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Area 5 Tetrathletes heading to Milton Keynes

Area 5 Tetrathletes who are heading off to Milton Keynes for the Triathlon Championships on 19 March.

Well done for qualifying and good luck at the competition to …

… Seniors

  • Milly McCarrick
  • Hamish Peffers
  • Russell Wingfield and
  • Toby Johnson;

… Juniors

  • Ella Booth
  • Kiera Booth
  • Annabelle James and
  • Jake Billington

… Minis

  • Lana Booth
  • Florence Butler
  • Beatrice Taylor
  • Archie Lynch
  • Archie Peffers
  • Rufus Taylor
  • William Stone and
  • Freddie James.

They will all be swimming, running and shooting with the best competitors from all of the other areas.

Champs Results 2016

Didn’t you all do well !


  • Morgan Haerr on Timmy came 9th in the Novice Dressage
  • Russell Wingfield came 21st in the Open class at the Tet Champs. Russell was in 2nd place until the XC !

Berwyn and Dee

  • Individual Novice Dressage – Sian Evans
  • Individual Novice Event – Amie Beacock
  • Musical Ride team competed for the first time.

Burton Cheshire Forest

  • Beth Clegg Intermediate SJ. Had a clear 1st round but had poles down in the 2nd.
  • Grassroots Regional Dressage team competed at Eland and came 10th.

Cheshire Hunt North

  • Had a Novice Dressage team of Kiera Booth, Ella Booth,
    Sophie Sellers and Emily Entwistle.
  • Maia Hodgson competed as an Individual in the Open Show Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. Maia was given 4th in the Horsemanship SJ Awards.
  • Hannah Fallon was 8th in her arena Individual Intermediate Event
  • Emmeline Davidson Slack – competed as an Individual in the Intermediate Event.
  • Imogen Kennedy – Individual Intermediate SJ
  • Emily Entwistle came 9th in the Intermediate dressage to music.
  • Ella Booth qualified and competed at the Tet Champs.
  • Grassroots Regional Dressage Team won the Champs at Eland and Izzy Caldwell was 6th overall.

Cheshire Hunt South

  • Intermediate Event Team – Tia, Sophie, Orla and Lexie. Tia came 3rd in her Section.
  • Junior Games Team reached the final and came 6th – Florence, Ellen, Tabitha, Isadore and Felix.
  • Intermediate Individual SJ – Kate finished on 4 faults and came 11th out of 75 competitors.
  • Open Individual SJ – Lucy Lanni, Martha Newall and Rose Diggle. Out of 76 competitors, there were only 4 double clears and Martha was one of them. She came 2nd and Lucy 5th.
  • Grassroots Regional Dressage team came 2nd. Amelia Deller and Phoebe Deller came 3rd and 4th respectively at Eland. Their SJ team came 4th overall at Eland.
  • Tetrathlon – Freddie Ashworth 5th Junior, Orla and Keeva Stott took part as Juniors.  Their mixed team came 4th

East Cheshire

  • East Cheshire had an amazing 39 members competing at the Champs as well as two SJ teams at the Grassroots Regionals at Eland who came 6th and 7th.
  • Amazingly their two Musical ride teams came 1st and 2nd. They were brilliant.
  • Three pairs competed in the Dressage to music – Sam Foxall & Ciara McLellan (3rd), Phoebe Southern & Sofia Stubbs (4th), Alice and Dan Agnew (5th)
  • Grace Anthony came 7th Nov Dressage to Music and Sam Foxall came 12th in Open Dressage to Music.
  • Dressage – Novice Individuals – Jessica Taylor 3rd, Tasia Osborne 7th.
  • Novice and Intermediate teams competed in the S. Jumping.
  • Eventing – Novice Team competed (Sophie Holdcroft, Mary Goodridge, Sam Sant and Annabel James) as did Intermediate (Ciera McLellan, Sam Foxall) and Open Individuals (Tigi Hankey, Lilian Sears)
  • Mounted Games Intermediate team came 10th.
  • Polocrosse – Zoe Hill competed in a mixed Area 5 team (3rd)
  • A Junior Horse and Pony Care team came 8th.
  • A special mention to Sam Foxall who competed in Open Dressage, Open D to M, Pairs D to M, Intermediate SJ. and Intermediate Eventing.
  • Ciara McLellen who competed in Open Dressage, Pairs D to M, Int SJ, Intermediate Eventing and the Musical Ride.
  • Grassroots Reg Dressage – two teams competed at Eland and they were 6th and 7th.

