News | 24 March 2024

Eventing Newsletter 2024 – Issue 1

Dear Members & Parents, I have tried to produce a document to shed a little more light on how and when the eventing qualifiers and championships run for our Branch.   To all our seasoned pros, I am sure you can skip a few paragraphs but feedback has shown that some members remain confused and a little overwhelmed about the process to qualify.  So I am hoping this answers some questions. 2023 saw the Grassroot/Regional championship hosting a 70cm as well as an 80cm event.  We were thrilled to see this extra class but the uptake was low so it would be great to see more members participating in these sections! It’s the perfect start to your eventing journey.  It can be daunting, but I can assure you we will be organising plenty of training and team training to ensure we are ready.  I urge as many as possible to give this a go, the first event at a championship can be the first time for many that ponies have stayed away and members have camped with their teammates.  As stated above the classes allow for individual and team qualifiers.
The Pony Club JCB Championships – can be a weeklong event (depending on how many events you are successful at gaining places for).  Anyone eventing at 90cm and above will be fighting for an opportunity to compete at this prestigious event.  Again, a fabulous event that promises a party or three in between the disciplines.
The nitty gritty!  When you enter the qualifiers, we ask that you are, in fact, committing to entering the championship.  It is extremely unfair for team members to qualify only to find that one member has decided they can no longer go to the championship.  You must now also have attended 3 rallies in order to represent the Branch in team competitions, for eventing in particular one of these should include a cross country rally, within a year of the competition date – Please refer to the recent email sent by Emma (DC)  for further details on the three rally rule. There will be a several opportunities to train in the lead up to these events and I ask that you attend as many as possible.  I will try my best to secure some other venues and coaches so that you are all prepared before you compete. Teams will be selected with the coaches that get to see you at these rallies, however competing as an individual is also an option.
Qualifying Dates This Year the Eventing Area Qualifier will be held on the 14th July at Moreton Morrell – (Chairman’s Cup, PC100,PC90,PC80 and PC70)
Additional Area Competition for the PC110 – 20th July PC110 EVENTING COMPETITION at Buckminster in conjunction with Area 6
Championship Dates
The Pony Club JCB Championship for 90cm plus will be held 9th – 17th August at Offchurch Bury, Warwickshire
Regional Championships for PC70 and PC80 will be held 24th – 26th August 2024 at Kelsall Hill Equestrian Centre, Organsdale Farm, Middlewich Rd Kelsall, Tarporley, Cheshire, CW6 0SR
Upcoming Cross Country Rallies
Show Jumping & Dressage Rallies can be found here > Rallies, Camps and Social Events Booking Page » Atherstone Hunt (
Interbranch Eventing Competitions/Hunter trials 2024 –
  • Sunday 28th April – Burghley Pony Club Mini Eventer Trial at Burghley Park – Further details TBC
  • Sunday 5th May – Burghley Pony Club Mini Eventer Trial at Burghley Park – Further details TBC
  • Sunday 12th May – Quorn Pony Club Junior ODE at Kirby Bellars – Further details TBC
  • Sunday 19th May – Burghley Pony Club ODE – Further details TBC
  • Saturday 25th May SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE ODE (WITH COACHES IN EACH PHASE TO ASSIST IF NEED BE) at Hough Park Equestrian, DE6 3E. Suitable for members jumping 30cm up to 90cm
  • Saturday 1st June – Cottesmore Pony Club ODE – Further details TBC
  • Saturday 15th June – Fitzwilliam Mini ODE at Alconbury – Further details TBC
  • Sunday 16th June – Fitzwilliam ODE at Alconbury – Further details TBC
  • Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd June – Fernie Pony Club ODE at Rolleston – Further details TBC
  • 15th September North Warwickshire Mini ODE – Snowford Hill Farm, Long Itchington. 30 to 70cm
  • 19th/20th September – 90cm & 100cm Blenheim Eventer Challenge
The rules and eligibility criteria can be found in the rule book on the PC website rulebook-eventing-2024-final_web-v050124.pdf ( Please familiarise yourself with the rules to ensure you are eligible before you enter, as there have been some changes this year particularly around eligibility so I’ve also attached a spreadsheet which highlights these changes in particular. If in doubt, please just ask.  Most importantly I want to express that eventing is NOT just for the elite!  Eventing is for everyone that is out there training and wants to give it a go.  Remember to enter a height you are comfortable at, and try your best, that’s all anyone can ever ask.  If you get to ride a championship course then that would be wonderful, but there are many more members that are out there working hard to reach their own goals and aspirations.  The Branch is there to support all our members and help them achieve their own goals. I do hope this has helped but please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Ellie El Khamlichi
AHBPC Eventing Manager