Saturday December 2, 2023
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Lockdown Activities

Sadly during 2020 and 2021 the number of competitions and rallies we offered were much less than normal HOWEVER we provided a number of online/virtual competitions and ways of keeping our members busy during that strange time. 


* Firstly we ran a 4 week challenge where members enjoyed completing tasks like balancing a bean bag on their head whilst riding and making a nature collage. You can complete the challenges for fun here!
Challenge week 1
Challenge week 2
Challenge week 3
Challenge week 4

* Then followed an Easter bonnet competition where members had great fun decorating their riding hats! Well done to Rose W 1st, Evelyn B 2nd, Molly A 3rd and Rhea S 4th!! 

* Next some of our wonderful coaches made us useful videos about things we need to remember when caring for our equines
Vic Powell – How to rug up a pony
Lici Hawker – Pole work
                             Canter poles
Vic Powell – Catching & turning out a pony
                       – Leading your pony
Lici Hawker – Fitting boots Part 1
                              Fitting boots Part 2
Rhian Jones – Mounting your pony correctly
                           – Bringing your ponies out of the winter

* We ran 2 Best Turned Out competitions which were split by age and also plaited/unplaited.
Winners were as follows in the first competition:
Plaited 10yrs and under – 1st Rhea S, 2nd Rosie S, 3rd Charlie M, 4th Lily M.
Unplaited section 10yrs and under – 1st Hattie N, 2nd Evelyn B, 3rd Rhea S, 4th Devon T-C.
Plaited section 11 yrs and over – 1st Emily A-J, 2nd Lucy C, 3rd Skye W, 4th Lily L.

Second competition:
Unplaited 10yrs and under – 1st Rosie S.
Plaited 10yrs and under – 1st Lila H, 2nd Evelyn B.
Plaited 11 yrs and over – 1st Lily L, 2nd Tinks W

* Then we all great fun making our loo roll challenge video!!

* In our Decorate Your Pony competition Daisy G came 1st, Evelyn B 2nd, Skye L 3rd and Ursula S and Rosie S joint 4th

* Jane Holderness-Roddam and her team at West Kington Stud very kindly gave us a virtual tour of the stud

* Next came our amazing ‘Badminton in Lockdown’ videos! 
Part One Event Preparation –
Part Two The Trot Up –
Part Three The Dressage –
Part Four The Speed & Endurance –
Part Five The show Jumping & Finale

* Our wild swimming videos came next from our Tetrathlon team!  
Video 1 –
Video 2  –

* Final videos are 2021 Beaufort Hunt PC Membership drive video –  
and the 2021 Beaufort Hunt PC Tetrathlon membership drive video –

*We ran ‘The Great Beaufort Hunt Pony Club Bake Off’ competition.
Congratulations to the winner of the 7 and under category – Evelyn Brown age 6
Winner of the age 8-12 category – Erin Evans age 11
Winner of the 13+ category – Millie Smith age 17
Winner of the overs category – Jenny Lomas


* Our Photography competition came next with some worthy winners!!
Winner of the age 7 and under category – Devon Turner-Clarke
Winner of the age 8-12 category – Zara Lawson
Winner of the 13 and over category – Annabel Candy
Winner of the Overs – Andrew Coombs


* Our final two competitions were the Funky In Hand Dressage competition which was won by Evelyn B and her chicken Spirit! And the Perfect Paddock competition which was jointly won by Chloe M and Evelyn B