Flint and Denbigh Hunt

  • Intermediate Event Team – Sophie Wilson, Catrin Evans, Libby Edwards and Laura Cocking.
  • Open SJ team 2nd – Brier Leahy, Lois Roberts, Sophie Toogood and Heidi O Brien.
  • Ben Read competed as an Open Individual and came 9th.
  • Ben Read qualified and competed at the Tetrathlon Champs in Bishop Burton and came 9th
  • Open Event Team 1st (Team as above)and winning the prestigious Stonar Trophy.
  • Heidi won her Section, Brier Leahy 3rd in hers, Lois Roberts 5th.
  • Brier was named as one of the Horsemanship riders. Brier was one of only 4 to get a double clear in the Open Event out of 100+ competitors!
  • Senior Games team came 7th.
  • Mixed Area 5 Polocrosse team came 3rd.with Kate Davies.

Sir Watkin Williams Wynn Hunt

  • The Junior MG team won.
  • The Junior H and Pony Care team won – Naomi Young, Pip Young, Kate Rutherford.
  • Naomi Young won her Section in the Novice Event finishing on her dressage score.


  • Cerys Jones and Timmy Orritt won the Pairs Dressage to Music.
  • Cerys Jones competed in the Area 5 Mixed Polocrosse team (3rd)
  • Amber Wilkinson and Hannah Burgoyne competed as Individuals in the Novice Show Jumping .
  • Grassroots Regional – team of Leah Harding, Elin Pryce, Jasmin Teague and India Wilkinson won the Area competition and came 8th at the Eland Champs.

Waen y Llyn

  • Edward Williams finished on 8 faults in the Intermediate S Jumping
  • Emily Boothroyd competed in the Ind Intermediate Dressage.
  • Hamish Peffers qualified and competed at the Junior Tet Champs in Bishop Burton.

Pennant Park Riding Centre

  • A Team competed at Eland and came 13th out of 25 teams.

This is approximately 150 Area 5 members. I am sorry if there are mistakes and/or I have missed anyone off. Let me know if you want anything changed.

A huge THANK YOU must go to all the Volunteers, Parents and DCs who have given up so much of their time to enable these members to have the opportunity to compete at Cholmondeley, Eland and Bishop Burton.

Thanks …. Meg Green …. Area 5 Representative

Areas 4 and 5 Horse Trials results 24th July 2016

Many thanks to Emily Barnes, our Chief HT scorer, for preparing these so quickly despite being away from the competition for most of the day – helping to run our Mini-Camp – and also for drafting in most of the rest of her family to ensure it all went without a hitch.

Many thanks also to all other officials, volunteers, helpers etc. for ensuring that we had a splendid day and to the King family for making sure the infrastructure was so well presented and worked.

Thanks also to all you competitors, your parents, branch officials, family and friends for taking part so cheerfully – despite the 1.2 mile trip to the XC course.

We were glad to see you all and look forward to inviting you back to Somerford again – should we ever get the chance.

Regards … Geoff

Area 5 Tetrathlon Competition

Over the weekend of 9 and 10 July a number of Area 5 members took part in the Tetrathlon Competition at Warwick. For the Open, Intermediate and Junior classes these were the qualifiers for the Championships and I’m delighted to say that Area 5 will now be well represented at the Champs. Those qualifying were:

  • Open – Ben Read
  • Intermediate – Toby Johnson and Russell Wingfield
  • Junior – Freddie Ashworth, Hamish Peffers, Orla Stott, Keeva Stott, Annabel James and Ella Booth.

