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What is Mounted Games?

Mounted Games is a team sport that combines a love of ponies and friends with various races. Teams of four or five riders and ponies take part in a series of exciting and exhilarating races that involve a mix of turns, handovers, skill, vaulting and galloping against other teams.


Often run on grass or all-weather surfaces, Mounted Games is an adaptation of Gymkhana and is great fun for you, your pony and your team. You can develop skills such as accuracy, agility, concentration, speed, hand to eye coordination, team work and sportsmanship whilst having lots of fun playing some thrilling games.

How Do I Get Involved?

There is no need to purchase expensive equipment. When you are riding at home, you can use everyday objects to practice different techniques that you need for the races. For example, you can set up five buckets and practise bending in and out of them.

You can have lessons with a trainer who can teach you and your pony how to perfect your skills.
Lessons that you have at rallies and friendlies can also give you the opportunity to improve your riding and pony’s games training.

Every Area also has a Mounted Games Area Coordinator who is a great contact to reach out to if you are wanting to get started in Mounted Games and don’t know how to.


Area Mounted Games will take place on 11th May 2024 at South Northumberland