Monday February 6, 2023
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Achievement Badges

Achievement Badges

The Pony Club offers Mini Achievement Badges for younger Members’ as well as both equine and non-equine Achievement Badges. Both types of achievement badge will help you to learn a wide range of skills like first-aid, farming, map reading, saddlery, road safety and grooming.

There are many achievement badges at the moment. All these badges are in place to improve members understanding of equine and country life in a rewarding and enjoyable way. The mini badges are for children under 8 years old and are there to give a basic knowledge.

The achievement badges are for children working towards their D+ and C tests, some badges work as foundations for other badges such as to get the endurance badge, 7 other badges will need  to be achieved first. Once all the badges are achieved a gold badge and certificate will be awarded

When these badges are awarded they can be sown on their Pony Club sweatshirts, so that everyone will see how well the members are doing.

We would love to see more members gaining these badges and so improving their equine knowledge, together with other interesting topics, which in turn will broaden their knowledge to make them more competent horsemen and women.

So please keep your eye on the Pony Club website to find out when badge rallies are being held.  Members will join us for some fun and enjoyable learning.

Further information is available at or please contact Melissa Candy on 01249 701755 or email