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If you are unable to download/ print off any of the information on this page please contact Jane Ogle (


New Members – you are very welcome. All Memberships are via the Pony Club Office – please see the Join Us page on the Pony Club website: The Pony Club (

Membership is now rolling so you will get a full year from when you join.

Renewing Members –  you should get a reminder  from The Pony Club Office when your membership renewal is due; this is sent by email, usually a month and two weeks before the expiry date – if you do not receive these reminders please check with Jane Ogle and she will check your email address on the Pelham database.

For Area competitions you must be a fully paid up Member when the entries are submitted and on the day of Competition (and Championships)


CODES OF CONDUCT – please read:

Parents/ Guardians: PC Code of Conduct Parents (2022)


All Members should be keeping a record of any competition that they do, at any level – it’s a great way of keeping a record of your progress and of remembering a memory!

Any Member who would like to be considered for any Area competitions must produce their Competition Record.

If your printer is unable to print the attachment as a booklet please contact Jane Ogle ( and she will do one for you.


Tests & Badges: Pony Club Tests form

Riding & Road Safety: RRS (one page)


What to Wear – WHAT TO WEAR – PC

Clothing supplier: B-Stitch Embroidery & Printing. Bridge Farm, Bradley Green, Redditch, Worcestershire, B96 6QU / 01527 352 364

List of clothing: Clothing List (V2)

This is the link direct to the Croome PC shop at B-Stitch:

Please put your order in by the end of the month and your items will be ready (for collection or post – there may be p&p charges – check with Becky) by the middle of the following month.

Hat silks and Croome stocks – please contact Sarah Roberts or Jayne Ormandy.

COMPETITION PROTOCOL: Protocol for Competitions

Hopefully worth a read even if you have been to lots of shows/ competitions. If you think anything else should be added or is not quite correct, then please contact Jane Ogle with your suggestions.

BEACH RIDE (Berrow Beach)

Directions for the Beach Ride:Directions to Berrow Beach

N.B. From July 2022 – the  forms below are not required, but are left on in case of future need. Please read the Tack Check Guide/ Tack Checker form, so that you can check tack any way as there will not always be a tack check at competitions etc and your pony’s tack is your responsibility both in terms of safety and compliance with any competition rules.

Area 9 Tack Check Guide for parents (please read before filling in the Tack Checker Form): Area 9 Tack Check

Tack check form to be filled in before Rallies/Training (this is a doc – please fill in online and email to Sarah Roberts, preferably at least 24 hours before the rally): Tack checkingduring Covid-19

Equine health self certification form – this must be filled in and emailed to Sarah Roberts at least 24 hours before attending a rally (and preferably no more than 72 hours before) and must be done for each rally/training attended up to April 12th 2021 (at the moment – this may be extended): Equine Health Self Certification Form PC v2 Croome Pony Club