Horsemanship & Knowledge

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Atherstone Pony Club Horsemanship and Knowledge Lead – Claire Exton


Claire has vast experience within the Equine Industry and holds an Equine Management degree. Claire has studied and trained in Equitation Science & Learning Theory so therefore has a passion for this area making her our Horsemanship & Knowledge Discipline Lead.

Claire is also a committee member as a mini/ junior coordinator where she helps plan and fill our extensive rally calendar. Claires son’s George and Henry have been keen members of the branch since 2018.

Contact Claire – 07956404179


I believe that all our members have a fantastic opportunity to take full advantage of the equine education that we have to offer.

Whether it’s earning achievement badges or working your way through the PC training pathway, there is something for everyone.

Being part of our young equestrians journey’s for the future good of equestrian sport and industry is very rewarding.

What is the Blue Cross Horse & Pony Care Competition?

The competition features teams of three Members who demonstrate their knowledge and practical horsemanship skills taken from the Pony Club Efficiency Tests over a number of rounds.

Teams compete at their Area Competition with the aim to qualify for the Championships.

Teams make their way around different ‘stations’, each of which will comprise of a different theory or practical based topic. Ten minutes are spent at each ‘station’, during which time Members are asked a series of questions to be marked by the Assessor.

Points will be allocated per section, as well as for the manner in which Teams approach the competition. One round will be chosen, at random, as the ‘tie-breaker’. In the event of a tie, the Team with the highest score in that particular round will be declared the winners.

What is the D&H Pony Club Quiz

The Pony Club Quiz is sponsored by Dodson and Horrell (D&H).

The Pony Club quiz is an inclusive competition for our ridden and non-ridden Centre and Branch members. It provides a chance for members to test their equestrian knowledge in a fun and friendly team environment. Working with D&H who are experts in the field of animal health, nutrition and well-being will help The Pony Club Quiz to stay relevant and current in an Equestrian World that is continuously progressing.