Wednesday March 22, 2023
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Area 8 Endurance Co-ordinator:

Tom Eaton-Evans –



The Pony Club has come to a very fortunate arrangement with Endurance GB to offer Endurance as a discipline for Pony Club Members.

Master cardYou need a Pony Club Master Card to keep your Endurance riding record: Pony Club Master Cards and Pony Club Entry forms need to be applied for by contacting the Pony Club Office.

For all Pony Club Endurance questions, please contact Rosemary Attfield ( You can find out more about Rosemary in this excellent article from Horse & Hound. She is fantastically passionate and knowledgeable about Endurance.

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The Pony Club Endurance Championships  

This year the Pony Club Endurance Championships are taking place in collaboration with Endurance Great Britain at the Red Dragon ride (Welsh Show Ground) in Wales on 26th September.

We’d love to encourage as many members as possible to take up the opportunity to try a new sport and remind members to be eligible they need to:

  • Be a Pony Club member
  • Have a copy of the Master Card (Link)
  • Completed the correct number of rides at the right speed/ distances for the class being entered:
    • Grassroots, one ride
    • Novice and above three rides


For entry and further details please see: