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Beth Clegg and Franky Chruch Huxley have just sat their AH test.

This is the Care Section of the Pony Club “A” Test. It is made up of 4 sections. Beth passed 3 out of the 4 sections and Franky

completed her test by passing the 4th section.

They have worked so hard over the last few months and attended Training put on in Area 5.

Well done to both.

B Test Results

B test Horse and Pony Care, 5th April 2018 at Pennant Park.

Congratulations to six Area 5 members who passed today.

  • Zahra Bennett (F&D)
  • Emily Vaarkamp (F&D)
  • Cerys Murphy (Gwynedd)
  • Mary Goodridge (EC)
  • Lauren Hodgson (Gorswen)
  • Tyler Simpson (CHS)

Lovely weather and even better results!

Thank you to Carl Crofts for some excellent training and for hosting the test. Also to the assessors Katy Powell Jones and John Gilbert Patterson, who ran a very efficient test today.

Thanks … Debbie Miller


After many years lapse, Area 5 held an AH test In Northop Jan 5th.

It was a gruelling day for all candidates.


  • Henry Church Huxley (Burton Cheshire Forest) Passed with Distinction
  • Frankie Church Huxley (Burton Cheshire Forest) passed 3 of the modules.
  • Brier Leahy (Flint and Denbigh) passed 3 of the 4 modules
  • Jack Moore (Cheshire Hunt South) sat one module and passed it.

Area 5 is very proud of you all.

Anyone interested in joining the Training for a test in October maybe or next year – please let Meg know at


“There are no UCAS points for B test or any other Pony Club tests, and there never has been.

There is mapping between the Pony Club tests and BHS qualifications as shown at although this may change following the revamp of the BHS exam system.  Currently the B test  candidates who have achieved the complete B Test and hold the Pony Club Lungeing Certificate or EQL Level 2 lunge a horse under supervision (a unit of the Stage 2 qualification) are eligible to apply for direct entry to BHS Stage 3 and the PTT, so potentially UCAS points are possible this way (EQL Level 3 Certificate in BHS Preliminary Teaching of Horse Riding (QCF) 2017 Tariff score: 16).”