Tuesday September 26, 2023
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Safe guarding in Area 8 is organised by Pennie Wallace   pennie.wallace1@btinternet.com

Safeguarding is a key issue for us all. Please take a moment to read carefully through the Pony Club Safeguarding pages, as they are full of useful information.

The Pony Club is a member of the British Equestrian Federation, and has adopted the Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy of the BEF.

Children and young people are the future of the horse industry and any child who is involved should be able to participate in a fun, safe environment, and be protected from harm. There is no doubt that involvement with horses, be it in a sporting or leisure context, can have a very powerful and positive influence on young people. As a voluntary youth organisation for young people within an equestrian environment, The Pony Club must take reasonable measures to avoid unsuitable people being able to gain access to young people.


Information on Safeguarding Courses and requirements can be found here.

Who needs to attend a course?

All individuals who carry out a role in regulated activity / regulated work must attend an approved safeguarding workshop. The only exception to this rule is for:

  • First aiders who will only require a disclosure check, and,
  • Those at residential camps where each night a minimum of two of the overnight supervisors must have attended an approved safeguarding workshop.

It is strongly recommended that any other persons carrying out regulated activity / regulated work on an overnight basis at residential camps should also attend an approved safeguarding workshop.

What course do I need to attend?

The Pony Club offers two safeguarding courses:

  1. BEF Safeguarding for Equestrians (face to face)
  2. Equestrian Advanced Safeguarding (online refresher)

The first approved safeguarding workshop attended must be face to face. This may be followed three years later by the online refresher course. However, as a minimum, individuals should attend a face to face course every six years.

Safeguarding resources


Do you need to update your Safeguarding certificate

here are new dates up for safeguarding courses, delivered virtually.

All dates can be found here: https://events.pcuk.org

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