Tuesday June 6, 2023
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DANGER – RED ALERT! Atypical Myopathy
sycamore seedThe number of the little-known equine illness atypical myopathy have apparently reached record levels. The common symptoms are lethargy, a reluctance to move, dark brown/red urine and trembling. It is believed it is caused by horses and ponies eating the leaves and “helicopter” seeds of sycamore trees (pictured right). The problem has been caused by an extraordinarily large crop of seeds in autumn, spread far and wide by the stormy winter weather. Please do be aware.
Best advice is:
  • prevent access to sycamore trees
  • pick up sycamore seeds and dead leaves
  • fence off where sycamore seeds and leaves have fallen
  • ensure seeds have not blown into your field from nearby sycamore trees
  • give extra hay or haylage where pasture is poor
  • reduce stocking density
  • reduce turn-out at risk times of year (autumn and spring).
If you suspect your horse is unwell, call your vet. Click here for more details on atypical myopathy from Dengie.