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Area 5 16+ Summer Camp

Tuesday  16th – Friday 19th July 2019

At Somerford Park, Congleton

  • Specialised training in Flatwork, Show Jumping, Cross Country and theory with top trainers.
  • Evening entertainment and guest speakers.
  • £295 for the camp includes stabling, haylage and 2 bales of shavings, as well as food, shower facilities etc for riders.
  • Cheques to be made payable to “Area 5 of the Pony Club”
  • Applications by Wednesday 19th June 2019

 Organiser: Debbie Miller

Associates Camp 2018 arrangements


  • Abigael Royle
  • Holly Robinson
  • Carys Price
  • Charlotte Sellers
  • Lucy Dennis


  • Sian Lind
  • Sophie Cocking
  • Rachel Wooley
  • Mary Goodridge
  • Cerys Jones


  • Elizabeth Parton
  • Jessica Smith
  • Billie Jo Davies
  • Louie Atkinson
  • Sam Sant
  • Abbey Rimmer


  • Nicola Mann
  • James Owen
  • Hannah Burgoyne
  • Lily Johnson
  • Russell Wingfield


  • Beth Clegg
  • Myfi Powell
  • Sophie Toogood
  • Claudia Booth
  • Naomi Young


  • Ben Read
  • Tia Barlow
  • Emily MacLean
  • Tessa Hemming
  • Ciara McLellan
  • Imi Sherry


Tuesday 17th July 2018


8:45 am     Briefing in the Pavilion A

9:30 am Flatwork

  Katy John
9:30 am Damsons Apples
10:30 am Elderberries Bananas
11:30 am Figs Cherries

Lunch from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm


Theory (John) , XC (Sarah),  SJ (Katy)

1-2  pm Figs + Cherries 1:00 pm Damsons Apples
2:30 pm Damsons + Apples 2:00 pm Elderberries Bananas
3:30 pm Elderberries + Bananas 3:00 pm Figs Cherries


Cakes out  4-5 ish

Supper  about 7:00 pm

Bingo!  From 8:00 pm

Wednesday 18th July 2018

Morning: Flatwork

  Amy Paul Sally
9:00 Elderberries Cherries Apples
10:30 Figs Damsons Bananas

Lunch  12 – 1 ish


Theory (Sally), XC (Tyler), SJ (Amy)

1:00 pm Elderberries + Bananas 2:00 pm Damsons Cherries
2-3  pm Figs + Apples 3:00 pm Elderberries Bananas
3:30 pm Damsons + Cherries 4:00 pm Figs Apples

Cakes out  4-5 ish

Supper  about 7:00 pm

8:00 pm Team Quiz


Thursday 19h July 2018

Morning: Flatwork

  Nicola Paul Sally
9:00 Figs Damsons Bananas
10:30 Elderberries Cherries Apples

 Theory (Amy)

9 – 10 Elderberries, Cherries, Apples
11-12 Figs, Damsons, Bananas

Lunch  12 – 1 ish


Theory (Sally), SJ (Amy), XC (Nicola)

1:00 pm Elderberries + Bananas 1:30 pm Damsons Apples
2:00 pm Figs + Cherries 2:30 pm Elderberries Bananas
3:00 pm Damsons + Apples 3:30 pm Figs Cherries

 6:00 pm Supper

7:00 pm Talk by Amy Taylor (ESMT, IAAMT) – on effects of tack and rider on horse Biomechanics

Followed by… The Legendary Meg’s Mucky Olympics!

Friday 20th July 2018


  SJ (Amy) XC (Sally)
9:00 am Damsons Apples
10:00 am Elderberries Bananas
11:00 am Figs Cherries

…followed by Farm Ride

Lunch from 12:00 noon

Remember –  we must be out of our stables and cleaned up by 4:00 pm.

Please empty all bedding onto the muck heap, or you may bag it up and take it home.


Area 5 Senior Camp (16+)

A couple of places have come up at Camp next week. If you are interested please contact Debbie Miller. 07739 551445.
Could all the members who have not sent me their CONFIDENTIAL FORM please do so. You will not be able to ride without it.
Also please read the camp information on the website so you know what to bring.

Thank you, Debbie Miller.

Area 5 Senior Camp 2018

Dear Members,

Thank you in anticipation of your application form and cheque. I hope you enjoy your time at camp!


  • To develop riding skills in all disciplines with top instructors.
  • To extend knowledge of horse care, stable management and basic veterinary information.
  • To meet and get to know fellow senior members.


  • Both you and your horse need to be fit.
  • Please bring your horse’s passport with vaccinations up to date.
  • Make sure your horse is recently shod.

General Information:

A camp timetable will be displayed on the first day. Activities will start at 9.30am so everyone MUST be settled and ready to start the briefing at 9am on Tuesday.


  • You will be treated as a responsible young adult so please behave accordingly.
  • Although all planned activities are supervised, you must take responsibility for your actions at other times and behave sensibly.
  • Health and Safety regulations must be strictly obeyed, for the benefit of yourself and others.
  • Riding dress must be smart and appropriate. Polo shirts, jodhpurs and PC sweatshirts or similar are suitable. NO HOODIES. Long sleeved top and body protector to be worn for cross country.
  • You are responsible for your own sleeping accommodation.
  • Alcohol is NOT permitted.
  • All your meals and drinks are provided daily, but you are welcome to bring snacks etc to keep in your lorry/trailer.
  • No meal is provided Monday evening (arrival night).
  • Please BRING YOUR OWN cutlery, plates, mug and bowl. Collect them after lunch on Thursday.
  • Haylage is provided, but please bring your own horse feed.
  • Shavings are the only bedding permitted. 2 bales are included in camp cost, but more may be purchased, or you may bring your own.
  • Members are NOT allowed to bring their own cars. If it is necessary to arrive in your own car it must be parked and not moved until the end of camp.

You may arrive after 6pm on Monday 16th July. We must be cleared away by 4pm Friday 20th July.


Debbie Miller – 01824 703254 or 07739 551 444