Area 5 Dates 2019 – 2020 (UPDATED 13th December 2019)

UPDATED 13th December 2019 


  • Dec 15th  Lunge Training, Caernarfon. Contact Meg.
  • Dec 15th Step One Intro to Coaching, Caernarfon. Contact Meg.
  • Jan 2nd  Fun Team SJ. Bryn Derw, Caernarfon, Anglesey.
  • Jan 12th Triathlon Mold.
  • Jan 12th  Winter Series Dressage Qual. Anglesey.
  • Jan 16th  Lunge Training, Caernarfon. Contact Meg.
  • Jan 19th WLSJ  Ch H S
  • Feb 1st   Winter Series Dressage Qual. East Ch.
  • Feb 2nd WLSJ.  WWW/WyLlyn
  • Feb 6th  Lunge Training, Caernarfon, Contact Meg
  • Feb 8th  Winter Series Dressage Qualifier BCFH
  • Feb 22nd  WLSJ, Aberconwy, Maelor
  • Feb 23rd Triathlon, Wrekin
  • Feb 23rd  Arena Eventing, Kelsall, East Cheshire
  • March 7th AREA Quiz Saturday Ch H N
  • March 8th Winter Series Dressage Final. BCFH
  • March 8th Triathlon Qualifier. Mold.
  • March14th  WLSJ Final – Bold Heath – Ch H N
  • March 21st.  William Blane.  XC CPD.
  • March 22nd Winter Triathlon Final.
  • April 4/5th Addington. Winter series Dressage/SJ Final.
  • April 19th    AREA 5  H and P Care. Aberconwy.
  • April 19th Triathlon. Wrekin.
  • May 30/31 Tetrathlon Junior Regionals
  • June 21st. AREA 5 Show Jumping. Southview. Ch H S.
  • June 27/28 AREA 5 Tetrathlon. Mostyn.
  • July 4th      AREA 5 Horse Trials. Somerford. East Ch.
  • July 12th.    AREA 5 Dressage. FnD.
  • July 14 -17  Area 5 Senior Camp. Somerford.
  • Aug 1/2     Senior Tet Regionals.Pontispool.
  • Aug 7/8/9 Tetrathlon National Champs.

UPDATE on Danni – FALL at WL SJumping Southview


Hi, please can you update people to let them know Danni is making good progress and has been taken off ventilator. She’s aware of all messages of support and help and she’s really grateful. Thankyou! Gail Thomas x

Danni Thomas from CHN Branch had a nasty fall yesterday and was taken to Alderhay by Air Ambulance.  I know that everyone was very worried  but the latest news is that she is on a ventilator, is stable but sedated. She has severely bruised her lungs but her ribs are intact.  She has no other obvious injuries.

I am told that the situation was handled brilliantly by the organisers.

We wish her a speedy recovery.


Meg Green … Area 5 Representative


On Saturday Nov 2nd at their Halloween Show Jumping, Lynn Page attended her last Dwyfor activity as DC.    She was presented with a photograph album full of photographs that have been taken over the years.

Lynn has been an active volunteer for the Pony Club for 39 years, most of the latter half being DC of Dwyfor Branch loosely based in the Lleyn Peninsular. She has been awarded the Cubitt and 30 year Bar for her services.  Lynn has kept this small Branch active through thick and thin, in an area where members are few and scattered widely.  There are no XC courses, only one indoor school and members have to travel quite large distances to attend rallies as a flat available field is difficult to find !  More remarkable is that Lynn does not drive, but she has managed to be at activities somehow – even with a broken leg 2 years ago.   Her successor is Francess Taylor, a young lady who has come through Pony Club herself.   Frankie has had a good tutor as she has been working alongside Lynn over the last year.  We wish her every success in her new role.

On behalf of the Pony Club and Dwyfor Branch – Thank You Lynn for all your hard work and devoting the last 39 years to your members.  Happy Retirement.