Tuesday September 21, 2021
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Vaccination Rules

UPDATE 24/06/2020
You are required to continue with 12-month equine flu injections to participate in Pony Club activities.
This year, as a result of the Covid19 crisis, we and all the BEF sports are waiving the “within 6 month” rule for vaccinations. However, we recommend that you seek advice from your vet regarding 6 monthly boosters, depending on the rate of equine flu infection.


UPDATE 29/09/2019

Regarding Flu Vaccinations – there is no change to the current advice.

  • The requirement is for the correct course of 3 initial injections and annual boosters. However, many venues require a valid booster within the last 6 months. Racing is still 8 months +28 days.  Horses cannot attend an event within 7 days of having the injection.
  • Some members bodies of the BEF are moving towards a mandatory 6 monthly booster (not just an annual within 6 months of the competition).
  • The education aspect is that companion / retired animals can be incubators and carriers of Flu and the disease can travel for 2km on the wind, so we should be encouraging members to vaccinate all equines. It is also important for our members to know that there have been over 200 outbreaks across the country, affecting 1000s of horses, the majority of whom were not vaccinated.
  • The importance of other vaccination including tetanus needs also to be highlighted. We need to be in a much more robust place with regards to Biosecurity in order to be able to manage the future threats of other diseases including African Horse Sickness.
  • At the BEF meeting that Christopher and I attended they want all member bodies to promote vaccinations as we currently do and there was much discussion on rationalising the booster interval times – including working with Racing and Showing

Marcus Capel
Acting Chief Executive


NEW – VACCINATION POLICY 2018 – NEW all rulebooks For ALL Competitions at Area Level and Above:

1. Passports A valid passport and vaccination record:
must accompany the Horse to all Events
must be available for inspection
must be produced on request at any other time during the Event
Failure to comply with these requirements is a breach of this Rule and the Horse will only be allowed to compete at the PC Steward’s discretion.

2. No Horse may take part in a PC Event (which includes entering competition stables) unless it has a current vaccination against equine influenza which complies with the following conditions:
Two injections for primary vaccination, not less than 21 days and not more than 92 days apart, are required before being eligible to compete
A first booster injection must be given not less than 150 days not more than 215 days after the second injection of primary vaccination
Subsequent booster injections must be currently be given at intervals of not more than six months, commencing after the first booster injection

3. The Record of Vaccination(s) in the Horse’s passport must be completed by the appropriate veterinary surgeon in which the record of injection(s) is completed, signed and stamped line by line.

4. Notwithstanding the above, at the discretion of the Event Veterinary Officer, in consultation with the PC Steward and/or the Area Representative in cases where:
The latest booster vaccination is overdue by no more than 14 days, and/or
There are other historical discrepancies in a Horse’s vaccination record.

That Horse may nonetheless take part in an Event on such conditions as the Veterinary Officer considers appropriate, but the circumstances must be noted on the certificate. The Horse must be re-vaccinated so as to comply with this Rule and the certificate duly completed before it becomes eligible to compete.

5. No relevant injection may have been given on the day of competition or on any of the 6 days before a competition

6. No Horse whose latest booster vaccination is more than 14 days overdue may take part in an Event under any circumstances. Events that are held at other venues may be subject to additional specific rules. E.g. Any horse entering a Licensed Racecourse Property MUST comply with the Vaccination requirements as set by the BHA. In addition, if you are intending to compete under FEI Rules you will need to ensure you are compliant with those Rules.

This rule will be strictly enforced at All 2018 Pony Club Championships.

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