Health and Safety

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We take the health & safety of our members extremely seriously. Whilst we understand that there will always be some risk involved with equestrian activities, we must reduce injuries as far as we can.

Our approach is to keep it simple and clear, with a risk based programme containing supporting guidance.


Atherstone Uniform

The dress code for each of the individual sports is given in the individual rule books. However, there are some items of dress that have safety implications. Members are expected to dress correctly and safely for all activities.

  • Clothing – When mounted, Members should wear a Branch sweatshirt, plain-coloured jodhpurs, a suitable plain-coloured polo shirt and Atherstone Coat (without a hood).
  • Footwear – Only standard riding or jodhpur boots with a fairly smooth, thin sole and a well defined square cut heel may be worn. Plain black or brown half chaps may be worn with jodhpur boots of the same colour.  No other footwear will be permitted.
  • Jewellery –  No jewellery must be worn.
  • Hair – Must be tied back securely – in a hairnet.
  • Hats and Body Protectors – These are to be in accordance with guidance and meet recommended Safety Standards as detailed in the Rulebooks.

All Atherstone merchandise can be purchased from Kristy Burton at Apollo Saddlery, including embrodriery too!


Unsafe Tack – All tack must be clean, in a good state of repair, properly fitted and suitable for purpose. Tack inspections are routinely carried out at events and the organisers may prohibit participation in the event if they consider the tack to be inadequate or unsuitable.

  • Stirrups – Stirrups should be of the correct size to suit the rider’s boots. They must have 7mm (¼”) clearance on either side of the boot.
  • Humane Girths – Humane girths are not permitted in any sport, whether during training or competition. A humane girth is described as having non-independent straps that will loosen if one of the straps was to break.
  • Saddles – It is imperative that Saddles are in a good state of repair, properly fitted and suitable for the purpose of which they are intended.
  • Saddle Cloths – Atherstone Saddle Cloths for training and competitions are preferred, otherwise plain navy/black/white for training and white for competitions.
Have any Health and Safety questions?

Please get in touch with Pete Morris who will be able to help.

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Pete Morris

Health and Safety Officer