Saturday February 27, 2021
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Committee and contacts

The Beaufort Hunt Pony Club has a hard working committee which meets several times a year to make overall planning decisions on competitions, rallies, camps, training, social events and all things relating to our club activities. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the current committee members in case you are not sure who they are. If you ever have any questions, suggestions, complaints or compliments – please speak to anyone on the list below. If you would like your comment or idea to be discussed at a future committee meeting, please put it in writing as well to our DC, Jane Humphreys. A letter is useful to make sure important items don’t get overlooked when everyone is very busy during the summer months. We are here to help you and to work on your behalf so please do stay in touch.


District Commissioner

Jane Humphreys

Little Fosse Farm
Nettleton Shrub
Wilts SN14 7NL

07778 034495



Jane is a former member of the Beaufort Hunt Pony Club, as was her son, Sam. Both represented the club at Championship level. She enjoys working with members at all levels and finding new ways to educate and have fun through the Pony Club.


Assistant District Commissioner,

Health & Safety, Child Protection

Nicola Kendell

Seaton House
Glos GL8 8YG

01453 861130
07591 171053


Nicola has three sons who have all been members of the Pony Club. She and her husband, Philip, ran the Beaufort Tetrathlon teams for 9 years. Nicola is now assistant DC, Health & Safety Officer and Child Protection Officer.


Branch Secretary

Elise Harvey

18 The Tarters
Wilts SN16 0NT

01666 840996
07711 763950



Elise is a former Beaufort Pony Club member and has two teenage daughters who are active members of the club. She has been the club secretary since 2015 and before that organised Junior Camp for several years.


Membership Secretary

Lucy Lazaro-Keen

The Retreat
Barton End
Stroud GL6 0QQ

01453 832135

07808 141848


Lucy is mother of PC members Yasmin and Sienna. She has been BHPC Membership Secretary for nearly 5 years. She enjoys welcoming all the new members and meeting the current members of the club.



Rebecca Silcock

Valley View
New Mills Lane
Glos GL12 7RR

07766 288816



Becky can just about ride a horse and as a non pony clubber, Becky was a little daunted when her youngest son Patrick announced he wanted to ride and join pony club. She has found the children and parents so welcoming and a great help for her and Patrick and became treasurer to help show her support for the club.


Events Co-ordinator

Briony Gibb

Pyke Farm
Court Street
Wilts SN16 0LL

01666 840359
07977 555034


Briony (pictured with Millie, her son, Harry’s pony, who has been in the Beaufort for 13 years!) is a former pony club member herself and now has 4 children currently in the Beaufort who love to take part in all aspects the Beaufort has to offer. Briony helps with events, particularly Bowldown Show and is on the residential camp committee this year.



Ruth Richards



Ruth is a farmer’s daughter and farmer’s wife, who has always lived in the Beaufort country. She has two children in our club, a pony mad daughter who loves all aspects of the club, especially Tetrathlon and a sports mad son who loves joining in by competing in Triathlons.


Special Events

Amanda Montgomerie

07785 505548


Amanda has been involved with BHPC for the last 12 years and been rally coordinator for the last 6 years she thinks! Now involved in coordinating Shipton Moyne ODE and Intermediate Eventing team training and the Blue Ball amongst other events throughout the year. She has 3 girls spanning 7 years all of whom are members.


Tetrathlon Team Manager

Alex Connors

Coates Farm
SN14 7NS
01249 783530


Alex is a former Beaufort Pony Club member who now has two teenage boys, Tom & Will, in our club. She ran the PC Junior Horse Trials at Chavenage for 15 years, then organised rallies for 6 years and since 2015 she has been the Tetrathlon team manager.




Other contacts


Website and Social Media Abbi Sharp 07980 172270
Sponsorship Jane Humphreys

Rebecca Silcock

07778 034495

07766 288816

Hunting representative Nicky Bush 07957 519305
Dressage manager Jo Baker 07920 042235
Show jumping managers Fiona Winter-Menzies (80cm and under)

Jo Luddington (90cm and 100cm)

Briony Gibb (110cm)

07768 052774


07941 948505


07977 555034

Eventing managers Kate Shields (70cm and below)

Kate Lucas (PC80 and PC90)

Amanda Montgomerie (PC100)

Linda Belton (PC110)

07497 755654


07801 258354


07785 505548


07767 353869

Polo manager Emma McLaughlin 07786 966949
Tetrathlon manager Alex Connors 01249 783530
Pony Racing Rachael White 07702 474482  
Mounted Games Leanne Brown 07505 085397
Badge Rallies Melissa Candy 07446 651487
Pony Club Tests Melissa Candy (up to and including C)

Lettie Bellord (C+ and above)

07446 651487

07803 504040