Well done to the following candidates for passing the :-

Care Section

  • Beth Clegg, (B Ch F)
  • Mared Williams ((Aberconwy)
  • Pip Young (Sir WWW)
  • Claudia Booth (B Ch F)

Riding Section

  • Mirain Lewis (Aberconwy)

The following passed their Riding and have now completed their ‘B’ Test

  • Ben Read, (F and D)
  • Naomi Young (Sir WWW)
  • Jac Cernyw (F and D)
  • Claire Slater (E Ch)
  • Louise Worthington (E Ch)
  • Georgina Blackshaw (Ch H N)
  • Sophie Holdcroft (E Ch)
  • Russell Wingfield (Aber Conwy)

Special well done to Ffion Thomas ( F and D) for passing the whole Test on the day.