Saturday March 25, 2023
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Committee and contacts

The Beaufort Hunt Pony Club has a hard working committee which meets several times a year to make overall planning decisions on competitions, rallies, camps, training, social events and all things relating to our club activities. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the current committee members in case you are not sure who they are. If you ever have any questions, suggestions, complaints or compliments – please speak to anyone on the list below. If you would like your comment or idea to be discussed at a future committee meeting, please put it in writing as well to our DC’s Alex Harbottle and Marianne Edwards. A letter is useful to make sure important items don’t get overlooked when everyone is very busy during the summer months. We are here to help you and to work on your behalf so please do stay in touch.


Joint District Commissioner

Alex Harbottle

07710 305696

Alex is a former Pony Club member herself and has three daughters who all loved every aspect of their time as members of the Beaufort Pony Club. Since her daughters have left Alex has missed it so much that she has come back to continue promoting the fun, inclusiveness and camaraderie that the Beaufort Pony Club is all about.

Joint District Commissioner

Marianne Edwards

07503 160370

Marianne was a member of the Beaufort Hunt pony club as a child under the inimitable Mrs Rook. Her children have been members for the last 15 years and are still active members.

Marianne has been the Hunting Representative as well as spending some years running the very mini one day event and is looking forward to the challenge of her new role.



Branch Secretary

Abbi Sharp

07980 172270



Abbi has always been pony mad and although she wasn’t able to join the Pony Club when she was younger she enjoyed working at a competition yard from the age of 12 and later on as a groom for local families. She has a teenage daughter, Lucy, who is a member of our branch and has competed across all sports, particularly enjoying show jumping. Abbi was social media representative for the past 4 years, has helped organise Tresham mini ODE and is now enjoying her role as Branch Secretary.


 Branch Treasurer

Lucy Lazaro-Keen

01453 832135
07808 141848



Lucy is mother of PC members Yasmin and Sienna. She was the BHPC Membership Secretary for nearly 5 years before handing over to Leanne recently and has now taken over the Treasurer role. She enjoys welcoming all the new members and meeting the current members of the club.

Health & Safety and Safeguarding Officer

Nicky Davis

07714 284382



Nicky spent her childhood hunting with the Beaufort and enjoying all aspects of pony club life. Her daughter has also been through the Pony club. She helps with lots of PC events and so will be a familiar face to many of you. Nicky’s daily job involves Safeguarding and Health & Safety and as such, a great match for this role.

Membership Secretary, Junior Polo Manager and Mini’s Representative

Leanne Brown

07505 085397

Having dreamt of being in the Pony Club growing up Leanne has finally joined through the committee, whilst her daughter Evelyn has taken up the member reins. With a strong passion for children in the early and primary years learning through nature and play, alongside her duties as Membership Secretary and Junior Polo manager, Leanne enjoys supporting the mini members of the club and helping provide a varied and exciting programme of activities for them.




Ruth Richards

07941 804067



Ruth is a farmer’s daughter and farmer’s wife, who has always lived in the Beaufort country. She has two children in our club, a pony mad daughter who loves all aspects of the club, especially Tetrathlon and a sports mad son who loves joining in by competing in Triathlons.


Tetrathlon Team Manager

Alex Connors

01249 783530


Alex is a former Beaufort Pony Club member who now has two teenage boys, Tom & Will, in our club. She ran the PC Junior Horse Trials at Chavenage for 15 years, then organised rallies for 6 years and since 2015 she has been the Tetrathlon team manager.


Social/Events organiser

Cath Bennett

07515 754063

Cath, a farmer’s daughter, has always been surrounded by ponies, and is a former Beaufort Hunt Pony Club member. Cath’s youngest son is a member of our branch, and he is enjoying all that the BHPC has to offer. Cath has helped organise Bowldown Show and now, along with her husband Dan, has taken over the coordination of our equipment and trailers as well as organising social events.


PC100 and 110 Eventing Manager

Hetty Clark

07977 201497

Hetty is a long time Pony Club mum – having had 4 children through the club.  She has been involved with all disciplines over the years and has helped organise Shipton Moyne and Tresham One Day Events. She is currently on the Tetrathlon committee and coordinating Open Eventing teams.



Other contacts


Social Media Coordinator Sascha Stokes 07717 471887
Hunting representative Renee Tuck 07919 288977
Dressage manager Jo Baker 07920 042235
Show jumping managers Selina Hopkins (80cm and under)

Jo Luddington (90cm, 100cm and 110cm)

07788 660856


07941 948505

Eventing managers Selina Hopkins  (Junior Eventing up to 80cm)

Kate Lucas (PC90 and PC100)

Hetty Clark (PC110)


07788 660856


07801 258354


07977 201497


Polo managers Philippa Slatter – Senior Polo Manager


Leanne Brown – Junior Polo Manager


Katie Turner-Clarke – Polo Rally coordinator

07808 257345


07505 085397


07765 281329

Tetrathlon manager Alex Connors 01249 783530
Pony Racing Rachael White 07702 474482
Mounted Games Marianne Edwards/Alex Harbottle 07503 160370/07710 305696
Badge Rallies Melissa Candy 07446 651487
Pony Club Tests Melissa Candy (up to and including C)

Fiona Winter (C+ and above)

07446 651487


07768 052774