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Area 5 Dates 2019 – 2020 (UPDATED 13th December 2019)

UPDATED 13th December 2019 


  • Dec 15th  Lunge Training, Caernarfon. Contact Meg.
  • Dec 15th Step One Intro to Coaching, Caernarfon. Contact Meg.
  • Jan 2nd  Fun Team SJ. Bryn Derw, Caernarfon, Anglesey.
  • Jan 12th Triathlon Mold.
  • Jan 12th  Winter Series Dressage Qual. Anglesey.
  • Jan 16th  Lunge Training, Caernarfon. Contact Meg.
  • Jan 19th WLSJ  Ch H S
  • Feb 1st   Winter Series Dressage Qual. East Ch.
  • Feb 2nd WLSJ.  WWW/WyLlyn
  • Feb 6th  Lunge Training, Caernarfon, Contact Meg
  • Feb 8th  Winter Series Dressage Qualifier BCFH
  • Feb 22nd  WLSJ, Aberconwy, Maelor
  • Feb 23rd Triathlon, Wrekin
  • Feb 23rd  Arena Eventing, Kelsall, East Cheshire
  • March 7th AREA Quiz Saturday Ch H N
  • March 8th Winter Series Dressage Final. BCFH
  • March 8th Triathlon Qualifier. Mold.
  • March14th  WLSJ Final – Bold Heath – Ch H N
  • March 21st.  William Blane.  XC CPD.
  • March 22nd Winter Triathlon Final.
  • April 4/5th Addington. Winter series Dressage/SJ Final.
  • April 19th    AREA 5  H and P Care. Aberconwy.
  • April 19th Triathlon. Wrekin.
  • May 30/31 Tetrathlon Junior Regionals
  • June 21st. AREA 5 Show Jumping. Southview. Ch H S.
  • June 27/28 AREA 5 Tetrathlon. Mostyn.
  • July 4th      AREA 5 Horse Trials. Somerford. East Ch.
  • July 12th.    AREA 5 Dressage. FnD.
  • July 14 -17  Area 5 Senior Camp. Somerford.
  • Aug 1/2     Senior Tet Regionals.Pontispool.
  • Aug 7/8/9 Tetrathlon National Champs.

East Cheshire Dressage Competition

Please find attached schedules with entry forms for forthcoming EC organised Dressage Competition – 1st February 2020.

The schedulesencompass both a branch competition for East Cheshire members only but also the Winter League Series competition for the 2019/2020 season which is a qualifying competition for an Area competition leading to a Championship. (The Winter League Series was formerly called the “Dengie Winter League Dressage”.)

All Area 5 members are invited to enter the Winter League Series classes in both competitions.

Please note all dates in your diaries and get your entries in for the November competition asap.

Queries:       01270 668208 or 07788 496587