Tuesday November 29, 2022
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Area Sports & Competitions

Please find all our Area Competitions listed below.

At present, polo area competitions are not available in Area 8, but if anyone would like to start them, they should contact the Pony Club Office.

DateEvent & Schedule Organiser Venue
18th Dec 22Barrier Health Spring festival Showjumping Qualifiers WNHPC Showjumping Schedule pdf copyWNHPC Easton College
28th Dec 22Barrier Spring Festival Area Arena Eventing. Waveney Harriers PCEaston College
2nd Jan 23Barrier Spring Festival Area Dressage Essex & Suffolk PCWix EC
29th Jan 23Barrier Spring Festival Area Showjumping & Windsor Qualifier South Norfolk PC Easton College
11th/ 12th Feb 23Barrier Spring Festival Final Arena UK
26th Feb 23Winter Triathlon Qualifier Tet committeeBottisham Village College
5th March 23 Quiz SHPCTBA
3rd/4th April 23Horse & Pony Care Hiill Farm Hill Farm, Elmswell
26th March 23Winter Triathlon Final
22nd April 23Area Quiz Moulton College
21st May 23Area Mounted Games Essex FarmersStratford Hills
25th June 23Calvert Cup Puckeridge Hunt WesternLuffenhall, Herts
2nd July 23Area Dressage SHPC Ickworth
9th July 23Area Eventing 80/90/100/Soham PCIsleham
15th/ 16th July 23 Area Tetrathlon N & T PC Horseheath
22nd/23rd July 23Area Showjumping EEPCFrenches Farm
11th-19th Aug 23PC Championships
TBCGosling Cup E&SPC Stratford Hills
17th September 23Bloom Cup SNPCGt .Witchingham