Area 5 Dates 2019 – 2020 (UPDATED 14th September 2019)

UPDATED 15th September 2019 (update is Struckthru)

  • September 21/22
    Hunter Trials/Tet – Llandyrnog
  • September 28th
    Cheshire Hunt North ODE – Smallwood
  • October 6th WLSJ
    East Cheshire – Somerford
  • October 27th
    Triathlon – Mold
  • November 10th WLSJ
    Berwyn and Dee/Tanatside – Southview
  • November 24th WLSJ
    Flint and Denbigh
  • December 8th WLSJ
    Burton Cheshire Forest – Southview
  • January 12th 2020
    Area 5 Triathlon – Mold
  • January 19th 2020 WLSJ
    Cheshire Hunt South – Southview
  • February 2nd WLSJ
    WWW/Waen Y Llyn – Northop
  • February 15th  22nd WLSJ
    Aber Conwy – Maelor
  • March 8th
    Area 5 Traithlon Qualifier – Mold


Beth Clegg and Franky Chruch Huxley have just sat their AH test.

This is the Care Section of the Pony Club “A” Test. It is made up of 4 sections. Beth passed 3 out of the 4 sections and Franky

completed her test by passing the 4th section.

They have worked so hard over the last few months and attended Training put on in Area 5.

Well done to both.

Winter League Show Jumping Rules 2019-2020

  • Download the Rules as a Word Document … Click Here
  1. Objective of the competition
    1. The objective is to provide a twice-monthly inter-branch team and individual show jumping competition for all Area 5 branches from September to March each year, referred to below as the “season”, in five jumping height classes, involving as many Area 5 members as possible and providing a framework to encourage a competitive spirit and continuous and consistent improvement in riding ability.
    2. The season will be deemed to have started with the commencement of the first such competition.
    3. The most successful team and most successful individual in each class will be awarded a cup at the end of the season.
    4. An Area 5 Winter League Show Jumping secretary will be appointed by the qualifying branches at the commencement of each season, such secretary being responsible for compiling and up-dating a league table after each competition and publishing that table to those branches. Where no secretary has been appointed or, having been appointed, is unable to fulfil the role, the Area Representative will be appointed.

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