90th Anniversary Book

Newhall Publishing with regards to the 90th Anniversary Book. There are two features we are working on that we would be grateful to have your assistance with in securing picture submissions.

Feature 1: What the Pony Club means to me

This is a pictorial feature where we’re looking for members of all generations to send in pictures of themselves and their ponies. Ideally including a caption of name, age and date of the image along with a short quote (approx 80 words). Additionally if you would like to put forward any photos that have a good story behind them or show the impact being part of Pony Club can have on people’s lives, we’d love to receive them.

Feature 2: The Camping Diaries

This is a pictorial feature similar to social pages in a magazine – images will cover all aspects of camp life and quotes are welcome from members who have favourite memories from camp, best experience etc.

If you would be able to circulate these submission requests to your contacts it would be fantastic for us to be able to present members from all areas enjoying their experiences with Pony Club through the generations. 

The deadline for submissions we are working to is Thursday 18 April. If you have any questions about the above, please let me know.

All the best,