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Badges and Tests

The Pony Club test system can be a little confusing at times, so we hope this helps:

The first test all children can do is their E test; this is awarded for being at mini camp. There is also a mini achievement badge that needs to be taken at this stage which is the mini road rider badge, (this is done in an unmounted rally), as this is taken before any more tests can be passed.

They then move onto their D test which happens when they reach 8 years old and the test takes place at Junior camp.

From here all children move on to take their D+ test which can happen once they are 10 years old. This test happens at Junior camp and this is the last test to be completed at camp. After this the tests are taken at different venues.

After D+ the children are then required to take another Road test. This is the main road rider achievement badge. This includes a short theory test and riding a simulated road route.

Once this badge has been passed children can then go on to do their C test once they are 11 years old. This test is put on at different times throughout the year and this is the first test that can be taken as a riding section and horse and pony care section separately.

After the C test is passed the next tests become harder as would be expected and have to have external examiners involved as well.

From here the tests continue to get more complex and the next one is C+. This test can be taken in 2 sections so the riding and stable management sections can be taken at different times however to pass the complete test you must pass them both and children need to be 13 years old.

From here children can go on to do an optional road rider and then to do B test where they must be 14 years old but are recommended to be 15. There is also a lungeing test that can be taken at this stage.

After this there is a coaching certificate which you need to be 16 to take and you can continue through B+, AH and A test all of which you need to be from 16 years upwards.


For those of you wishing to take their B test and above the Committee have agreed to fund the cost of the test. Please contact one of the DC’s to apply for the funding. 


Hunting Certificate

The hunting certificate is suitable for children 12yrs+ and involves an unmounted hunting course, a tour of the kennels and an assessed days hunting. For the assessed days hunting it is best for children to have some hunting experience and be on a suitable pony so that they can be invited to ride up front with hounds to be assessed.

If your child is going to be hunting they should take their Hunting Certificate at the earliest opportunity. To find out more about what is involved in taking your hunting certificate please click HERE – Once they have passed they should always wear their Hunting Certificate badge and try to be as helpful as possible.

All Pony Club members who have not passed their Pony Club Hunting Certificate MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times, a slightly older sibling who has passed their Hunting test is not enough.

Even if they have passed their Hunting Certificate they must not hunt unaccompanied until they are over the age of 15. Any child looking after a younger sibling should be at least 18. This also applies on Children Priority meets.



For more information about the Pony Club Test Training System  click  HERE .

Tests up to and including C test – Melissa Candy, tel 07870 540672, email

C+ test upwards including coaching – Fiona Winter, tel 07768 052774, email

Hunting test – Renee Tuck, tel 07919 288977, email