Monday November 28, 2022
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Hat Rules

In 2022, your child’s hat will need to be tagged with a new aquamarine hat tag that can be issued by the Pony Club, British Riding Clubs or British Eventing. Within our PC branch tagging can be carried out by Marianne Edwards (07503 160370 – Nettleton), Alex Harbottle (07710 305696 – Grittleton) and Abbi Sharp (07980 172270 – Avening) so please contact one of them if you need to have your hat tagged.

Please note that tagging indicates that the hat meets the accepted standards and NO CHECK of the fit or condition of the hat is implied. It is the responsibility of the members parents or guardians to ensure that their hats comply with the required standard and are tagged before they attend any PC event. Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring that the manufacturers guidelines with regard to fit and replacement are followed.

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Please be aware of the new hat rule coming in in 2023, some of you may wish to put a new hat on your Christmas list:

In order to ensure riders are wearing the most up to date riding hats, please note that from the 1st January 2023, the following hat standards WILL NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED, due to the age of hats made to these standards:

  1. PAS O15 1998
  2. SNELL 2001

To manage this change, a new colour of hat tag will be required for all BE, PC and BRC activities from 1st January 2023