Friday February 23, 2024
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The Vaccination Rule 24



The Pony Club Hat Rule 23

Turquoise hat tagsHat rules are constantly being updated. Please check



and make sure your hat and body protector qualifies. If you are going to buy a new hat, it’s a good idea to read the Rule carefully, print it out and take it with you to the shop to ensure you don’t buy a hat which will not be usable this year.

British Eventing, British Riding Clubs and The Pony Club are delighted to announce that they have joined together to unify the hat standards across all three Member Bodies; resulting in a single hat tag being accepted across British Eventing, The Pony Club and British Riding Club events .

The new ‘aqua’ coloured hat tag will carry the logo of the body that checks the hat so that the source of the tagging can be tracked and will mean that riders no longer have to wear multiple tags on their hats. Make sure you get your hat tagged when you go to your first Pony Club activity .Your DC will have tags.

Pony Club Body Protector rule 2024

Please check the body-protector-rule-2024

When an air jacket inflates, the sudden noise startles horses in the immediate vicinity, thereby causing difficulties for the other members of a ride during a group ride in a confined area, e.g. an indoor school or outdoor ménage. Air jackets are therefore discouraged for group rides.

New Senior Member training dates and tests now available to book for 2024

See Senior Member Training page for details and booking .

Essex Hunt North Pony Club win The Horse & Hound club of the Year


Area 8 good idea – Reusable bib numbers. No more printer ink needed.

Bibeaz  – Reusable bib numbers. No more printer ink needed. 
Brilliant  idea invented in the hub  of the Area 8  machine .

Re usable numbers for use in the bibs everyone wears for riding. 


Consent form required for online training

If your child is under 18 then a parent  will also need to sign this form before the member can undertake  any online training.

Pony Club Online Training Consent Form


For the latest information from the Pony Club follow the link Latest News below

Latest News from the Pony Club on the Coronavirus


Keeping your yard safe!

Please do have a look at these sensible suggestions for keeping your horse, your yard, your tack and yourself safe.

  • Consider marking tack and other items with the Immobilise Property Register (free, supported by the Police and the Home Office)
  • If you buy or sell a horse, don’t forget to update your details with the microchipping service
  • Change combinations on padlocks and burglar alarm codes regularly!

Norfolk PACT’s leaflet, below, is also full of good ideas. Click on the image below to see it in full size.

Equine Security Info from PACT

B Test name bibs

IMG_3220B test …. Recently all candidates have been asked to print their names as large a possible and put them in their number bibs for tests.  …. Now you can see why, especially when candidates have to change horses ….

Please register as a volunteer! We want to thank you: with a badge!
Please click on the badge above to register - and your own badge will be in the post!

Please click on the badge above to register – and your badge will be in the post!

The Pony Club could not exist without its volunteers. So many of you give so generously of your time and skills, and we are all so grateful. But, even more importantly than that: it will help the Pony Club if we can prove how many volunteers we have! This is why we are now asking all volunteers to register online – and receive the smart new Volunteer Badge in return (we thought it was time you all had your own Badge!).

Whether you jump judge once a year, or find yourself patiently stacking showjumping poles at the end of every rally, please register for Volunteer Recognition, show your support and get your badge!

Don’t forget to wear your badge in order to receive warm thanks from your Branch – and guilt-trip all your friends into registering too!

DANGER – RED ALERT! Atypical Myopathy
sycamore seedThe number of the little-known equine illness atypical myopathy have apparently reached record levels. The common symptoms are lethargy, a reluctance to move, dark brown/red urine and trembling. It is believed it is caused by horses and ponies eating the leaves and “helicopter” seeds of sycamore trees (pictured right). The problem has been caused by an extraordinarily large crop of seeds in autumn, spread far and wide by the stormy winter weather. Please do be aware.
Best advice is:
  • prevent access to sycamore trees
  • pick up sycamore seeds and dead leaves
  • fence off where sycamore seeds and leaves have fallen
  • ensure seeds have not blown into your field from nearby sycamore trees
  • give extra hay or haylage where pasture is poor
  • reduce stocking density
  • reduce turn-out at risk times of year (autumn and spring).
If you suspect your horse is unwell, call your vet. Click here for more details on atypical myopathy from Dengie.