Successful Pony Club ‘B’ Tests

A very successful ‘B’ Test took place In Dyfnog Stud, Denbigh on September 1st 2015 and the following members must be congratulated on their achievements, especially the three members who passed the whole test on the day:
  • Meg Davies, Tanatside
  • Timoney Orritt, Tanatside
  • Xanthe Goldsack, Cheshire Hunt North
Five converted to a complete B having already achieved half:
  • Olivia Miller, Flint and Denbigh
  • Myfanwy Powell, Tanatside
  • Emma Furmston, East Cheshire
  • Kate Williams, Burton Cheshire Forest
  • Rowan Dulson, Burton Cheshire Forest
Two further passes at Riding only:
  • Beatrice Jones, Waen y Llyn
  • Tia Barlow, Cheshire Hunt South
Two passed their Care only:
  • Russel Wingfield, Aberconwy
  • Abby Leadbetter, Burton Cheshire Forest
There was a high success rate as only 3 out of 8 failed the Care and 4 out of 14 failed the Riding.

All riders were very well turned out so well done.