Zara Staples – Team 5th

Mini Mini Boys – Ed Moss – 3rd Ind – Won his run

Mini Minii Girls – Kate Moss – 2nd Ind, Rosie Peachey – 3rd Ind  and won run, and Juliette Lindsay came 3rd as a team

Triathlon Under 8 – Oli Hill – 5th Ind, Zoe Sollis – 7th Ind and Lotti ePeachey came 3rd as a team

7th May  2011 – Ashford Valley Tetrathlon in Rye.

Max                       5th

Ed Moss               1st Swim and Run and 1st individually

Ben Pearson      4th individually

Kate Moss           1st Swim and Run and 3rd individually       Whole

Rosie Peachey   2nd individually                                                   Team

Rosie Exall                                                                                           Came

Juliette Lindsay (new member – first tet)                              2nd

Abi Scott              5th individually                                                   3rd

Zoe Sollis                                                                                             as a

Lottie P                                                                                                 Team

tet 2 may 11

tet may 11


An amazing result for our Tetrathlon teams at Ardingly on 26th March 2011




Results – Sat 26 March 2011 OSB at Ardingly



MINI BOYS          GEORGE STAPLES/MAX/OLLIE FRANK  – Team 2ND MAX 4TH , GEORGE 6TH indiv.  Ollie 1st shoot



MINI MINI G      NATALIA/KATE MOSS/ROSIE EXALL/ROSIE P - Team 1ST KATE 1ST indiv.  and won run and swim


Ben Pearson couldn’t come as had been kicked in the head by his pony.  Camilla came for the first time and did the best run of the team

Mini Mini Girls took home another trophy