Use the table below to find out about the various sports, the different activities they offer and how you can get involved.

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Often called “horse dancing”, Dressage is all about developing the relationship between the horse and the rider. Pirouette your way to success!

A great way to keep both you and your pony fit while enjoying the countryside!

Three sports in one! Consisting of Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country, it’s a great way to develop your all-round riding ability!

Mounted Games is all about fast-paced action across a range of thrilling games – it’s also a great spectator sport!

Like hockey on horseback! Score the most goals to win – will you inspire your team to glory?

An all-action team game requiring courage and determination – almost as exciting to watch as it is to play!

Horse racing on a smaller scale but still with all of the thrills! Will you ride a winner?

One of the most famous equestrian sports – clear the fences in a quick time, but don’t knock the poles down!

The Pony Club’s own version of Modern Pentathlon – test your skills across riding, running, swimming and shooting!