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Dressage Home International at Virtual Windsor

Congratulations to ELLIE JONES who has been selected to be one of a team of 4 PC members representing England competing at the Virtual Dressage Home International Competition in place of Windsor.

Ellie is 15 and is a member of Cheshire Hunt South Branch – now the largest Branch in Area 5. She has her C+ test and is the Novice member of the team.  Ellie has been trained by Elizabeth Lyonette, an Area 5 B/AH assessor. Ellie is competing on a  relatively new horse which she acquired just before lockdown so the combination is in its infancy due to Covid restricting Pony Club activities.

We  wish her Good Luck.  The competition will be live streamed on Sunday, September 27th in the afternoon.

Teams Announced for The Omega Equine Pony Club Home International

Rules for competitions during the Pandemic


  1. By making an entry payment for your child(ren) you are agreeing to the rules below. Hopefully by doing so we will have no issues on the day.
  2. If any member of your family or bubble is symptomatic or has been in the past 14 days, DO NOT attend events. Speak to the organiser for advice!
  3. Please adhere to the Pony Club Codes of Conduct rules which can also be found on the Pony Club website.
  4. All attendees must observe social distancing, currently 2m.
  5. There will be hand sanitisers available, however, we suggest you bring your own as well.
  6. A maximum of 30 people are allowed at a gathering.
  7. Only members of the same family bubble should travel to the venue together, and only one adult per competitor.
  8. The present Pony Club rules state that, Instructors, organisers should keep a 2m distance from each Member, therefore, tack checking is the responsibility of the person accompanying the Member before the start. We will be tack checking at all competitions, but the child will need to be able to show the stitching on their girths and stirrup leathers, they could have their parent/guardian help if they wish.
  9. Do not help with poo picking, however, please ensure the area around your trailer/lorry is cleared before you leave.
  10. Parking of vehicles must be at least 10 metres apart.
  11. Please be aware that there may not be any toilet facilities so you must make your own provision for this.
  12. No dogs.
  13. No photography on social media please, unless approved.
  14. Vaccinations will be accepted as long as they are within the 12 months.
  15. Each team will have a nominated adult to enter the collecting area for the whole team during the warmup. No other adults can be in the area at the same time. The nominated person should bring their own hand sanitiser and gloves must be worn whilst handling the poles.
  16. Please print or make your own numbers x2 one for the rider the other to display in the windscreen of your vehicle throughout your time at each competition.
  17. Maximum numbers in the warm-up area will not exceed four riders at any one time.
  18. Warm up times will be issued with a time limit for each team/rider.
  19. Please respect all organisers and stewards they are doing their best, putting on a competition at a difficult time.
  20. Course walk will be at the beginning of each class for the first 4 teams then another course walk will be available for the next 4 teams or 16 riders until all riders have walked the course.
  21. There may be a slightly different Covid 19 rules in England and Wales, and you must always adhere to them regardless of which country you are in.
  22. There will be no prize giving on the day, results will be posted online. The DCs/Centre Proprietors will be given/sent any rosettes to distribute to their members.
  23. When your child has competing please leave the venue unless a second class has been entered. Please remain in your vehicle until your child’s warm up time.

Thank You

WLSJ – East Cheshire – 04/10/20





*Arena 2   9.30 a.m. start

  • Class 1A  –  Starters –  9 years and under  – 1st section max – 60cm
  • Class 1B  –  Minis    –  11 years and under  – 1st section max – 70cm
  • Class 2     –  Novice  –  any age  – 1st section max  –  80cm
  • Class 3     – Spring Festival Debut – any age – max height – 80cm

*Arena 1   9.30 a.m. start

  • Class 4 – Intermediate – any age – 1st section max – 90cm
  • Class 5 – Spring Festival  – any age – 1st section max –   90cm
  • Class 6  – Open  – any age – 1st section max – 100cm
  • Class 7  – Advanced  – any age – 1st section max – 105cm

*Times subject to entries – earlier start may be necessary

Please note that all entries (whether Individual or Team) AND TEAM DETAILS must be received by MONDAY the 28th SEPTEMBER 2020 to be sure of acceptance.

Please note this is effectively two competitions in one.

  1. The Area 5 Winter League Competition for which amended Winter League Show Jumping Rules_August2020_APPROVED apply. Note – the principal change from previous years is that this is now a SINGLE PHASE competition.  
  2. The Pony Club Spring Festival Qualifying Competition replaces the former Dengie/Winter Series Competition and a copy of the 2020/21 Rules is available here.
  3. This will also be run as a SINGLE PHASE competition.


Covid-19 Pony Club statement

The Pony Club statement on Covid-19

Please visit  to get the latest and rapidly changing advice from PCUK

Area 5 Coaches – Accreditation AND and Risk Assessment

Coaches and Activity organisers please access the Coronavirus Advice (top left of pcuk website homepage). 

There you will find the latest Accreditation advice and the Covid 19 Risk Assessment which must be completed as well as the usual riding activity Risk Assessment.