A big well done to all of them and I hope they are all looking forward to competing at Bishop Burton in August.

Warwick once again put on fantastic courses for our younger members so that minis, tadpoles and tiddlers all had their own competitions. A further fifteen Area 5 members took part in these classes, with some excellent results. A special mention should go to Beatrice Taylor who beat 19 other mini girls to win her class.

As well as a thoroughly enjoyable competition many of the riders camped on the Saturday night and joined in the Area 5 (and friends) barbecue. Thanks to all those who provided the facilities for this – gas barbecue, fire pit, tables and chairs as well as the food, drink and company; what more could we want?

Penny W

Champs results 2015


Area 5 really stood out at the Championships this year. The achievements were phenomenal and the members were a credit to their Trainers, Parents and Team members. A huge Well Done to you all. You can be very proud of yourselves. For the smaller Branches, it is an achievement just to qualify to get there. Having done that, it is another challenge to get horse and rider there – fit and well with all shoes on! All sorts of things can go wrong, but once there and competing in the Championship atmosphere – it is something to remember for a long time.

These are some of the amazing results that members of Area 5 achieved. The list is long and I apologise for not mentioning all of them.

Cheshire Hunt North

  • Novice Dressage Team came 3rd (Charlotte Taylor, Victoria Jones, Charlotte Sellers)
  • Lucinda Bellis came 3rd in her Arena Open Ind Dressage.
  • The Musical ride came 2nd AND won Best Costume Award. Amazing.
  • Kate Tranter rode in a mixed Area 5 Polocrosse Team and they won the Tack and Turnout comp.

Cheshire Hunt South

  • Novice Eventing team (Lexie Topping, Abbey Rimmer, Orla McEvoy, Mollie Riley) came 3rd and Lexie took Individual 5th place.

Flint and Denbigh Hunt

  • Brier Leahy was 3rd Intermediate Dressage
  • Open Show Jumping Team ( Sophie Toogood, Brier Leahy, Lois Roberts and Heidi )took 1st place. Amazing.
  • Sophie Toogood was 1st Individual Open Show Jumping.
  • Open Eventing Team (Sophie Toogood 9th, Brier Leahy 5th, Lois Roberts 8th and Ant Woodbine 7th) were 2nd. Amazing again.

Sir Watkyn Williams Wynn

  • Senior Games Team 5th
  • Junior Games Team 2nd
  • Junior Horse and Pony Care Team 5th
  • Intermediate Dressage to Music – Naomi Young 1st and then 2nd in the ride off.


    • Art Competition – Myfanwy Powell came 1st.
    • Int Games team came 6th (Cerys Jones, Drew Slate, Meg Austin, Georgia Griffiths and Scarlet Gibson)
    • Novice Eventing Cerys Jones was 9th Ind in her Arena.
    • Int Eventing Emily Mclea
    • ounted Games Team (Will Walton, Jenna Cairns, Mary Goodridge, Amelia Pearson and Emma Walton) were 2nd and Qualified for Horse of the Year Show.
    • Tigi Hankey 3rd Intermediate Ind Eventing.
    • Int Team Eventing – came 10th
    • Open Team Dressage came 8th and Open Team Show Jumping were 6th.
    • Ashley Daniel was 9th Ind Open Show Jumping.

Waen Y Llyn

      • Int Show Jumping Team were 10th. They also had qualifiers in Ind Novice Show Jumping, Ind Novice Dressage, Ind Int Show Jumping and Int Team Show Jumping.

Berwyn and Dee

      • Senior Horse and Pony Care Team were 2nd.

Didn’t we do well. Congratulations to all involved.

  • n was 5th in her Arena

East Cheshire

  • Musical Ride WON – Amazing.
  • Senior M