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Six Pony Club members tried and PASSED their B test RIDING in Radfords on Monday August 30th.

During this test, riders must show School movements on their own horse and then they have to ride a different horse and explain how the horse goes.  They then change tack if necessary, complete a Show Jumping round and ride a short XC course.

Five of the riders had already passed their B Care, so by passing their Riding they completed their B test. Riders were :-

  • Jasmin Teague – (Tanatside)
  • Connie garvey – (Tanatside)
  • Sophie Williams – (Berwyn & Dee)
  • Jess Roe – (Berwyn & Dee)
  • Tasmyn Green – (Gwynedd)
  • Ben Carke  – (Wynnstay) Riding only



All 8 candidates passed their B  Care Test today near Ruthin.

They were :-

  • Jessica Roe (Berwyn & Dee)
  • Connie Garvey (Tanatside)
  • Sophie Williams (Berwyn & Dee)
  • Ellie Jones (ChHS)
  • Eleanor Tomkinson (E.Ch)
  • Macey Richmond- Guy (E.Ch)
  • Emily Entwhistle (ChHN)
  • Holly Wharfe (ChHN)

They have done most of their training on Zoom with different coaches but had a practical day before the test too.  They have all worked hard.  Well done.


Area 5 held a B test yesterday (27th Sept) at Mostyn Farm Ride in glorious sunshine and everyone went home smiling.

Four tried the Riding and 3 passed  which means that the following have their full B test.

  • Tabitha Morris     (East Cheshire)
  • Annabelle James (East Cheshire)
  • Eleri Owen.         (Anglesey)

Seven tried the Care and ALL passed –

  • Lucy Fox             (WWW)
  • Orlagh Toner       (Flint and Denbigh)
  • Millie Graham     (B.Ch.Forest)
  • Tabitha Morris      (E.Chesh)
  • Annabelle James  (East Cheshire)
  • Tasmyn Green      (Gwynedd)
  • Eleri Owen           (Anglesey)

Congratulations to all.

The Chief Assessor on the day complimented them on their knowledge and wanted to know what the secret was behind the Area 5 Training !

So well done to all involved. M.E.G. (Meg Green)

B Test Results

B test Horse and Pony Care, 5th April 2018 at Pennant Park.

Congratulations to six Area 5 members who passed today.

  • Zahra Bennett (F&D)
  • Emily Vaarkamp (F&D)
  • Cerys Murphy (Gwynedd)
  • Mary Goodridge (EC)
  • Lauren Hodgson (Gorswen)
  • Tyler Simpson (CHS)

Lovely weather and even better results!

Thank you to Carl Crofts for some excellent training and for hosting the test. Also to the assessors Katy Powell Jones and John Gilbert Patterson, who ran a very efficient test today.

Thanks … Debbie Miller


“There are no UCAS points for B test or any other Pony Club tests, and there never has been.

There is mapping between the Pony Club tests and BHS qualifications as shown at although this may change following the revamp of the BHS exam system.  Currently the B test  candidates who have achieved the complete B Test and hold the Pony Club Lungeing Certificate or EQL Level 2 lunge a horse under supervision (a unit of the Stage 2 qualification) are eligible to apply for direct entry to BHS Stage 3 and the PTT, so potentially UCAS points are possible this way (EQL Level 3 Certificate in BHS Preliminary Teaching of Horse Riding (QCF) 2017 Tariff score: 16).”

Successful Pony Club ‘B’ Tests

A very successful ‘B’ Test took place In Dyfnog Stud, Denbigh on September 1st 2015 and the following members must be congratulated on their achievements, especially the three members who passed the whole test on the day:
  • Meg Davies, Tanatside
  • Timoney Orritt, Tanatside
  • Xanthe Goldsack, Cheshire Hunt North
Five converted to a complete B having already achieved half:
  • Olivia Miller, Flint and Denbigh
  • Myfanwy Powell, Tanatside
  • Emma Furmston, East Cheshire
  • Kate Williams, Burton Cheshire Forest
  • Rowan Dulson, Burton Cheshire Forest
Two further passes at Riding only:
  • Beatrice Jones, Waen y Llyn
  • Tia Barlow, Cheshire Hunt South
Two passed their Care only:
  • Russel Wingfield, Aberconwy
  • Abby Leadbetter, Burton Cheshire Forest
There was a high success rate as only 3 out of 8 failed the Care and 4 out of 14 failed the Riding.

All riders were very well turned out so well done.